ATWT Update Friday 9/19/03


As the World Turns Update Friday 9/19/03

By Hilary

Mordecai calls Simon, and tells him he has Katie wired to a bomb. Mike holds a knife to Mordecai's throat. Mordecai starts a timing device on the bomb. As Mike tries to free her, Katie hears Simon's voice, and insists that they find him before leaving. Rosanna rocks Sage to sleep. She says she wishes Craig could see her like that, and maybe he would change his mind about adopting. Henry listens in as Molly and Craig banter about sex. Molly says she and Dusty were very compatible in bed. Rose breaks away from Paul's kiss, and insists that it didn't happen. Dusty walks in as he leaves, and asks if he hurt Rose. When she doesn't answer, he takes off after Paul.

Carly insists that it is perfectly acceptable to miss Craig. Carly leaves Rosanna to watch Sage. Imaginary "James" taunts Paul for still having feelings for Rose. Dusty punches Paul, then asks him what happened between him and Rose. Mike frees Katie, but she refuses to leave without Simon. Carly tries to convince Craig to give up the bar. She asks Molly to buy out Craig, but Molly wants to know why she would want to do anything that would benefit Rosanna.

Chris thinks that Alison needs to have her own life. He thinks that she should move out, and Alison assumes that he wants to move in with her. Paul lies and says he and Rose were just arguing, but Dusty doesn't buy it. When Rose arrives, Paul admits to Dusty that they had been kissing. Carly tells Craig he needs to do everything he can to save his marriage. He decides to give up the bar, but Molly tells him women don't respect men they can push around. Instead, she says he should give Rosanna what she really wants: a baby. Mike picks up Katie and carries her from the building, getting her to safety just as it explodes. She screams Simon's name.

Dusty doesn't believe at first that Rose and Dusty were kissing, but soon realizes that Paul is telling the truth. He threatens that they will fight soon. After he leaves, Rose asks why Paul kissed her, but he reminds her that she kissed him. Chris says he isn't ready to move in with Alison, and she agrees, saying that she needs to be near her mother now, anyway. Molly tells Craig that she can set him up with a baby broker she once interviewed for WOAK, though she warns him it could be illegal. He says that is fine, and Henry is astounded at how sleazy they are. When Mike is unable to find Simon, Katie collapses in grief, and blasts Mike for cheating her out of one final moment with Simon. Mike says he won't apologize for saving her life, but she says she would have rather died with her husband.

Chris worries that looking after Susan may be too much for her. She promises they will have time for each other. He surprises her with a set of keys. Dusty tells Molly about Rose and Paul's kiss. Molly suggests that he get even, and she tries to kiss him. Paul confesses to Rose that he's not over her, after all. He insists that she's not over him, either. Craig visits Rosanna. He tells her he has a lawyer who will help them adopt a baby.

Rose says that what she and Paul had is over. She says she doesn't miss him. Paul grabs her hand and begs her not to go, but she says he needs to talk to someone else. Chris says that he has Margo and Tom's house while they are gone. Katie says Mike saved her because he wants her for himself. Rosanna thinks Craig's news is a trick. Dusty turns down Molly's offer. She says if Lily wants him out of Rose's life, it will happen. Henry fills in Paul on the goods on Rosanna and Craig, and tells him that Molly still has the hots for Dusty. Paul thinks he can use this information.

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