ATWT Update Monday 12/1/03

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/1/03

By Glynis

Katie gets a visit from Margo and her husband. They are glad to see her and want to have a nice talk with her. As they are talking, Margo lets it drop that Chris is back in town. That freaks Katie out, but she says nothing as her she is keeping secrets for Alison. She suddenly has to go from the room for a moment. Margo asks her where she is going, but Katie only says that she is going to make a call. She runs out of the room.

Alison is standing before Chris and he tells her that he wanted to see her. The phone rings and Alison lets him in to answer…

…. Katie is calling to warn Alison to tell Chris the truth about his baby if it is his. Alison quickly hangs up…

…Alison lies to Chris saying that she was talking to a friend about a party. Alison thought that Chris was gone for good to his new job. He has some things to say to her and that is funny as she has things to say to him also.

…Barbara is worried and she sits in the chapel. Jen comes to see her looking for Will. Barbara is worried bout Will, but she has to wonder about her other son and his hatred for her. Jen can see that her mother might be planning something horrible.

Paul comes looking for Hal and finds him at home. Hal uses this time to have a heart-to-heart with Paul. Hal reminds him to tell Rose not to answer the phone. Hal wouldn’t want her scared again by the man who tried to frighten her before…

…Paul has a flashback about using the voice device to frighten Rose. He placed it on the phone and then he spoke. He quickly shakes the memory form his mind.

Dusty has the proof and wants to show it to Rose. He is alone with her at her house and he takes the opportunity to show her the light and possibly save her life. She wants to hear nothing from him. She threatens to call the cops. He only wants to show her the things that he has on him. She gives him a chance. He takes out the bat showing her the special items that were found in Paul’s trunk. There is still evidence on the items to prove that Paul has been hurting Rose and wants to hurt her some more. He wants her to stop the wedding now as her life depends on it…

…Rose thinks that Dusty may have set this all up. Dusty tells her that he loves her too much to play games like this with her. Rose sees no reason why Paul would do this. Dusty must be sick and not wanting her to have anything good in life. He tells her that she has to do him a favour and watch her back at all times. She assures him that this will be the last time that he will warn her about Paul. She is going to be alone with Paul in Paris and Dusty knows that is exactly what Paul wants. Rose shouts for Crater…

…Crater appears and orders him to get Dusty out of there. It is over. She wants him out of there and she wants him never to return…

…Dusty leaves with Crater and Rose locks the door behind him.

Will comes in to share time with his brother. Paul gives Will a camera for his computer. Paul has one too and that is how they are going to communicate on their computers once Paul leaves…

…Will leaves as Hal renters the room. Paul admires Hal and the way that he has handled things for the longest time. Hal is embarrassed by the compliments. Paul really does want the best for Rose. They are both going to make sure that nothing happens to her.

Barbara is upset with Jen. Jen notices that her mother has been more vocal about Rose lately, and Jen is afraid that her mother will try to stop the wedding. Hal too thinks that Barb has been threatening Rose. That has been hell for Barbara. Barbara points to the officer that follows her day and night. That makes Barbara feel bad. She feels like a menace to society. Jen hugs her mother. Barbara thinks that loving her children has been destroying her. Jen would like her to take a step back and the next day will be one of those days. Barbara gets angry. She feels that her daughter has come to get information for Hal.

Chris tells Alison that he is there for an apology. He knows that he didn’t treat her right in the back. He knows that he shouldn’t have crashed the party and accused her of sleeping with Aaron. She tells him that there have been some changes since Chris left. The changes have to do with Aaron and her. Chris sees that she is telling him that Aaron was the guy in her shower. He is hurt. She should have been honest. She said that Aaron broke up with Lucy and he was in need. Chris is angry now. She tells him that they only ended up together by accident. Someone is at the door…

…Aaron is at the door when Alison answers, and he bustles by Alison into the house talking about maternity clothes and carrying a big bag. His family has gotten some things together for the baby so that they can be better prepared once the little bundle arrives. Once in the room, Chris reveals himself to Aaron who has been talking away. Chris has heard what he said and asks him if he just mentioned maternity clothes. Aaron turns to Alison, “Didn’t you tell him about the baby?”…

…Chris wants to know why Alison hadn’t told him that she was going to have a baby. Chris tells Aaron to take a walk, but Aaron tells him that the baby is actually his.

Katie is back with her sister and brother-in-law, as well as Mike. She has finished her call and now she is ready to visit with her family. Margo discusses Simon and if his remains have been returned to their country. Katie tells her that they have. Her eyes well up at the mention of his name. Margo thinks that is good as they can have a little ceremony now. Katie can see that she has been set up. There is more to this visit than she thinks.

Molly thinks that it is time that Dusty sees that his plan is going awry. She has been watching him and watching him try to break up Paul and Rose and she can’t do it anymore. He has tried everything to get Paul, but it hasn’t worked and she wants him to stop now. She hates his self-sacrificing behaviour, as it is very destructive now. The other guy got the girl and he should deal with it and accept it. She has crossed the line now and Dusty gets angry and bangs on the counter.

Paul comes home and finds Rose waiting for him. That makes him very happy but he was under the impression that she wasn’t going to be there. She was going to spend the night at her place, but when she got there, Dusty was there. Paul’s face changes at hearing that. She tells him that Dusty had evidence that Paul was the one that trashed her car. Paul gets angry. He has to go now. He stops long enough to tell Rose that he loves her for now and always.

Mike knows that Katie has figured out that she has been cornered into talking about Simon and dealing with her feelings about him. They just want her to be happy. Margo wouldn’t hurt her for the world. Katie knows that they wouldn’t hurt her. Margo and her husband leave…

…Mike set that up to help. He had a timetable for her getting her life together the right way. Katie knows that there is more to his plan. He knows that she feels married still, but maybe a memorial will help her get over that. Katie could have the memorial service but she still won’t throw herself over to another man. Mike knows that.

Alison would like to talk to Chris alone, but Aaron won’t leave. Chris and Aaron almost get into a fight but Alison stops it and Aaron decides to let them talk. He leaves…

…Chris has questions. She tells him that he was the one that broke up with her and that this isn’t any of his business. She isn’t all that happy as she didn’t plan this, but she is happy and so is Aaron. Chris has to wonder why he isn’t considered to be a possibility as the father.

Jen loves her mother, as her mother loves her. Jen tells her that Rose is going to be part of the family and that Barbara has to accept that. They don’t have to be best friends. Barbara knows that will never happen. Barbara knows in her heart that Rose has taken everything from her and Barbara will never stop until one of them is dead.

Paul shows up to see Dusty as Molly stands by. Paul has a few brief words for the man and then he punches him dead in the face. Dusty falls to the floor, as Paul stands over him.

Alison explains her side. She tells Chris that he doesn’t have to worry, as this isn’t his problem. Chris sees that there is nothing that he can do. For a moment, he thought that the baby was his and he was happy too. She can’t believe her ears. She shouldn’t be surprised at that. He thinks that she was as obsessed with Aaron as he thought. He should leave now. He tells her that he loves her. Then he is gone.

Mike was trying to be honest with Katie by bringing up a service for Simon. Katie isn’t sure that she can handle a service for Simon. Everyone will talk about Simon and the things that they remember about him and that will be hard for her. Simon was like life personified. He didn’t sit around and the memorial service would be an insult to the type of person that he was. She could do something else. Maybe she isn’t ready right now. She regrets not being able to see Simon one last time. Mike would like to help her but he can’t. She is the only one that can realize her loss.

Dusty gets off the floor after being punched good and hard, and Paul accuses him of telling Rose that he was the one that trashed the car. Dusty knows that he was the one that trashed the car. Paul is ready to leave now. Paul tells Dusty that he is the one that needs help. Why does he think that Paul would hurt Rose? Dusty thinks that Paul forgave Rose too quickly and he proposed. Then he decides that they are going to leave the country. Paul accuses Dusty of being a bad guy to Rose as well. So who is the one that is really out to get Rose? Paul tells him one last time to stop harassing Rose. If Dusty doesn’t stop, Paul will stop him.

Rose is home alone and she heads into a drawer. She finds the voice device at the back of one of Paul’s drawer. She remembers what she had been told about the voice recorder. Dusty told her to ask Paul about that and how it was found in his pocket. Rose suddenly sees things differently and turns to the door in horror…

Alison is alone when Aaron comes to the door. She heads over to let him in…

…He learns that Chris is gone now. He comes in and learns that she has told him everything. Aaron is sorry for the way that she must be feeling. Aaron may be selfish for saying this but he is glad that Chris is not living in Oakdale anymore. They can all have their lives now with the baby. She says that the thing with Chris was just a couple of months of fun, and then… she starts crying, thinking that he just got tired of her. She is tired of being sad. Chris isn’t the only guy on the earth and she refuses to fall apart over him. Aaron comforts her.

Chris calls Tom over to talk to him for a while. He has no idea how he feels right now. Tom has no idea what he is talking about. Chris tells him that Alison is pregnant with Aaron’s kid. Alison said that she never wants to see him again. Chris is in love with Alison, but Alison wants Aaron, and Chris sees that she always did. Chris would like to have a drink but Tom stops him from doing that. Maybe he and Alison were never meant to be. Chris is now stuck in Oakdale and that is the one place where he doesn’t want to be now.

Katie is heading out and she wants to be alone. She has Simon’s ashes with her and she is taking them. Mike really wants her to let Simon go. She will try but she needs help. She is going out now to be alone with her husband. She leaves…

…Mike starts following her but then stops.

Jen sits with her mother and remembers a girl that she used to hate. Her mother told her that when you hate someone, that hate does more damage to you than to the other person. Jen would like her to give up the obsession with Rose. Barbara knows that she is right. That is what she has to do. When Paul and Rose get married, Barbara will stay home and not be anywhere near there. Jen is proud of her mother, but she has to go now. Barbara will be alright. Barbara is glad that her daughter has come to find her. Jen kisses her mother and then she leaves…

…Barbara looks at the notice at the chapel of the upcoming wedding, “I am sorry Jennifer…” Barbara puts her hand in her purse and pulls out a gun. “This wedding will not happen today or any other day…”

Paul comes looking for Rose at home and she is nowhere to be found. He sees the open drawer and finds that the recorder is gone, “She found it…”

Rose shows up at the bar to see Molly. She asks the Molly, “Is this the voice recorder that you found in Paul’s pocket?” Dusty is nearby and hears the question posed to Molly.

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