ATWT Update Thursday 9/25/03


As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/25/03

By Loretta

In the hospital, Carly tells Mike that she knew he was crazy about Katie. Mike says that he intends to stay far away from Katie, as she wishes. Carly disagrees and feels he must tell Katie that he loves her. Mike explains that Katie told him that the reason he stopped her from getting to Simon, was that he (Mike) could have her (Katie) for himself. Carly is a little shocked over this statement, but says that time will heal Katie and her feelings for him (Mike). Carly asks Mike if perhaps he is afraid that he stopped Katie from getting to Simon, so he could have her for himself. Mike says nothing.

Margo tells Katie that she is happy that Mike saved her life, but Katie doesn't agree. As Margo heads inside her house, she finds Chris carrying a laughing Alison on his back. Margo and Katie enter. Embarrassed, Chris explains that they had no idea they would be home. Margo tells Alison and Chris about Katie's loss. Katie suddenly faints. Margo and Chris help Katie to the couch. Margo tells Chris that Katie would not allow herself to be examined by a physician in Australia. Margo asks Chris to examine Katie. Chris agrees. Alison goes for a walk while Katie gets examined. Margo gets a phone call, but takes it upstairs in private. As Chris examines Katie, she explains how happy she was being married to Simon and never thought it would end. Chris tells Katie that her friends and family will love and protect her, but she cannot grieve forever over Simon. Margo returns downstairs and tells Katie that she just got a call from the Australian authorities who confirmed that the body they found in the fire was definitely Simon. Katie cries. Alison walks in the door as she sees Chris comforting Katie. Chris explains that Katie just found out that Simon's death was confirmed. Margo has Alison take Katie to the guestroom to get some rest. Margo asks Chris to spend the night, in case anything goes wrong with Katie. Chris agrees. After hearing that Chris will spend the night at Margo's, Alison tells him that she hopes one of these nights they have time to themselves.

After Paul tells Rose that he bugged Dusty's club, Rose asks why. Paul says he did it because he has not gotten over her (Rose). Rose starts to leave to inform Dusty of this, but Paul say she can't leave yet since he must explain to her why he did this. Rose tells Paul she doesn't believe he has a conscious or a heart. Paul says that after their kiss the other day, he wants their relationship in a more truthful place. Rose says she only has feelings for Dusty. Paul says he does not believe that. Paul tells Rose that from now on, he intends to be completely honest with her. As Paul attempts to call the police to turn himself in, Rose stops him, saying she does not want him to go to jail. Paul smiles. Barbara arrives and exchanges insults with Paul and Rose. Barbara asks Rose what is going on. Paul tells Barbara that he planted listening devices in Java Underground, so he could bury Dusty and get Rose back. Rose says that she and Dusty love each other and nothing Paul does will change it. On her way out the door, Barbara warns Paul that after doing this; he will never get Jennifer's respect back. Now alone, Paul asks Rose if she can forgive him. Rose gets sentimental and says she knows that she hurt him and is sorry. Paul says that if she really wants to be with Dusty, then he will accept it. Rose instructs Paul to head down to Java Underground to apologize to Dusty. Rose accompanies Paul. Soon they arrive at the club but find no trace of Dusty. Rose panics.

Barbara heads to the Lakeview and finds Jennifer. Barbara tells Jennifer that Paul just did something that she will not be happy about. Jennifer looks at her mom like she is crazy. Barbara tells Jennifer that Paul planted listening devices in Dusty's club, so he could get Rose back. Jennifer says that Dusty doesn't deserve this and she cares for him. Barbara tries telling Jennifer that Dusty is a money hungry criminal. Jennifer says that Paul is sure to win Rose back, which will leave Dusty for her.

At Java Underground, Molly and Dusty come upon Henry's intricate bugging device. This device is held inside a van, which Dusty manages to get into. Molly and Dusty enter this van and find the recording and tape equipment. Molly asks Dusty if there is anything on these tapes that will get him in trouble with the law. Dusty insists no, since he intends running Java by the rules. Dusty plays the tape of Jennifer asking him to make love to her and Molly laughs. They hear noises outside and find out that they are locked inside the van. Dusty says that Paul probably planned this, so no one would find him. Molly begins yelling and banging on the door. Frustrated at being locked inside, Molly decides that they should relax and get comfortable. Molly finds a bottle of alcohol and she and Dusty begin drinking from it. Molly suddenly informs Dusty that she panics in small-closed spaces. Dusty tells Molly to try concentrating on something other than being locked inside this small space. Molly decides the van is too warm, so she takes off her blouse. Molly decides to concentrate on Dusty's face and she takes his hands. The van begins to shake outside and inside, as Molly and Dusty kiss.

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