ATWT Update Wednesday 12/10/03

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/10/03

By Glynis

Lily is angry at Dusty over the way that he has been acting, but he is angry with her as well. He assures her that at least he wouldn’t have done what he thinks Paul did to Rose. Dusty knows that Paul was the one that sent champagne to the bridesmaids’ room before the wedding. Dusty sees that Paul has no soul and he feels tat is how Paul was able to get away with this terrible deed. Dusty fears that someone else may get killed because of Paul….

…Paul denies hurting Rose to his sister who worries that something obviously happened to Rose. Paul explains that he asked Rose a questions and she lied to him. Jennifer has to wonder if he did this to punish her for her lie. He says that he didn’t to this. He learns that he was wrong thinking that she slept with Dusty and he realizes that she really did love only him.

Lucy comes to the church looking for Aaron, but she finds Rosanna instead. Lucy explains that she wanted to tell Aaron about Rose and what happened at the ceremony. Rosanna has to wonder why Lucy feels that she has to be the one that tells Aaron the news. That really isn’t her responsibility. Rosanna knows that Lucy was with Aaron for a long time and that Lucy has a hard time letting go of him, but Lucy has to try to get away…

…Hal and Emily find Craig leaving the bridesmaids room. They find it very strange that he is there as they were on their way there to get the bottle and glasses from the celebratory drink that the ladies had before the wedding. Craig explains that he was there to see what was going on with the wedding and nothing else. Emily and Hal explain that the wedding didn’t take place…

…Emily and Hal enter the bridesmaids room alone and shut the door behind them so that Craig can’t see what they are doing, or figure out why they are there. Emily starts explaining were everything was laid out at the time that the bridesmaids had their drinks with the bride. She is shocked to find that the glasses and champagne bottle are gone from the place where they were.

Rosanna makes Lucy promise to come to her if she ever has to talk. Craig knows about the baby and Aaron, but Rosanna made him promise not to make snide remarks about Aaron or the situation and Lucy is grateful for that. Rosanna tells Lucy that she has to go now and she asks Lucy to tell her father that she will see him later, as there is something that she has to do. Rosanna also gives Lucy a piece of paper that Alison seems to have dropped. It has an address on it and has an address on it. Lucy looks at the address…

…Rosanna leaves and Craig comes out soon after finding his daughter. Lucy gives him the message that Rosanna left for him saying that se had to go. Craig wants to take Lucy home, but she has other plans right now.

Jennifer explains that Rose called out Paul’s name before she went out and fell down at the church. Paul realizes that he has to find a way to make Rose forgive him for what he has done to her…

…Lily is angry at Dusty for what he has been saying to her about Paul and her sister. She cries out to God asking what is going on. Dusty puts some of the blame on Lily for bringing Rose to this point. She believed in Paul and because of that Rose has been swayed in Paul’s favour. Lily looks at the situation and can’t help feeling that on some level, Dusty is right as she pushed Rose to believe in Paul and the marriage that she obviously wasn’t to have.

Ben and Jessica are frolicking in bed on their honeymoon, and they practice saying their names together.

Alison wants to marry Aaron so that they and the baby can be alone and not have interference from their parents.

Lucy makes plans to leave town that night.

Rosanna shows up at the hospital looking for Paul but finds Dusty instead who tells her that Paul tried to kill Rose that night. She can hardly believe her ears….

…Paul tells Lily that he knows the truth now and that he needs to see Rose to apologize to her for what he has done. Lily won’t let him anywhere near her sister. She sees the truth now for the first time, as she is looking into his eyes. She believes what Dusty has been telling her.

Hal talks to Officer Wilson who was the guard stationed at the front of the church at he time of the wedding. The man was given an order to prevent Barbara from entering the church, but it seems that Barbara was able to convince the officer to let her in the church for the wedding. Hal is very angry with the man for this action. The man stands stupidly by and gets his tongue-lashing. Emily can’t believe her ears.

Barbara has managed to get the glasses and bottle in her possession that was used for drinks before the wedding by the bridesmaids and bride. She has put them in a safe place, so that her son cannot be blamed for anything that happens to Rose from this point on. She places the items behind a memorial plaque with Paul Ryan’s name on it. The door closes easily over the items and hides them. Barbara feels she has protected her son from the police.

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