ATWT Update Tuesday 11/25/03

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/25/03

By Glynis

Emily defends Alison to Holden and Lily. Holden finds that Alison may have learned what she did from Emily. She tells him that he should take a closer look at home.

Aaron tells Alison that they will find a way to deal with what has happened. She will not let him pretend that they are in love. Aaron knows that Lucy can’t handle what has happened.

Craig tells Lucy and Rosanna and they are going on a trip. He is giving them a surprise. Rosanna is glad that he did something spontaneous and wonderful. Lucy can’t go on he trip and leave Oakdale. She will look like she is running away. Craig says that they can make an article in the paper explaining that Lucy is having her trip to celebrate breaking up with Aaron…

…Lucy goes to see to the baby and Rosanna tells Craig that it is impossible that they have to go on this trip now because of Paul Ryan.

Dusty is hiding the evidence in the back of his club. He returns to the front of the club and relieves the bartender. Dusty pays the woman $200 for working for the entire night…

…As the bartender is leaving, Molly enters. She is surprised to find him there. She had an emergency earlier. She tells Dusty that she is fine now. Dusty would like to know the truth.

Barbara turns up at Paul’s house and is let in by Paul. He has called her over to ask her what she put in his car to make Hal turn up with a warrant.

Rose confronts Mitzy about the books and how they have been fiddled with. Rose is going to make sure that the whole hotel knows what she is about. Rose heads for the door but Mitzy stands in front of her telling her that she isn’t going anywhere.

Jessica and Ben discuss their having an exciting time together. He would like to fly to the islands and get married by sunlight. She would like to unpack his things and then they can discuss the rest…

…Curtis is at the door. He has decided that he will come home for the holidays. Surprise!

Emily sees that Holden and Lily want Alison to take responsibility for the pregnancy alone. They deny that…

…Susan shows up and sees that things are tense. Susan knows that Aaron must know about birth control, but because the kids were not careful, this baby is going to be born to parents that are not mature, and so they all have to help to raise that child as well. Holden is sorry for his accusatory attitude. Susan and Lily will make coffee and then they will make a list of what has to be done.

Aaron tells Alison that they are going to be parents and they have to go on with the plans for the child. Alison wonders what he would do if the baby were the baby of someone else. Alison wishes that the baby belonged to someone else. Aaron is all for the baby and taking care of it. Alison tells him to dump her and get away as she will ruin his entire life.

Hal comes to talk to crater about the baseball bat and gloves. Crater says that gloves where made of cloth and had glass stuck to them. Crater says that the gloves are in the trunk of Paul’s car.

Mitzy apologizes for the money going missing but she tells Rose that the money missing is her fault alone. Rose has no idea how Mitzy got to this line of thinking. Mitzy was trying to make quick cash to buy the business. She went to a loan shark. The horse that she bet on kept winning and she kept placing bets. Eventually, she lost and the money wasn’t there and she owed more and more money. That was when she skimmed more and more money from Rose. Mitzy calls Rose selfish. She knows that Rose is not going to call the cops. Rose knows that this is about the both of them and Mitzy needing money.

Dusty is suspicious of Molly and he wants things done his way or no way. She says that she is fine with that, but he is not sure that he can believe her anymore. He would like to know if she went to the cops and told them about the evidence in Paul’s trunk. She tells him to go to hell.

Paul threatens Barbara with putting the evidence in his trunk. She sees that she has really lost her son now for him to think a thing like that. She thought that she was there to get help to see her son Will. She begs him to help her and not break her heart again.

Craig is trying to convince Rosanna to go on this trip. She would like to be committed to her friend. Craig says that he would only like to be with her and his family. Rosanna knows that this rush to get out of town is his being jealous of she and Paul.

Alison is feeling nauseous. Aaron tells her to quit her job as he makes money and can take care of the both of them. She knows that they can’t afford to live alone. Aaron thinks that this is a perfect opportunity to show everyone that they can beat the world. Aaron knows that they can do this and be really cool parents…

…Aaron gets a call from Holden who would like Alison and he to come home and have a talk about the baby…

…Aaron tells Alison that they have to go to his house to show their parents that they have everything under control.

Hal talks to Crater who has a story that doesn’t fit. Hal wants the truth or Crater will be very unhappy.

Mitzy only wanted a piece of the pie to share. Rose sees that Mitzy is being greedy. Mitzy can see that Rose thinks that she has been being selfish. Rose gets all her papers and heads out the door intent on going to the police…

…Mitzy can’t go to the police, she won’t.

Barbara asks Paul to help her to help Will to see that he needs his mother but Paul wants nothing to do with that plan. Barbara defends the things that she has done. Paul still thinks that Barbara has been planting evidence in the car. Crater was the one that saw her do this. Barbara denies this. Barbara proves her point by going out of the house and getting the guard that Hal has planted on her and making him admit that he has been with her the whole night. The man admits that she is right. If she has done anything wrong, he would have seen it.

Craig finds it funny that Rosanna thinks that he is jealous of Paul. He has other reasons for wanting her out of Oakdale. He tells her that there is a property that he would like her to look at…

…Lucy hears Craig and Rosanna talking and she decides that she would like to stay home….

…Craig is on the phone with the hotel. Lucy tells Rosanna that her mother is coming to stay with her so she would like Rosanna and Craig to go without her…

…Cabot starts crying and Lucy goes to see to the child. Craig is off the phone now. Rosanna tells him that they can go on their trip after Thanksgiving but Craig will not hear of that.

…Rosanna will go on the trip as long as Craig promises to let Lucy stay home and that he will not make remarks about Aaron. Craig agrees to that.

Dusty and Molly talk and he makes her promise that she will be with him and not against him. She promises him.

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