ATWT Update Wednesday 12/3/03

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/3/03

By Glynis

Alison is sad. She can’t think of anything. Aaron has to find a way to make some cash for the baby. Alison feels that she is giving up her whole life now. Lucy is still there for Aaron but Alison has no one. Chris is gone and she will probably never see him again.

Chris is at work doing everything and everything he can. He is working his butt off. Bob finds him doing too much but Chris says that he has a lot of catching up to do. Chris didn’t come home the night before and he should have called. Chris doesn’t want to talk about Alison, even though Bob does. Bob wants his son to deal with this. Chris is sure that Alison knows what she is talking about when she says that the baby is not his.

Hal and Jack talk strategy over the way that the wedding is to be handled now that Barbara is missing…

…Emily comes in with the tuxedo for Hal to wear to the wedding. Jack is there visiting. Emily should be leaving to get ready for the wedding. Hal seems worried, as he has no idea where Barbara is. Hal wants Paul to have a nice wedding and he wants things to go smoothly. Hal will get a straight jacket if he has to. Jack suggests that they lure Barbara out of her hiding. They can use Will to do it.

Paul comes to see his father in jail. Paul wants his father to leave him alone. James says that he has been leaving the man alone. Paul has been having thoughts in his head about Rose. James guesses that this must be Paul’s wedding day. Paul wanted to trust Rose but James wouldn’t quit and leave him alone. James wanted to have Paul convinced that Rose would betray him. James can see that Rose has screwed up yet again.

Rose is sleeping on the couch in Dusty’s arms where she has been all night. She wanted to be alone but Dusty convinced her that he should be with her for safety reasons. He watches her as she sleeps and kisses her head, which wakes her up immediately. It is still early in the morning so they have time to talk before anything can be done about this situation. She had a bad dream but she is safe now. She dreamed that she was at Paul’s house and it was dark in there. She called out his name and she heard the voice from the phone call answer her. The nightmare is just beginning she feels. It is up to her now to end this thing, but what should she do? Rose is having trouble believing this all now. They have proof that Paul threatened her life and Dusty wants her to call off the wedding now.

Chris thought that the baby could have been his but Alison swears that the baby is Aaron’s. Aaron swears it too. She couldn’t possibly lie about something this big. Bob hopes that he is right.

Alison is glad that Chris is gone now and out of town. She has been dwelling on this subject with Aaron, but now she wants to talk about the wedding and change the subject. She would like to forget about the baby right now and dwell on something else. Aaron has decided that he isn’t going to the wedding. Alison feels that he should go, but he won’t. Lucy is going to be there and he doesn't want her to see him with Alison. He as upset her enough. Alison wants to stay home too but Aaron feels that she should go to the wedding too. She doesn’t need to sit and worry about the baby and Chris. Aaron gets up to go and get Alison some juice…

…Aaron stands and turns to go and get juice for Alison but finds Lucy standing behind him in his way. He can’t go anywhere as Lucy is in his way, so he just stands there. For a moment, Aaron and Lucy stare into each other’s eyes saying nothing. Alison sees the whole thing and stays silent as she watches them.

Dusty wants Rose to do something about this situation so that she will know for sure that her episode with Paul is over, and so Paul will know it too. Dusty will take care of this for her if she wants, but she wants to do this herself. She has to. She would like to be alone and figure things out. Dusty has no idea what she is talking about. Dusty will not leave her alone but she assures him that she is okay. He reminds her that Paul threatened her life. She isn't afraid but he is. She assures him that if Paul calls or shows up, she will call Dusty right away. He is fine with that. Dusty goes to the door and on the way warns her to lock the door. She tells him again thanks for not pushing her into anything more complicated than what happened the night before…

…Dusty leaves the house and she closes and locks the door behind her. She looks at the pictures of she and Paul on the table and she shakes her head. “How could you do that to me?”

James would like to know what Rose has done now. Paul admits that he made a threatening call and he used a device to disguise his voice and she found it. James knows that Paul let her find the device. Paul then went out and found her at Dusty’s house. This isn’t a game to Paul, but it is to James. Paul wants Rose. James says that Rose has to be tested to see if she is worthy of Paul and his love.

Chris asks Katie to talk for a moment. He asks about Alison. Katie hasn’t seen her lately. He asks about the baby and when the child is due. Katie says that she hasn’t any idea. Katie feels that Chris should be asking Alison the questions that he is posing. He isn’t sure that Alison knows what the truth is anymore.

Aaron asks Lucy about herself and how she has been keeping. Lucy is fine and working hard at school. Alison chimes in and says hi. Alison decides that it is time for her to go and get her paycheck and she leaves…

…Aaron is glad that Alison has left. Lucy is only at the diner to get a coffee and then she has to go. She makes her order and asks Aaron if he will be at the wedding. He tells her that he isn’t going to the wedding, as he doesn’t want to upset her. She tells him that he can go to the wedding with Alison if he wants to.

Hal is running out of options to deal with Barbara and so he decides that he has to use Will to fish Barbara out…

…Emily goes to get the boy. Jack wishes that there were another way to do this without using Will…

…Emily comes running downstairs to report that Will is not in the house. She went to get him to make a plan to get Barbara to come out of hiding but the boy isn’t anywhere to be found. Emily has a horrible thought that Barbara may have come in the night and taken the boy to run off. Jack springs into action and leaves to check outside and Emily heads to the phone.

Dusty comes to work and kisses Molly to thank her for what has happened. He admits that Rose and he were together the night before. Dusty is willing to bet that the wedding is off now.

James calls for a guard and gets a cell phone so that his plan can be put into effect. Paul takes it from him and dials. Paul is going to do as his father asks, but not for his father, for himself.

Rose is at church and she makes the sign of the cross. She wants to pray. Her phone rings and she goes to answer…

…Paul is on the other line to Rose’s call. She tells him that she can’t talk now. He tells her that he knows what she is feeling. He tells her that he was wrong and sorry and unforgivable. He wants her to say nothing as he is going to be honest with her. He knows that he did the wrong things but for the right reasons. He tells her that he is going to make this up to her. He wanted to start last night but she told him that she wanted to be alone. He asks her where she was. She tells him that she went home and didn’t want to talk to someone. Paul knows that he hurt her, but he says that he is really concerned that she had to go through all of this alone…

…Paul wants to talk to Rose and she tells him that they will talk in person. She will call him back…

…Paul tells his father that Rose didn’t admit to being with Dusty. James is sure that Rose is making a fool of him yet again. James wants his son to do what is right and stop having her make a fool of him.

Lily comes the church and finds Rose alone in the church crying. What is she doing there? Rose makes light of her being there. She says that she wants to have a front seat. Rose tells her that everything happened all at one and that Dusty was right. Rose remembers the call that she got a few weeks ago. Dusty said that the call came from Paul but she didn’t believe it. She found a voice changer thing. He did that to her and got someone to watch her all the time. She felt loved by Paul’s actions and he promised her Paris. He promised to love her forever. Instead he has been scaring her. Seems like Paul is the one that trashed her car. That makes sense now. Hal investigated this and thought that Dusty might have been the one that did this. Rose has no idea what to think anymore. Lily will do anything for her sister, but Rose has no idea what she wants. Rose came to the church to pray but all that she has is more questions. This makes no sense to Lily. She sees the way that Paul looks at Rose and she thinks that something is mixed up here. What is Paul scared of? Rose and Dusty were very close together and Paul may have felt desperate and hurt at that. Lily understands why Rose is feeling very insecure. Rose tells her sister that Dusty spent the night at her place the night before.

Molly comes to Dusty with a drink. He smiles at her; proud of the way the day is going. He moves to take the drink and she throws the drink on him. She calls him a liar. She knows that he set her up. He knew that she would help him if he made her feel like she was part of the team. She says that she hates him but he knows that she wanted him. She tells him that he will never have Rose and he will never stop until Rose is dead and that day will not come soon enough for Molly.

Lucy really doesn’t mind Aaron with Alison at the wedding. She is sure that will be fine. Oakdale is a small town and they are bound to cross paths. She has to go now and she runs off…

…Lucy bumps into Mrs. Schneider and asks if she can come over to the farm sometime. That is a fine idea. Lucy leaves and Mrs. Schneider heads over to her grandson…

…Aaron wonders if his grandmother can sit with him for a minute and explain women to him.

Chris is still trying to find out what is going on with Alison. She says that she can’t help. Chris says that is fine as Alison isn’t his problem anymore. Katie hears the elevator and turns to enter…

…When the elevator door opens, Katie sees Alison and pushes her into the elevator to hide her from Chris, but they are too late. Chris has seen them and he calls out to Alison.

Will strolls nonchalantly into the house. Jack, Emily and Hal are upset with the boy for taking off the way he did. Emily has to go and get ready for the wedding and so she leaves…

…Will is fine and hasn’t seen anyone that morning. He asks for wrapping paper to wrap a present, but Hal tells him that instead they have to talk about Barbara.

Molly goes over to Rose’s house and tries to find her but she doesn’t answer. Molly breaks into the door by fiddling with the lock. She is sorry that she has to do this but there is some unfinished business to clear up.

Rose corrects what she was saying earlier. She didn’t sleep with Dusty; she just spent the night with the man. Rose was upset with things and Dusty came home with her. Dusty was scared for Rose, but Lily feels that Dusty always has an angle. Rose should be thinking for herself. What if she can’t trust Paul anymore? Rose was silly to let Dusty in her heart and deal with Paul. Lily feels that Rose should look carefully at this and then she should marry Paul.

Paul is sure that Rose will tell him everything in time about Dusty and the night that they spent together. James isn't so sure that she will tell him anything about it. She just lied to Paul on the phone. She might try to keep the secret, in fact James would bet on it. If she doesn't, the wedding will be off. Paul won’t be able to handle being married to her if she doesn’t confess to him. Paul might call off the wedding but if he does, Rose will end up right in Dusty’s bed and that is the one place where Paul doesn't want her. James tells the man to do what he has to do, and that calling off the wedding isn’t the thing to do.

Paul can’t help it. His mind keeps going back to the scene that he watched through the window the night before.

Aaron is glad that Lucy isn’t locked in her room crying but that makes Aaron sad at the same time. His grandma knows that it is natural that Aaron would like her to miss him. Lucy wants Aaron to go to the wedding but did she mean it? His grandma says that sometimes difficult things have a way of working out. She remembers Aaron’s father at the same age as Aaron. He got through some dark times back then. Aaron has to wonder if things are going to get better for he and Lucy…

…Lucy is outside and she watches through the window as Aaron talks to his grandmother…

…As she is looking in the window, her date for the wedding comes by to tell her that he has picked up his tuxedo and that he is ready to go to the wedding if she still wants to go. She is fine with that.

Alison is surprised to find Chris standing before her. He tells her that he decided to move back home for good.

Hal explains how Barbara is upset and sometimes when she is like that, she does things that are not right. Will knows that Barbara doesn't mean to do things that are wrong. Hal only wants to help. Will can see that. Hal doesn't want Barbara to do something wrong today. Barbara has slipped away from the officer that was watching her. More cops have been sent out but no one has found her. Hal would never ask Will to do this, but he needs Will to call his mother and have her meet him.

Emily arrives at Rose’s house and she sees the door is open. It is dark inside and she enters…

…Emily walks in and turns on the light. She finds Molly there. “Molly what are you doing in Rose’s house?”

Lily comes to see Dusty who is happy as a lark. He is sure that Rose is finally giving Paul the send off that he deserves. Lily isn’t so sure of that.

Rose is at the church praying when there are footsteps behind her…

…Rose looks up to see Paul standing behind her. He thought that he would find her there. She gets up off her knees and faces him.

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