ATWT Update Friday 9/26/03


As the World Turns Update Friday 9/26/03

By Hilary

At the diner, Mike teases Alison about how much sugar she puts in her tea. She says she is just frustrated that something keeps coming between her and Chris. They each suggest that the other go over to Tom and Margo's. Katie has a nightmare that she left Mike to die in the building instead of Simon. Chris comforts her. Jen tells Barbara that Rose will eventually come around and forgive Paul, and she can have Dusty. She says Dusty is the only person who hasn't hurt her. Rose suspects that Paul set up the van's disappearance. Dusty says this is crazy, because they don't know where they are going. Molly says she doesn't care, and they continue to kiss. Someone suddenly opens the door and shines a light on them.

Chris says Katie will be okay, and offers to stay with her. Mike says he can't go to Katie. Alison suggests they will look better if they go together. Jen says that Barbara and Paul are both control freaks. Barbara says Jen has had more freedom than most girls her age. Jen says that Barbara wants Dusty for herself. Dusty and Molly are taken to the police station. Dusty accuses Molly of working with Paul, and she calls him a jerk. Dusty tells Margo they were in the van because of Paul. Rose tells Paul he is just like his parents, and accuses him of trying to get his revenge on her by breaking up her relationship with Dusty.

Chris and Katie play checkers. Mike and Alison bring ice cream. Mike tells Katie he understands how she feels about him, and will always care about her. Dusty apologizes for snapping at Molly. He admits that she is right, that Rose can't make up her mind. Paul admits his guilt. Paul says he fell for Rose because she is a fighter. He tells her again he loves her, and says he will fight for her. He says he wants her to dump Dusty and come back to him.

Jen accuses Barbara of pimping out Dusty because she really wanted him. Barbara admits she is lonely, but insists she isn't after Dusty. She warns Jen to be careful. Alison insists to Chris that Mike has a right to see Katie. Katie tells Mike that he is too painful a reminder of what happened in Australia. Paul insists that Rose's kiss changed things, and asks for another chance. Margo, Molly, and Dusty arrive, and Paul apologizes to Dusty.

Alison tells Chris that Katie should turn to Mike. Chris and Alison agree to attend the new club opening, then get a room at a Bay City motel. Jen tries to find Paul, then leaves Dusty a message saying she had nothing to do with the bugs. Dusty agrees not to press charges against Paul, but punches him in the stomach before leaving with Rose. Paul tries to laugh it off, but admits he thinks he messed up.

Mike and Katie separately reminisce about fun times together. Dusty calls Jen and arranges to see her the next day. Molly says she is backing out of Paul's plan.

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