ATWT Update Monday 11/24/03

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/24/03

By Glynis

Emily shows up to see Susan and Alison. They have to decide what is to be done with the baby.

Aaron is telling Lily and Holden about the baby. Holden is angrier than ever. This is not okay.

Lucy feels dead inside now that she has learned the truth. She isn’t sad or angry, but just… Rosanna understands. There is a moment that she keeps playing over and over in her head. It is the moment when she learned the truth about Alison and Aaron. She can’t get the scene out of her mind. Rosanna tries her best to comfort that girl. The truth is that Alison and Aaron are going to have a baby and there is nowhere for Lucy to hide. Rosanna sees that Lucy has made a decision. She decides for the last time that Aaron is out of her life for good.

The RCMP comes to see Craig. The man has questions about Annabelle. Craig’s name and addresses were highlighted in her address book.

Dusty comes to see what Molly is up to? She is going to hook up with a friend later. Dusty has to leave now, as there are things that he has to do. She wants him to stay but he leaves anyway…

…Molly knows that he is going to see Rose, so why does he pretend that he isn’t doing that?

Rose is at her desk when something becomes clear to her. She has been trying to figure out a mystery and she thinks that she has figured it out. She has been going through her books and she finds that Mitzy stole thousands and thousands of dollars from her.

She isn’t going to let Mitzy get away with this.

Jack finds Mitzy with her bags packed, trying to scrounge up enough money to get out of town, and he shows her the cuffs. She was alone but did see Craig earlier and he wouldn’t give her any cash. She is surprised to see Jack right now. What does he want from her? He looks serious. He knows what she did and how she did it. The gig is up. She has to get her things together now as they are going downtown together. Jack’s not kidding…

…She thinks that he is going to arrest her but he isn’t. He knows that she passed bad check but he is going to go easy on her for this. She apologizes for doing this. She was desperate and wanted money for Atlantic City. She is in trouble. Jack can see that she is running away. She is leaving. She is running away from Rose.

Dusty and Crater meet up. Crater has put the bat and the gloves back in the trunk of Paul’s car. Dusty has to talk to Rose but he needs Carter to get Paul out of the way. Crater will go and see Paul telling him that someone has been skulking around the house.

Rose understands now what has been going on with her friend all this time. Her best friend did this to her and didn’t bat an eye about it. Rose would have helped Mitzy out but Mitzy never confided in her that she needed money. Rose would have forgiven her but she never had the chance. Paul tells her that they are going to get through this together…

…Crater comes to the door to tell Paul that Barbara was near the car outside. Paul is angry and he leaves the house with Crater…

…Rose is upset and she rushes to lock the door. She moves back into the middle of the living room, she shouts out, angry that Barbara may be out to get her. Dusty hears her shouting as he is walking in the back door. He tells her that Barbara isn’t out there. Rose jumps and turns to find Dusty behind her.

Jack thinks that Mitzy should stay in town but Mitzy reveals that she and Rose had a big fight. She has no one else to turn to. She hasn’t even got a place to stay. Jack will take care of the whole thing for her. He cautions her not to write any more checks. Jack offers to get her a ticket for the morning but tonight; she can in town on him. This will be his payback for her helping him out once. She is so happy that he has offered to help her. She isn’t going to be coming back. Her life in Oakdale is over now.

Susan and Emily tell Alison that there are a lot of options out there. Alison will not have an abortion. No one is pushing her in any direction. She couldn’t put the child up for adoption either. She is going to keep the baby and raise it herself. Emily was a single mom and that was hard. She could support herself, but Alison can’t. Alison isn’t Emily and she will do things her way. Aaron hasn’t spoken to her about this yet. She has to start including him in everything she does now.

Aaron hasn’t got answers for his parents. He has no idea what to do about this. There are a lot of things that he hasn’t figured out yet.

Rosanna tells Lucy that now isn’t the time to be making big decisions. Lucy feels that she has been making enough of a decision concerning Aaron…

…Carly comes bustling in and sees that Lucy is upset. Lucy tells her that news. This is going to be very difficult. Carly reminds her that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Each day that passes will get easier and easier. Lucy will never understand and can’t forget what has happened. Carly wants her to stop thinking about why this happened; she can only decide how this will affect her. She has her whole future to consider and that is what she will do. Forget about Aaron.

Craig denies to PC Ferrot that he knows Annabelle. When asked, Craig admits that he did in fact adopt a child. Craig says that he remembers talking to the woman now, but decided that Annabelle wasn’t the person to get his child for him. Craig learns that the cops know that Annabelle has split and that they are going to find her and get to the bottom of this.

Hal reluctantly comes to see Molly at the bar, and she tells him that she called because there is something in the back of Paul’s car that has to do with Rose’s car getting vandalized and she thinks that Hal should get over there and see what the evidence is. Molly wants him to go over to Rose’s house and check things out. The damage to Rose’s car was pretty bad, so what would someone do to Rose if they were able to get hands on her.

Crater and Paul are outside and they find nothing. Crater has been doing a good job of dragging Paul around the property so that Dusty can talk to Rose alone. Paul can see that Barbara isn’t there. He tells Crater to call the police next time he thinks that he sees Barbara.

Rose is fighting for her life; she thinks when Dusty comes close to her. She has warned him over and over that they are never going to be together. She would like him to respect her wishes and leave her alone. He grabs her wrists. Dusty tells Rose that he has proof that Paul is the one that damaged her car. That makes her stop writing around under his grip. She has to listen to him now, as she is curious about what he is going to say next. She is dumbfounded by what he is saying to her. Dusty only needs a couple of minutes to prove all this to her.

Aaron is really getting it. Holden lays into Aaron, and Aaron strikes back as he knows that his father has made the same mistakes himself. Aaron knows that he is a mistake. Aaron just found out about this in he hospital, in front of Lucy. Aaron has lost the girl of his dreams forever for one stupid night. Aaron knows that he was stupid but he can’t take it all back now. Aaron has to find Alison and have a talk with her.

Susan wants Alison to go to the doctor so that they can get a due date. Alison shouts, “NO!” She says that she knows exactly when she got pregnant…

…Alison remembers making love to Christine and believing that he is the father…

…How can Alison be sure that she knows the time when she conceived? She wants to handle this her way.

Carly has to go but she wants Lucy to know that she is going to be alright. Rosanna thanks her and she is alone again with Lucy…

…Rosanna knows that Carly knows exactly what Lucy is going through. Things can turn around. Rosanna has even been where Lucy is now and, now she has a beautiful baby and a loving husband. You can go through the worst pain and then be happy again. Lucy loved Aaron, but she will love someone else again.

Craig wants to know what is going to happen to Annabelle. Are adoptions going to be upheld, or children taken away? PC Ferrot has no idea what is going to happen after they find Annabelle. The officer will be staying at a hotel but he won’t be far away.

Hal can’t go and check out Paul’s trunk, as he has no warrant. Molly tells him to get one.

Rose shouts out to Dusty that she doesn’t love him anymore. He denies that he loves her too, but she is in trouble and that is why he is doing this. They hear that Paul is returning to the house and Dusty leaves, but first he whispers that he needs to talk to her before the wedding…

…Paul returns and finds a shaken Rose in the room. She says nothing about what went on with Dusty…

…There is knocking on the door and Rose is relieved to find Jack outside. He tells her that he found Mitzy and he thinks that Rose and Mitzy should get together and talk. Rose thinks that is a fabulous idea. She pushes Jack out and tells him that she will see him the next day…

…Rose starts packing her things up and getting her paperwork together. Paul asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she is going to talk to Mitzy and get to the bottom of things. Paul would like to go with her but she has to do this alone. Paul will not let her roam around in the dark by herself. She will take Crater with her. Out the door she goes with her bodyguard.

Lily feels that Alison has finally gotten what she wanted all along…

…Emily comes to see Lily and Holden. They decide that they should have a talk about what has happened with the kids. They have a lot to talk about.

Alison sits and remembers the night when she conceived. She was making love to Chris and she wanted to be alone with him. She wanted him to pay attention only to her…

…Aaron finds Alison alone and he tells her that his parents are taking this badly. The worst thing for him is that Lucy will not talk to him again. She is sorry that this happened to him.

Rosanna tells Lucy that she is to continue to walk the town with her head held high. Aaron was Lucy’s best friend. Who does she go to now? Rosanna offers herself as a friend. They really do love each other. This is what family is all about…

…Craig comes shouting through the door. He has a surprise. He would like the girls to pack their bags and get ready to run away.

Jack comes into the restaurant and see Rose and Crater ahead of him heading over to where Mitzy is… Jack starts following them but then runs into Carly…

…Carly can see that Jack is up to something and she stops him to ask what is going on.

Rose comes to the door and bangs on it threatening to call the cops if Mitzy doesn’t open the door right away…

…Inside the room, Mitzy is ready for bed and terrified of what Rose is going to do to her.

Hal and Molly come to see Paul who learns that someone has reported that he has something in the back of his car that is very damning to Paul. Paul turns and looks at Molly who clearly knows more about what is going on right now, than he does. Rose isn’t there right now, so they talk freely without any worry of upsetting her. Hal has his warrant and would like to have a look in the trunk now. He followed Molly’s advice and woke up a judge to get his warrant. Paul is fine with that then. He has nothing to hide. If they want to look in his trunk, he will take them to his trunk. Big deal. The 3 of them leave the house and head to the car to see the damning evidence.

Holden and Lily tell Emily that they have to wonder what was in Alison’s head for this to happen. Emily can see that they think that Alison did this to trap their precious son.

Aaron assures Alison that he going to be there for her, and that she shouldn’t worry.

Carly takes Jack’s arm enticing him into having a drink with her.

Mitzy opens the door and Rose starts in on her asking her to talk slowly to explain what she did, or she will be locked up.

Molly, Hal and Paul go to Paul’s car and they find nothing. Molly is flabbergasted. She tells how a bat with paint on it from Rose’s car and gloves were in the trunk earlier. Paul tells that Barbara was seen skulking around earlier. Hal feels that this is something that Barbara would do. Paul is fine with what Hal felt that he had to do. Paul would only like to get on with his wedding and not have to bother with this stuff anymore…

Hal turns to Molly...Satisfied?”

Dusty comes into his bar and learns that Molly left on some type of emergency. He is carrying a bag with the evidence from the trunk in it. He carries the bag to the back of the club and looks into it. He is going to convince Rose no matter what.

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