ATWT Update Tuesday 9/16/03


As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/16/03

By Hilary

Alison is afraid that Susan is drinking again. She begs Chris to find a way to save her mother. Rosanna gives Craig one more chance to come clean about Molly's investment, but he lies again. Mitzi and Lucinda tell Rose she did the right thing when she dumped Dusty. Barbara wants Paul to help her keep Dusty away from Jen. Molly insinuates that Dusty is too old for Jen, but Jen says he is just right.

Rosanna says Craig will drive people away because everything is about power with him, then walks out. Lucy asks Craig what he has done to Rosanna now. Craig figures out that Carly spilled the beans to Rosanna. Carly and Jack try to have a romantic evening, but are interrupted by Sage's cries. Jack decides that he needs to hire a resume. Despite Mitzi and Lucinda's protests, Rose decides she wants Dusty back. Paul wants nothing to do with Barbara's plans. Dusty says Jen came onto him, but Molly doesn't buy it. Dusty wants her to promise not to blab about Jen to Rose.

Susan complains about a headache, and Alison thinks that she is drunk. Susan insists that she didn't drink any of the vodka, but Alison doesn't think that she can believe her. Paul says he will trust Jen to make her own decisions. Rose doesn't like the news that Molly is the new Java Underground investor. Craig arrives on Carly's doorstep and blasts her for blabbing to Rosanna; she says she would do it all over again.

Susan explains that she dumped the vodka before taking a drink, and Alison is proud. She still disappoints Chris, however, by saying she needs to stay home with her mother. Craig accuses Carly of breaking Rosanna's heart. Lucy is upset when Rosanna tells her that she is leaving Craig. Molly insists to Rose that she doesn't want Dusty. She insists that she is in the bar strictly for business. Rose decides to believe her, but still has questions for Dusty about Jen.

Barbara says she will back off, as long as Paul keeps an eye on Jen. Craig asks Carly to tell Rosanna he loves her. Chris is impressed by Alison's maturity, and says he will stay home with her. Dusty says that Jen means nothing to him. He and Rose make up.

Lucy tells Craig that Rosanna has left him. Jen tells Paul she plans to move out the next day. Alison insists that her family won't come between her and Chris. While they kiss goodnight, Susan takes another longing look at the vodka bottle in the trash. Rosanna arrives at Carly's, and tearfully asks for a place to stay, saying she has left Craig.

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