ATWT Update Thursday 11/13/03

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/13/03

By Loretta

After Bonnie’s sentencing, Jessica is upset that Bonnie was told she couldn’t speak with Sara before heading to prison. Margo arrives and hugs Jessica. Jessica asks Margo and Ben to allow Bonnie to speak with Sara. They agree. Outside the courtroom, Ben says goodbye to Bonnie. Ben hugs Bonnie and she asks him to take care of her mom (Jessica). Jessica asks Tom if Bonnie’s police escort will allow her to come by the house for a short time, before she goes off to prison. Tom okays this. Margo volunteers to be Bonnie’s police escort. Tom says he will come too. Soon Bonnie and Jessica arrive home (Tom and Margo wait outside). Jessica and Ben bring out Sara. Bonnie and Sara hug. Bonnie explains to Sara that she must pay for what she did to her father. Bonnie asks Sara if she forgives her. Sara says of course she does. Sara (crying) tells Bonnie that she will miss her. Bonnie and Sara hug. Bonnie asks Jessica to watch out for Sara. Jessica agrees. Bonnie decides to say her goodbye to her mom now. A tearful Jessica and Bonnie hug. Bonnie insists she will be okay. Bonnie leaves for prison accompanied by Margo and Tom.

Katie finds Mike in his room struggling to give himself a sponge bath. Katie sits down on his bed and begins washing Mike’s back (Mike and Katie joke and giggle during this). Mike tells Katie that he is glad she decided to stay and care for him. Mike and Katie almost kiss, but Katie stops. The doorbell rings and it is Carly. Katie nervously tells Carly that she can go inside the house and visit Mike, while she remains in the living room. Carly walks in and apologizes to Mike, saying she feels like she interrupted something important. While Mike dresses in his room, Carly chats with Katie outside. Carly asks Katie why her face is flushed. Katie makes excuses. Carly says that Katie is obviously hot for Mike. Katie denies this. Later Carly asks Mike what happened with Katie before she arrived. Mike says he just had a weird moment because he is in love with his best friend (Katie) and she doesn‘t feel the same. Carly leaves to go meet Jack. After taking a walk, Katie comes back to Mike’s. Mike asks Katie to help him button his shirt. While buttoning Mike’s shirt, Katie meets his eyes. Mike and Katie kiss on the lips, then begin passionately kissing. Katie stops their kiss and walks out the door.

Mitzi meets Jack at Al’s diner. Jack apologizes to Mitzi that things did not turn out for her regarding the sale of the Roller Palace. Mitzi asks Jack for his advice regarding a crime that someone she knows has committed. Mitzi says that someone she knows has been taking money from a business and asks that when the books are evaluated, will this stolen money show up in the records. Jack asks Mitzi if she is sure that this person is someone she knows. Mitzi says yes. Later Jack asks Carly if Mitzi seems capable of committing a crime. Carly says that Mitzi does not fit the typical criminal profile. Mitzi then visits Rose. Mitzi apologizes to Rose for getting angry with her the other night. Rose apologizes to Mitzi for not selling the Roller Palace to her. Rose says that has changed, since she will sell her (Mitzi) the Roller Palace.

In his Lakeview room, Dusty and Molly discuss Rose and Paul. Molly asks Dusty why Rose is still so important to him. Dusty tells Molly that Rose must know the truth about Paul, for her safety. Dusty says he is not doing this to win Rose back, but to prevent a disaster. Molly leaves and meets Paul downstairs. Paul tells Molly that he hired a bodyguard to protect Rose. Molly tells Paul it is probably to be sure that Rose isn’t sneaking off to see Dusty. Lily arrives and tells Dusty that Paul showed her his apartment lease. Dusty tells Lily that he is still convinced that Paul intends to harm Rose.

Rose arrives at Paul’s and finds him talking with Lily about his apartment lease in Paris. Lily tells Paul that unless she sees his lease, she will not leave. Paul leaves the room to produce this lease. Paul shows Lily his two-bedroom apartment lease in Paris. Lily tells Paul that another one of these documents (written in French) state that he has not rented anything from them in years. Paul pretends to be confused by this, saying he will check into it. After Paul leaves, Rose tells Lily that she should have checked with her before approaching Paul about this lease. Lily says she would do anything to protect her (Rose). Rose tells Lily she doesn’t matter. Lily asks Rose if she really means this (that she does not matter). Rose tells Lily she loves her and will miss her, but since she loves Paul she must leave Oakdale. Rose and Lily hug.

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