ATWT Update Wednesday 9/17/03

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/17/03

By Hilary

Craig calls all over town, looking for Rosanna. He is afraid that she has left the country, but Lucy doesn't think she will. She is, however, upset that he hurt Rosanna so badly. Carly tells Rosanna that Craig knows that she told her about Molly's investment. Rose makes up with Dusty, but still has her suspicions about him and Jen.

Rose says that if Dusty tells Jen to back off, she will get some of her friends from Atlantic City to attend the club opening in lieu of Jen's model friends. Paul attempts to joke with Jen, in the hopes that she will forgive him. When she says he really hurt her, he apologizes. Mike manages to pull himself out from under the fallen shelf. He has a conversation with an imaginary "Katie," who tells him that if he thinks hard, he can save them both.

"Katie" tells Mike that if he thinks like a builder, he can get out. He realizes that by studying how the room is made, he may be able to dismantle it. Rosanna goes back to Fairwinds, and rushes into Craig's arms. She says that nothing has changed between them, however. He admits that Molly has invested in the club, but Rosanna realizes he is only now confessing because he knows that Carly has already told her.

Craig doesn't understand why he can't have a business. Rosanna says he can't keep his work and personal lives separate, and says if he refuses to give up the bar, she may not be able to live with him anymore. Carly is afraid that Jack is being too harsh in his questioning of their prospective nannies. When the first to arrive mistakes him for the butler, Jack tells her the position has been filled and slams the door in her face. Jen says that if Paul wants her to stay, he has to stop telling her how to live her life. He doesn't understand why she would want to be around someone like Dusty, but agrees to her terms, and they make up. After she leaves, he calls someone and offers them a job.

Paul's mysterious call was to Henry, who arrives to hear Paul's offer. Mike busts out a cellar wall, and discovers an old dumbwaiter that he can climb to escape. Jen shows up at the salon. She wants to explain to Rose about her kiss with Dusty, assuming incorrectly that Molly has already mentioned it. Rose is furious.

Rosanna says that Craig is incapable of being ethical in business. She laughs when he says that the club is an investment in their marriage, and he accuses her of using the bar to get revenge on him for messing up their chances for adoption. Lucy is furious with Craig when Rosanna leaves again. Jack and Carly discover that either they are scared of the nannies, or the nannies are afraid of them. Rosanna offers to be their nanny, and they accept. Paul asks Henry how he feels about Dusty. He admits he isn't very fond of him, so Paul says he wants to hire him to bug Java Underground. Mike climbs up the dumbwaiter, and emerges in the kitchen. He finds a piece of paper with a scrawled address, and decides to start searching there for Katie.

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