ATWT Update Friday 12/5/03

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/5/03

By Glynis

Katie feels good now that she has said goodbye to Simon. Mike can’t take his eyes off her.

Rose and her bridesmaids are getting ready for the wedding. Rose’s shoes are not there. Lucinda offers to get the shoes but Rose wants to talk to her alone. The bridesmaids leave to get the shoes…

Barbara is skulking around the church dressed as a nun with her gun out. She comes to the door where Rose is and hears voices, so she hastily retreats.

Lucinda talks to Rose about her life. Lucinda tells how she planned to move out and her mother was worried that she would lose her life. Lucinda has given her a gift to look at to remember her life and where she is. She has a new life and Lucinda can’t be there to keep an eye on Rose, so the gift will have to do. Rose is going to keep in touch, as she isn’t going to forget her family. She came to town and wasn’t very trustworthy then, but that is water under the bridge. Lucinda never let her down. Lucinda sees herself in Rose. Rose’s father won’t be able to get to the wedding as he is very sick and so rose wonders if Lucinda can walk her down the aisle. Lucinda would be happy to do that.

Jack comes to see Dusty and tells him that he could be put in jail. Dusty defends his actions. He knows that Paul admitted to scaring Rose. Dusty is going to have to defend Rose himself if the cops won’t do it. Jack leaves…

…Lily shows up to tell Dusty that she knows that he is threatening to go to Paul and tell him that he slept with Paul. She is mad as hell with him. Lily is nervous, as she wants her sister to get what she wants without interruption from this man. Dusty can’t believe that Lily would risk her sister’s life like this. Why can’t she see that Rose shouldn’t marry this man? Dusty sees that Lily wants Rose to marry Paul, only so that she will not marry Dusty. Lily moves to hit him but Dusty catches her hand. She starts leaving and Dusty shouts out, “See you at the wedding!” Lily returns to him not believing what she just heard. He is going to the wedding? Dusty assures her that he will be there. “Why not?”

Mitzy is in Rose’s house and going through her things. She is working to clear herself. She hears voices coming to the front door…

Lily tells Dusty that he can’t do this. Dusty feels that he is the only one that can save Rose. Dusty tells her that Rose remembered that she loved him once. He wants to protect her. He isn’t a big believer in miracles so he is going to make sure that she is safe. Lily will escort him out if he shows up to the wedding. If she tries to do that, he will make a scene at the wedding. She storms out of the club…

…Dusty will do whatever it takes to protect Rose.

Jennifer is alone at Paul’s place and she finds a beautiful red crystal glass in his things…

…Paul finds her looking at the glass and he isn’t angry at all. He has champagne as well. Jennifer recognizes the product. He says that the glasses are for the bridesmaids so that they can have a toast before the wedding.

Rose is getting dressed and Lucinda does up her dress for her. “Oh my.” She is a beautiful bride. Rose is nervous. She shouldn’t be as Hal has the place packed with cops. What can Lucinda do for her? Rose would like a minute to compose herself. Lucinda leaves to give her time alone…

…Rose looks at the mirror knowing that this is it. The beginning of the rest of her life…

…Outside the door, Lucinda has just walked off…

…Barbara appears in her get up with her gun and she goes to the door where Rose is.

Hal has been checking every entrance and no one is able to get in without being seen. A policeman tells him that everything is okay and that there is even a nun in the church praying. Hal knows that this isn't a Catholic church. He springs into action.

…Barbara is at the door where Rose is thinking to herself and looking into a mirror thinking about her life…

…Barbara opens the door and peers in. She sees Rose with her back to the door, looking up to the ceiling. Barbara comes into the room quietly. Rose hears nothing.

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