ATWT Update Thursday 11/20/03

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/20/03

By Loretta

Susan phones Alison who is late for work. Before Alison gets a chance to get ready, Lucy arrives, prepared to speak her mind. Lucy asks Alison how she ended up in bed with Aaron. Alison tells Lucy that is none of her business. Lucy reminds Alison that she loved Aaron and he lied to her. Lucy asks for answers but Alison says she needs to get to work. Lucy accidentally pushes Alison, making her fall down. Alison tells Lucy that if anything happens, it is all her fault. Alison obviously hurt her knee and cannot put weight on it. Susan arrives and takes Alison to emergency. Katie and Lucy are with Alison at the emergency room. Alone with Bob, Susan tells him about her concern over Alison’s recent behavior. Bob wants to x-ray Alison’s knee, but Katie immediately says that they cannot do that. Susan and Lucy both agree that Alison is pregnant and say so. Alison looks shocked.

Mike and Katie meet with Margo at Al’s Diner. When Katie leaves to get her purse, Mike asks Margo to help him convince Katie to hold a memorial service for Simon. Mike says that Katie needs some closure for Simon and this may help her. Outside Al’s, Katie meets up with Tom and asks him if she needs to do something now that Simon is deceased, or is she just automatically now a widow. Tom says other than putting her in another tax bracket; she needs to do nothing.

At breakfast, Emily and Hal ask Will what his plans are for this day since there is no school (Will intends to meet his mom secretively). Will says he has no specific plans. After Will goes upstairs, Hal asks Emily if she left Will alone at Al’s Diner the night before for any amount of time. Emily says yes she did. After this, Hal looks thru Will’s coat pocket and finds Barbara’s note which instructs him to meet her today. After meeting Barbara and warning her to keep away from Will, Hal arrives back home. Emily suggests to Hal that he have Barbara followed, since she feels Barbara wants to hurt Rose. Emily feels Barbara is “cracking up” again. Hal and Emily hug.

Barbara arrives to meet with Will. Instead of Will showing up, Hal does. Hal reminds Barbara about the court order. Barbara says she was only trying to see her son. Hal accuses Barbara of threatening Rose’s life. Barbara tells Hal that while she hates Rose, she would never do anything to hurt her. Hal reminds Barbara of her past kidnapping plot on Rose. As Hal leaves, Barbara begs Hal to let her see Will. Hal says he cannot take her anymore and if he finds out that she had threatened Rose, he will personally lock her up.

At Metro, Jack questions Dusty about threatening Rose. Dusty tells Jack that he should question Paul Ryan. Molly then tells Jack that she found a voice alternator inside Paul’s apartment. Molly says that Paul said it was a gift for Will. Jack thinks it is ridiculous that Paul would terrorize his own fiance. Dusty says that Paul wants to punish everyone who did him wrong. Dusty reminds Jack that Paul is a “Stenbeck.” This theory makes Jack realize that he must question Paul. Jack phones Paul to tell him he will be over to question him. Aaron and Holden arrive. Aaron asks Dusty for his old job back. Dusty agrees to re-hire him. Molly walks in and tells Dusty that he is glad that he made up with Holden and re-hired Aaron. Dusty tells Molly that he is worried about Rose. Molly admits that someone obviously is trying to hurt Rose. Crater arrives and informs Dusty and Molly that Paul just had him lie to the police (that Paul was with him the night Rose’s car was vandalized). Pleased with this new information, Molly places more cash in Crater’s pocket. Dusty kisses Molly, then he thanks her for helping him find out who is threatening Rose. Molly makes Dusty promise that when he finds out that Rose is safe, he will walk away from her. Dusty promises.

In the morning, Rose wakes up and comes across a duffel bag in her living room. Rose looks inside this bag and is caught by a newly arrived Paul, who yells at her to leave it alone. Rose asks Paul if he is hiding something from her inside this bag. Paul says no and changes the subject. Paul asks Rose if she was looking inside that bag for a device, which changes your voice. Rose says she was only looking in this bag to see whom it belonged to. While eating some breakfast, Paul presents Rose with a beautiful photo album. Paul and Rose hug. Rose says she will put their wedding photos in this album. Paul tells Rose that Jack is coming over to question him about her car vandalism. Paul decides to wait outside for Jack. Outside, Paul instructs Rose’s guard (Crater) to tell the police that he was with him (Paul) the night Rose’s car was vandalized. Jack arrives and questions Paul about that voice-changing device which was found in his apartment. Paul takes this device out of his pocket and explains that it is a toy he bought for Will. Paul says that he was with Crater the night Rose’s car was vandalized. Crater arrives and Jack questions him. Crater tells Jack that he was with Paul Ryan on the night Rose’s car was vandalized. Carly arrives to do a fitting for Rose’s wedding dress. Rose loves the wedding dress that Carly has brought over. Rose says that her dream is finally coming true. Carly asks Rose who she thinks is threatening her. Rose says maybe Barbara or Dusty. Carly suggests it may be Mitzi, but Rose quickly puts that out of her head. As Rose and Carly are getting her dress fitted, Paul almost walks in, but he stops when the girls tell him to get out (Paul is amused by this). Later when her wedding dress is out of sight, Paul is allowed to come back in. Carly leaves. Paul and Rose hug.

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