ATWT Update Thursday 9/18/03


As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/18/03

By Hilary

Sarah is terrified about starting her first day of private school. She wants to call Bonnie, but Marshall attempts to reassure her himself, and sends her on her way. Bonnie overhears their exchange, and offers to help, but Marshall tells her to stay away. Henry agrees to bug Java Underground for Paul. Rose insists to Mitzi that Dusty only has eyes for her.

Rose leaves a message for Dusty, telling him that she is working on getting friends from Atlantic City to attend the club opening. Leaving Molly to deal with the health inspector, Dusty arranges to meet Jen at the Lakeview Lounge. Margo tells Hal that her instincts are telling her that something is wrong with Katie.

Margo finds out that the constable's body was found in a shallow grave at the sheep station. Mordecai takes Katie to an old lumberyard and handcuffs her to a desk. He has a briefcase, and sets it down next to monitors that show the outside of the building. Isaac tells Ben and Jessica that he is moving to Florida, and he's not taking Bonnie with him.

Isaac says that things just weren't working with Bonnie anymore. Before leaving, he tells the duo that they should quit wasting time, and set a wedding date. Jessica agrees. Marshall tells Dusty he has cleared the gambling charges from his record, so they should have no trouble obtaining a liquor license. Dusty tells Jen that she and her model friends are no longer invited to the club opening. Paul arrives at the salon, and asks Rose if she and Dusty are truly in love. When she says they are, he asks why Dusty is spending so much time with his sister.

Rose says that Jen is the one who keeps coming on to Dusty. She tells Paul that her relationship with Dusty is none of his business, so he tells her to just keep Dusty away from Jen. Henry arrives at Java Underground and introduces herself to Molly as the bar's newest employee. When Margo finds out that Katie's prints were found all over the sheep station, she is terrified for her sister's safety. She and Tom make plans to travel to Australia themselves to search for her.

When Mordecai leaves the room, Katie frees herself from the desk, opens the briefcase, and discovers a bomb inside. She tells Mordecai that Simon will get him, but he takes her to another room and straps her to the bomb. As he calls Simon to tell him that his wife is strapped to a bomb, Mike sneaks up behind him and puts a knife to his throat. Thinking she hears Simon approaching, Katie screams for him to stay away. Ben and Jessica decide to get married on Thanksgiving. Dusty tells Jen that he loves Rose, so he plans to stay away from Jen and her temptations. Jen says he will eventually give in to his desires and come to her. Sarah leaves school early, saying the other kids teased her, and she is never going back. Bonnie taunts Marshall for saying that he had things "under control." Paul forces Rose to realize that she is not happy, and she slaps him. When he tells her that she needs someone who will love her forever the way he did, they begin to kiss. Molly turns down Henry's offer to tend bar, but when she leaves the room with the health inspector, he manages to plant his bugs. When Dusty returns, he and Molly embrace to celebrate passing their inspection; there is still obvious attraction between them.

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