ATWT Update Monday 9/22/03

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/22/03

By Hilary

Mike gives his statement to the Australian police. Katie says she is not as lucky as they say, and says she is there to find Simon. Rosanna says that she didn't sleep the night before. Carly tells her that she confronted Craig, and Rosanna says it must have sunk in, because Craig says he now wants to adopt. Molly gives Craig the name of the baby broker. Paul arrives, and Dusty offers to throw him out. Paul taunts him about the kiss with Rose. Molly stops Dusty from hitting him, and says he should be mad at Rose. A distracted Rose nicks a customer's ear at the salon. In the surveillance van, Paul hears Molly tell Dusty that he would be better off knowing sooner than later if Rose is going to go back to Paul.

Aaron is frustrated that he can't find a job. Craig quips that he should join the Foreign Legion. Craig wants to use Lucy's college applications as bait to lure Rosanna home, so Lucy suggests he could help her by finding a job for Aaron. Rosanna and Carly aren't sure of Craig's sincerity. Carly suggests that Rosanna could adopt alone, but she doesn't like the idea of being a single mother. Dusty insists that Paul is no threat. Molly thinks that Dusty needs to stop making excuses for Rose. Paul is thrilled that Molly is planting the seeds of doubt in Dusty's mind, just as he had hoped, and he never even had to ask her.

Craig agrees to help Aaron find a job. He also says he is leaving town for a few days, and wants Lucy to stay with Emma while he is gone. Rosanna says that she has decided not to push the adoption issue. Rose admits to Mitzi that she still has feelings for Paul. Molly tries to seduce Dusty, but it doesn't work. Henry and Paul continue to listen in. Katie thinks there is a chance that Simon is still alive, but Mike isn't as sure. The police tell them that a body was found in the rubble, but it will take a few days to identify. They bring Katie her crucifix necklace, which was found on the body. She starts to break down, believing the body must be Simon's.

Katie is devastated, believing that she got Simon killed. She wishes that Mike had let her die in the explosion, and says again that he only saved her because he wanted her for himself. Aaron initially turns down Craig's job offer, saying he'd rather find a job on his own, but eventually relents. Craig says he can recommend him for a job at Java Underground. Molly insists that if Dusty and Rose belonged together, things wouldn't keep getting in the way. She apologizes for giving him a hard time, but says she's just being overprotective. Paul calls, and Molly agrees to meet with him away from the bar. Paul tells Henry that it is only a matter of time before he and Rose are together again.

Mike says that he won't apologize for keeping Katie alive. He says he never could have explained her death to her family. Dusty gives a job to Aaron, but tells him to buy a new suit and to cut his hair. Rose tells Mitzi about the kiss with Paul, but says that she has decided to stay with Dusty. Paul says he wants to help Molly to be with Dusty.

The body found in the rubble is taken to the coroner's office. Katie tells Mike that she never again wants anything to do with him. Rosanna is surprised when Craig says he is on his way to see the lawyer. She is thrilled, and gives him the go-ahead. Dusty tells Rose that they need to get things straight about Paul. Molly wonders why Paul would want her to be with Dusty, then deduces that he wants Rose for himself.

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