ATWT Update Tuesday 12/2/03

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/2/03

By Glynis

Margo comes over as Mike as called her to tell her that Katie has left with Simon’s ashes. She would like to settle things once and for all. They may have pushed things too much with her. Margo would like him to come with her so that they can find Katie.

Katie goes to church. She looks around at the pews and is alone with her husband’s ashes. She sits with the container and remembers him. “I do have a lot to be thankful for…good family and friends. Food and health but it isn’t the same without you…what is Christmas going to be like? I will put up a tree and decorations but the cottage still will be empty. I am so empty without him. Everyone thinks that I am clinging to you, but how can I say goodbye? You have to help me to let go. That is why I am here. I keep thinking that somehow I am a symbol of bad luck to the men that love me. How can I move on? I am asking for a sign…Simon, tell me that you are okay and that I am not the biggest jinx in the world.”

Hal and Emily find Jennifer at their door. She is okay, but thought that she would come by for a visit. Emily can see that she should leave and she does…

…Jennifer tells her father that she was with Barbara. Hal feels that Barbara is going to do something. Jennifer relates that Barbara is feeling sad and not up to anything. She was heartbroken and promised that she wouldn’t do anything.

Barbara looks at the pills that she has in her hand to make the officer fall asleep. She puts them back in the bottle that she has with her and she puts the bottle in her purse. She is going to put her little watchdog asleep. She goes to the door and tells the officer that she is going out that night. He has no bother with that. She can go anywhere she wants. She knows that he will follow her everywhere that she goes. She starts leaving and the man follows her quickly to stay close.

Paul returns home and finds the drawer with the voice device open and the device gone. He is angry that Rose has found the voice changer. He has to get to her.

Rose brings the voice device to Molly and Dusty and asks them if this was what they found. Rose starts laughing hysterically. Dusty tells her that Paul was the one that made the call. Why would he do that to her? She was going to be his wife and now she learns that Paul was the one that tried to scare her to death. Molly is cynical saying that people lie to control. Dusty gives her a dirty look. Her phone starts ringing…

…It is Paul and Rose tells him that she can’t talk right now. Dusty tells her to tell the man that she can’t see him and that she is with him now. Paul hears the man’s voice and knows that she is with Dusty. She tells Paul that she will talk to him the next day and she hangs up…

…Dusty wants to know what it is that Rose will be talking to Paul about the next day. Dusty asks her to promise that she will not be meeting Paul the next day to marry him. Rose can’t say anything right now. She just stares into space thinking to herself.

Katie has to know if she is some sort of curse to the men in her life. What is what happened to him happens to someone else. She would like a sign. Some lightening or some thunder…

…The priest comes into the church and finds Katie there. She tells him that she would like to communicate with someone that has crossed over. She has a loved one with her and looks over to the container with Simon’s ashes. The priest tells her that she has to allow herself some other form of communication. She has to leave the big job to the big guy. He tells her that god will give her the answers that she is looking for. She thanks the man and he is gone…

…She sits at the table with the candles…”Dear God. I love Simon so much and I always will, but there is someone else that has feelings for me and I am not sure how I feel about him. He is a great friend and I guess that brings me to my big question. If the bad luck that I brought to Simon and to this other person is some sort of retribution for things in the past, then the question is can you give me the strength to walk away?”

Hal knows that Barbara is going to be stressed out about the wedding, so we know that the day will be stressful. Hal is going to give them all a break and so he has hired a cop to make sure that Barbara doesn’t come near the church. Jennifer is sure that Barbara will do nothing. Hal knows that Jennifer has been had.

Barbara is in a bar having a drink and the officer who watches her is reading the paper. Barbara knows that they are stuck with each other and she accepts that. She would like him to have a drink with her. She gets lonely sometimes. She is cut off from her family and the cop is the only person that she sees. She tells him that she feels very alone. She used to have a big family but… The officer is sorry about her situation. Barbara offers to buy the man a nightcap and then she will go up to her room and get a good night’s sleep. She knows that he can’t have any alcohol, so she will get him something else. He gets up to get the drinks but she tells him to sit so that this can be her treat. He would like ginger ale…

…Barbara heads to the bar and gets her pills out. She will get the good officer a ginger ale and in a couple of minutes, she will be rid of Bennett and free to go out and do what she wants alone.

Paul tries and tries to reach Rose but she has her answering machine on. That angers him. Now she won’t ever talk to him. Paul is angry now. He knows that Dusty is behind this. Dusty has been trying to cause trouble from the start. Paul heads to the door and exits. Crater is there and he greets the man. Paul is angry that Crater has let Rose out of there. Paul gets it now. Crater must be working for Dusty and for that, Paul punches the man dead in the face.

Rose can’t believe that this has happened to her. She is still with Dusty and Molly at the bar and she is trying to absorb what happened earlier. What is she going to do now? What did she do to the man? She can’t think of anything that would have made him do this to her. She was going to give him her life. Why? Dusty knows that Paul would take her in and that Paul was the one that made the death threats. She has to get out of there. Dusty will take her home. He wants to. Molly stands by and watches them leave.

Hal feels that Barbara has pulled the wool over Jennifer’s eyes. Jennifer might not be able to be objective about her mother but she will be happy if Rose is stopped from marrying Paul. She hates that woman and thinks that she is all wrong for Paul…

…Will comes down and can’t sleep as he has heard his sister screeching…

…Emily shows up as well downstairs. Will would like to talk about what he heard when he was upstairs. He thought that his mother wasn’t coming to the wedding. Hal assures him that Barbara will not be coming to the wedding after all…

…Will heads back up the stairs to bed. Jennifer sees that Hal keeps things from the boy. Hal has to do what is right. Jennifer thinks that Barbara needs to see her son especially now. Hal disagrees. Jennifer can’t argue anymore. She feels that if the wedding is botched up tomorrow, it will be Hal’s fault.

Barbara talks to the officer as he drinks his ginger ale. He is clearly getting sleepy. Barbara tells him that he reminds her of her son. The officer can’t even keep his head up to look at her. Barbara keeps talking and talking and lulling the officer into a deep sleep. Suddenly his phone rings…

…Bennett answers the phone and tells Hal that he is still watching Barbara. Barbara hears that Hal is on the phone and Bennett assures Hal that everything is going fine with his watching Barbara. Hal would like the man to stop by the station to discuss the wedding and how it is going to be dealt with…

…Bennett ends his call and sees that Bennett is finished with his drink, even though some of it is still there. Barbara forces him to drink all of the drink. Barbara would like to get him something else to drink. The officer gets up to leave and can’t go anywhere. He sees that he has been drugged. He asks what she put in his drink and then he falls on the table, face down. Barbara tells the waiter that some people just can’t hold their liquor.

Paul comes to see Molly at the bar looking for Rose, and she tells Paul that Rose was there but she is gone now. Paul wants answers but Molly doesn’t say much to him. Paul begs her to tell him what is going on and won’t leave without the information. What does he have to do to get her to speak? Take this place apart? He will do that. Molly reminds him that he is not the only one that has something to lose in all that has been happening lately. He almost looks sorry for her for a minute, but then he is over it. Paul begs her to tell him where Rose is. Molly tells him that Rose and Dusty left a few minutes ago and that Dusty has taken her to his place.

Dusty pours Rose a drink and she takes it reluctantly. She thanks him for helping her this way. She hasn’t any idea how he can be so nice to her now. He tried to warn her about Paul and she didn’t listen. Paul swore that he was in love with her and he said that he was going to do everything for her and that was a lie. He fooled a lot of people but he didn’t fool Dusty and she would like to thank him for that. Dusty wants no thanks. He feels bad for breaking her heart. That was something that Paul did. She thanks him for not giving up and taking great lengths for making her see straight. She tells him that she is sorry for thinking that he was only doing all this because he was still in love with her. He tells her that he is still crazy about her. That has never changed.

Margo and Mike find Katie’s car at the place where she got married to Simon. Margo is going to leave Mike there now. He can take care of things now. Margo knows that Katie is crazy for him, but Mike isn’t all that sure anymore…

…Margo leaves and Mike sees something that makes him stop and stare. “What in the world?”

Katie is walking to the door of the church to leave, and she sees the door open and Mike walks in leading a very familiar farm animal. Katie is so happy that she can hardly speak. Of course, Mike has no idea what she is happy about, but that is okay.

Barbara is outside standing around when she meets up with a doctor who is a friend of John’s. He introduces himself to her and she to him. He would like to help Barbara, as she seems to be in some distress. If there were anything that he can do for her, he would be only too glad to assist.

Rose feels that her life is falling apart and this isn't the time for Dusty to say that he still loves her. She can’t be drawn into something else right now. That is not what she wants. He can’t lie to her now. He is only stating a fact to her of how he feels. He expects nothing from her. She owes him nothing. Dusty tells her that Paul has changed and is different now. Rose has to figure out what to do now. Dusty warns her not to let the man back in her heart. Dusty is looking out for her and not forcing her to do anything. He knows that there are 2 morons competing for her but she can’t decide anything now. Paul wanted to scare her and keep the rest of the world away. That is not love, but prison. She can’t stand up the next day and marry the guy. This is her life and Paul is no better than Barbara or James, or Jennifer. Where does she go now? Dusty tells her to hold on to him for now. He puts out his hand for her and she takes it. Suddenly, she throws herself at the man hugging him…

…Paul arrives at Dusty’s place and is about to knock. He looks in the window instead and sees Rose hugging Dusty and not letting go.

The lamb is the sign that Katie has been waiting for. She explains that she asked for a sign and that this is it. She thinks that Simon is dead because of her but the fact is that he was alive because of her. It all ended so fast but it is like that sometimes. Simon risked his life for her because he knew that she was worth it. Mike is sure of that because he and Simon are a lot alike.

Hal comes to see Bennett at the bar and finds that the officer has been drugged. Barbara is gone and Bennett feels bad for that. Hal is going to handle Barbara from here out.

Barbara doesn’t want to talk about John anymore but the good doctor won’t leave. He would like Barbara to tell him what she needs. She was going to ask John to put her up for the night. Barbara is pretty decent and the man has a couch. He offers it to Barbara, as he knows that adults need to run off from home sometimes too.

Dusty continues to look at Rose and Dusty in the house…

…Rose moves from Dusty. She can’t give him what he wants. Dusty tells her that he wants nothing. He wants no promises or apologies from her. She goes to him and touches his face. She hugs him closely to her…

…Paul sees everything through the window. He is not mistaken with what he sees. “You are not going to get away with this Rose. Not this time…” He quietly moves from the window.

Mike can’t believe that all that Katie wanted was a sign that she wasn’t bad luck in love. It is time for them to go. They have to find out where the lamb came from and return it. The head to the door to leave and Katie sees snow. “It is snowing!” That was the other sign that she needed. She explains what happened at her wedding and how it snowed right in the church. That was a sign then and it is a sign now. It is finally okay to open up her heart again. He finds her amazing. They kiss. Katie would like to take home the little lamb but they can’t.

The offer the good doctor extends is very nice but Barbara can’t take it. She can call all the shots if she wants. She will not forget his kindness though. The man leaves her…

…She knows that he is right about one thing. She is calling all the shots. She takes out her gun and smiles at it.

Paul is back home now and he sees a picture of he and Rose. He throws it into the corner, smashing it.

Rose is resting on the couch as Dusty holds her. She tells him that he doesn’t want her like this. He is going to hold her all night until the morning…

…Molly is looking through the window and she sees Rose and Dusty on the couch holding each other. Molly knows that Dusty will never walk away from this until Rose is dead.

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