ATWT Update Wednesday 9/24/03

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/24/03

By Hilary

Marshall begs Bonnie to tell Sara that he raped Jessica. Bonnie refuses and suggests that he tell Sara himself. Marshall is afraid Bonnie is setting him up so Sara will leave him. Marshall walks away without saying anything. Later Marshall sits with Sara. Marshall tells her that a few months ago; he was accused of raping Jessica Griffith. Sara asks him if he was guilty. Marshall says he is. Sara asks Marshall why he is not in jail. Marshall says because there was a mistrial. Sara says that is why Bonnie hates him so much. Marshall says he hopes she will forgive him one day. Sara leaves and says she must talk to Bonnie.

At the Lakeview, Walker arrives to see Bonnie. Bonnie explains that she just tried to convince Marshall to tell Sara about the rape, but he refused. Bonnie says that if Marshall tells Sara himself, then Sara will come running back to her. Walker tells Bonnie that she should have stayed with Marshall while he tells Sara this. After Marshall tells Sara about the rape, Sara comes walking in and asks Bonnie why she lied to her. Sara says that at least her father had the guts to tell her the truth. Sara tells Bonnie that she cannot trust her any more. Bonnie is obviously frustrated and upset.

Chris and Alison head over to Susan’s house and find Susan looking at more of Rick‘s belongings. Chris looks through Rick’s luggage and finds a luggage tag. Chris realizes this luggage belonged to Jeffrey Star. Alison phones Hal to inform him of this. After looking at the luggage, Hal tells Susan that the luggage belongs to Jeffrey (who has a four-year-old son). Susan cannot believe that Rick killed Jeffrey. Seeing how worried Alison is, Emily assures Alison that she will look after Susan (their mom). Alison and Chris arrive at Tom and Margo’s house to make out like they originally planned, but once they arrive, Alison says that finding out that Rick killed Jeffrey and seeing her mom’s current condition bothers her. Chris apologizes and says he was being selfish for not understanding the way she feels. They kiss. Alison tells Chris that they go into the bedroom (Margo and Katie are on their way in).

Margo brings Mike and Katie to Oakdale Memorial to be checked out after their Australia ordeal. Mike does not want to be bothered but Ben insists on examining his head injuries. Ben keeps Mike overnight for observation. Mike mentions to Ben that Katie hates him because he did not allow her to be killed with Simon. Seeing how quiet Katie is, Margo asks Katie what is wrong. Katie says that Mike ruined her life by not allowing her to die with Simon in the explosion. Margo says that Mike did the right thing. Margo hugs Katie. Carly arrives and tells Katie that she is sorry to hear about Simon. Later Carly tells Mike that she will drive him home, but Ben informs her that Mike will spend the night at the hospital. When Carly mentions to Mike that Katie is still at the hospital, he quickly gets up and goes to see her. Mike asks Katie to speak with her alone. Mike asks Katie if there is a chance that they can still remain friends. Katie says she knows he tried to help her, but he did it all wrong. Mike says that keeping her alive was not wrong. Katie starts to cry. Mike places Simon’s cross around her neck, while telling her that while he was unable to bring Simon to her and unable to let her die with him, he can give her something she wants - he will stay out of her life as she requested. Mike kisses her on her cheek. Katie still cries. Soon Katie and Margo arrive home at Margo’s. Katie says that once she finds out that Mike is okay in the hospital, she will forget she ever knew him. In his hospital room, Carly sits with Mike. Carly tells Mike that Katie doesn’t really hate him, but is using him because he is an easy target. Mike thinks differently and feels Katie will always hate him. Carly tells Mike that Katie is grieving for her husband, so he must understand. Mike tells Carly that he would gladly trade places with Simon, because he loves Katie.

At Java Underground, Dusty sits with Molly as she looks at job applications. Paul phones Molly and tells her that if she still wants Dusty, she must remain with Dusty for the day. Molly and Dusty hear a noise, so he goes outside to check it out - this noise turns out to be Henry. Henry says he is doing some honest work there. Dusty does not believe Henry and threatens him with a stick unless he tells him the truth. Frightened, Henry says that Paul Ryan is paying him to bug the club. Dusty asks Henry what Paul is up to. Henry begs Dusty to not call the police. Dusty agrees but then tosses Henry out the door. Molly asks Dusty to call the cops. Dusty says he will, just as soon as he kills some bugs. After Dusty finds some bugging equipment, buzzers start ringing. Dusty says he will shove this equipment down Paul’s throat.

Inside his apartment, Paul asks Henry if everything is smooth with his bugging device inside Java Underground. Henry says it is perfect. Paul tells Henry that he intends for Dusty to find out about their Java bugging, which frustrates Henry. Henry is worried that Dusty may call the police. Paul says not to worry and he will get his money and perhaps a bonus. Henry agrees. Paul leaves a message for Rose. On Rose‘s answering machine, Paul says that he did something to Dusty that may ruin him. Paul asks Rose to come over immediately. Rose arrives but insists on standing in the doorway to talk. Rose asks Paul what he meant when he mentioned he is ruining Dusty. Paul says he knows that she is obviously in love with Dusty and is sorry for trashing Dusty’s life. Paul says that he wanted to prove that Dusty is all wrong for her, so he bugged his club. Rose is in shock.

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