ATWT Update Wednesday 11/19/03

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/19/03

By  Suzanne

Rose and Dusty look at her car, which has been trashed. "Die Rose die" has been spray-painted on it. She wants to call the cops and blame Dusty for it, but he stops her. He swears that he didn't do it but thinks Paul might have. They argue and he tells her that Paul was found with a voice alternator. Just then, Paul shows up and makes sarcastic comments about how he must have done that to the car. Dusty leaves.

Craig and Rosanna are at Metro. He is curious about her chat with Paul but she doesn't give him details. She just laughs and flirts with him as he plies her with kisses and questions. Rosanna suggests they head home (for sex). Rose's bodyguard comes in and tells Molly to pour him bourbon. She keeps pouring him drinks while she questions him. He won't give until she says she knows that he works for Paul. He tells her about his being fired. Dusty comes in so Molly fills him in and suggests that he get friendly with the bodyguard. Dusty offers him a lot of money to spy on Paul for them, so he agrees. Dusty tells Molly about what happened to Rose's car.

At Rose's, Paul and Rose phone the cops. Rose hints that whomever called her shouldn't have disguised his voice (hoping Paul confesses). She is upset so Paul hugs her. He tells her that maybe there's no connection between the threatening call and what happened to her car. Hal arrives to investigate. Paul looks guilty. Hal says her car is impounded and some other police stuff. He asks about the phone call. Paul has a flashback to Rosanna saying that he made the call to Rose. Hal leaves. Rose gets more upset. Paul tells her that he fired the bodyguard but she didn't want him to do that since it was her fault for giving him the slip. Just then, the bodyguard shows up. He apologizes for what happened. Paul offers him money but he doesn't want to take it. They let him keep his job. He phones Dusty to let him know he got the job back and will be watching Paul. Paul and Rose have some wine and talk about Paris. She seems to be happier but then remembers what Dusty said about the voice alternator and about Paul. They kiss but she looks worried.

Susan is with Alison at home. Susan apologizes for her earlier reaction. She is sad that Alison has messed up her relationship with her two closest friends, but Alison says she has bigger problems. Throughout the episode, Alison seems to want to tell Susan or Aaron about her pregnancy, but can't bring herself to say it or gets interrupted. Susan thinks Alison should make amends to her friends. Susan gets a call from the hospital and has to leave.

Lucy is in tears as she and Aaron argue. She found out that he slept with Alison. There are clips from the past of the two of the two of them together. She won't forgive him and tells him to leave, so he does. Alison finds Aaron in the barn and apologizes for messing up his relationship with Lucy. He asks her to help him get Lucy back but doesn't go into detail. Aaron beats himself up for being stupid. She says she's not in the same boat as he is. He says maybe she's better off than he is since she won't see Chris around. She hints about her condition but he doesn't pick it up. He suggests that she confront Chris and just tell him the truth. She asks him if she can trust him but he says that right now he can't even trust himself.

Emily, Hal, Will, and the other kid are in a diner. Will is told that he can't have any contact with Barbara (sorry Dan Rather interrupted the beginning of this), then Hal has to leave. Barbara lurks outside. Will defends his mom. Emily and her child go to the bathroom, so Barbara rushes in and hugs Will. They plan to meet tomorrow in secret. They are interrupted by Emily's return; he rushes back to his seat while Barbara hides. Emily goes to get the car. Will gets a note from Barbara saying to meet at the courtyard. Hal returns and is suspicious that Will is not eating.

Rosanna and Craig go home; they find Lucy crying but she hides it. Rosanna asks about Aaron. Lucy says they broke up and she doesn't want to see him again. They offer sympathy. She tells Craig sarcastically that his probably thinking "I told you so", but he assures her that he's not thinking any such thing. He says he's made lots of mistakes in his life. He offers to talk to Aaron but Lucy says no. He goes into the other room, so Lucy tells Rosanna that Aaron cheated on him. They hug. Rosanna gives a nice speech about Aaron and why Lucy was with him. She tells her that love is worth all the pain. Lucy says she can't go back to him because she can't ever trust him again. Rosanna suggests that she give herself some time and get all the facts straight first before making any decisions.

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