ATWT Update Friday 9/12/03


As the World Turns Update Friday 9/12/03

By Hilary

Molly still thinks that Carly wants nothing to do with her. Carly accuses her of running away because her feelings are hurt. Bonnie is shocked when Jessica and Sarah arrive at the police station, and Sarah says she wants to go home with Marshall. Jessica interrupts Bonnie as she tries to tell Sarah about the rape, but Bonnie wonders how she can defend someone who hurts women. Barbara tells Jen that Paul set up the whole debacle with Andre. Paul attempts to comfort Rosanna. She orders another drink, but he offers to make her some soup, instead, and to listen. Craig tells Dusty that Rosanna has pulled her money out of the club.

Sarah wants to know what Bonnie means, but Jessica pulls Bonnie away before she can say anymore. Craig asks Dusty if he knows anyone who can invest, and he says most of his Chicago friends are in jail. He suggests a loan shark, but Craig says that is out of the question. Finally, Craig thinks of the perfect investor: Molly. Molly thinks that Carly was taking her for granted, and Carly apologizes. She tells her she was so happy when Molly came to her wedding, despite her anger, and says that is why it hurts so much that she is hurting now. Carly says Molly should admit that she is really still angry about Carly and Mike's one-night stand. Barbara tells Jen that she owes it to herself to find proof that Paul is bankrolling Andre. She says no way, but after Barbara leaves, Jen finds a bank statement in Paul's desk. Paul returns and wants to know why she is rooting around in his desk.

Marshall insists to Sarah that Bonnie doesn't know what she is talking about. When she is still skeptical, he promises he will never hurt her. Jessica convinces Bonnie that telling Sarah about the rape would be a bad idea, because it would force the teen to live in fear. Jennifer lies that she was looking for a stamp in Paul's drawer. Outside the penthouse, Jen calls Barbara and arranges a meeting. Paul confesses to Rosanna that he did some underhanded things to keep Jen and Will away from Barbara, and he thinks Jen may know about them. Rosanna says he should confess all to Jen. Molly tells Craig that her anger now is not about Mike. Carly apologizes once more for being so busy lately. Craig arrives with a proposition for Molly.

Bonnie tells Sarah that she was just upset, and didn't really mean anything by her comments about Marshall. She wishes her luck, and Sarah and Marshall leave. Jen lies and tells Jen that there was no proof that Paul paid off Andre. Barbara says that Jen didn't really look, and Jen admits she just said it too see Barbara's reaction. Paul arrives, and admits he did pay Andre. Dusty tells Rosanna that Craig is working on getting a private investor for the club.

Craig presents his proposal to Molly. Carly is floored and disgusted when Molly considers the deal. Marshall wants Sarah to wait a few months before seeing Bonnie again, but Sarah hates that idea, saying that living with Marshall is starting to sound worse than living in the shelter. Jen is furious that Paul set her up. She says she never looked at the bank statement she took, because she respected him too much. He says he did what he did because he was angry, and he made some stupid choices. He insists he regrets what he did, but she says he and her mother are just alike. Barbara gloats when Jen says she can never trust him again.

Carly thinks Molly is making a big mistake, but Molly says she didn't ask her opinion. Craig asks Carly not to mention Molly's investment to Rosanna, but Carly says she won't lie to her sister. Molly agrees to invest in the club. Carly stops by to see Rosanna, and Rosanna tells her that Craig sabotaged the adoption. She says she still loves him, but she can't stand his behavior. After she says she's not sure things could get any worse, Carly hesitates about telling her about Molly's investment. Bonnie says she is sick of Jessica sticking her nose in every time she does something her mother doesn't approve of. Jessica says that if her interference is so bothersome, perhaps Bonnie should move out. As Dusty leaves yet another message for Rose, Jen arrives and offers to help Dusty forget his troubles. She asks him to make love to her right there at the bar.

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