ATWT Update Thursday 12/11/03

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/11/03

By Loretta

At the cottage, Katie comes down the stairs with her box of Christmas ornaments. Mike and Katie sit in front of the fireplace. Mike asks Katie if she will go on a date with him. Katie laughs. Katie says that she thought they were past “the first date.” Mike asks Katie if she has ever been on a date. Katie says no. Mike says he thinks perhaps they may have some kind of future together. Katie says it’s a deal. They kiss. When Katie checks her planner, she realizes that the next day would have been her and Simon’s wedding anniversary. Mike apologizes for asking Katie out on a date. Katie says she must get on with her life and intends to keep their date. Mike tells Katie that for the first time in years, he is looking forward to Christmas. Katie smiles.

On her way to the wedding chapel, Lucy hesitates and stops her car. Lucy feels that maybe if she arrives before Alison and Aaron wed, Aaron will change his mind. Lucy decides to continue to the wedding chapel.

Alison tells Aaron that since he still has feelings for Lucy, maybe they should forget getting married. Aaron asks Alison if she still has feelings for Chris. Alison replies yes. Aaron tells Alison that since she still loves Chris, it wouldn’t matter whose baby it is. Alison says Chris doesn’t feel the same about her as she does about him. Aaron says that since the baby is his, they should marry. The wedding begins. Lucy arrives and tells Aaron he doesn’t have to do this. Unfortunately Lucy realizes that Alison and Aaron are already married. Humiliated at thinking she could have prevented this marriage, Lucy simply tells Aaron that Rose was poisoned and is hospitalized. Lucy says that is why she came. Lucy leaves.

At the hospital, Dusty tells Rosanna that Paul poisoned Rose. Rosanna is shocked and doesn’t believe this. Dusty walks over to Jack and reminds him that he tried to tell him that Paul would harm Rose. Jack says nothing. Dusty tells Jack that he is a terrible cop.

Craig finds Molly soothing herself at Al’s Diner with a bowl of ice cream. Craig mentions to Molly that the doctors believe someone tried to poison Rose intentionally. Getting the impression that Craig feels she is to blame, Molly gets angry. Molly sarcastically tells Craig to ask Rose who poisoned her. Craig leaves. Carly arrives and informs Molly that Rose was poisoned. Molly says that Rose got exactly what she deserved. Carly is shocked by Molly’s attitude. Molly says she doesn’t care about Rose and whoever did that to her, deserves a medal. Molly leaves.

After recalling Rose’s heart-breaking face during their shattered wedding, Paul insists to Lily that he did not poison Rose. Lily and Paul begin a shouting match. Paul insists he wants to see Rose. Rose (hearing their yelling) shouts out that she does not want to see Paul. Dusty breaks up Lily and Paul‘s shouting.

Dr. Daniels tells Lily that Rose is improving, but is still critical. Rose asks to see Lily. Rose asks Lily if someone poisoned her. Lily says the doctors are still running tests. Rose says that Paul poisoned her. Lily tells her they should not jump to any conclusions yet. Rose says she is sure it is Paul and he wanted to humiliate her and he did. Lily apologizes to Rose for “pushing” her to remain with Paul. Rose asks Lily to bring Dusty to see her. Lily brings Dusty in. Dusty calls out Rose’s name. Rose awakens and says this is all her fault and she should have listened to him. Dusty sits on her bed and holds her hand. Dusty tells Rose that he couldn’t stand seeing her walk down that aisle with Paul, since he loves her so. Dusty tells Rose that when she gets out of the hospital, he will take care of her. Outside of Rose’s room, Dr. Daniels announces that they found out that Rose was poisoned with Methanol, which some people do survive after ingesting it. With Dusty still at her side (and Paul standing in the background), Rose suddenly takes a turn for the worst. The machines that Rose is hooked up to start going off.

Paul leaves the hospital with Rosanna. Back at his apartment, Paul tells Rosanna that he did not poison Rose. Rosanna looks skeptical. Paul says he doesn’t know why he humiliated Rose during the wedding, but he wanted to hurt her. Paul says he is just like his father (James). Rosanna asks Paul what caused Rose to collapse. Paul says he sent champagne and glasses to Rose and her bride’s maids before the ceremony, but did not put any poison in it. Rosanna says someone had to put the poison in Rose’s glass. Rosanna asks Paul if he still loves Rose. Paul says yes. Rosanna says he must go tell Rose this. Paul leaves and Craig arrives. Craig tells Rosanna they should go home. Rosanna says she will stay with Paul since he needs some support.

After retrieving the glasses and champagne from the wedding site, Barbara arrives home but quickly begins to panic. Barbara is worried that some poison may have gotten on the pair of black gloves she is holding. As she heads out the door to get rid of more evidence, Hal arrives. Hal tells Barbara that Rose was poisoned. Barbara tells Hal that he is crazy to think she wanted Rose dead. Hal asks Barbara where she hid the champagne glasses. Barbara denies having anything to do with Rose’s condition. Hal tells Barbara he is obtaining a search warrant to search her apartment. After searching Barbara’s apartment, the officers announce that they could not find anything. As the police and Hal are leaving, Jennifer arrives. Barbara pulls Jennifer inside. Barbara tells Jennifer that Hal feels she poisoned Rose. Jennifer tells Barbara that she knows she (Barbara) poisoned Rose. An angry Barbara says she had nothing to do with it. Jennifer says the police are blaming Paul for Rose‘s poisoning.

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