ATWT Update Thursday 9/11/03


As the World Turns Thursday 9/11/03

By Loretta

Barbara visits Paul, threatening to tell Jennifer that he paid Andre to come to Oakdale. Barbara says she knows he paid Andre to set her up. Paul denies this. Barbara tries to get Paul to admit this but he remains quiet. Paul tells Barbara that if she discloses anything to Jennifer about him, he will make sure Will turns against her also. Barbara says he will never accomplish this. Paul tells Barbara she has too much time on her hands. Barbara says she will make sure that Jennifer knows exactly what kind of man he (Paul) is. Still in a foul mood, Barbara leaves. Jennifer returns and informs Paul that Hal found out that Craig made the 911 call himself. Jennifer tells Paul that she just informed Dusty and Craig of this. Paul asks Jennifer if Rosanna knows about this. Jennifer says yes and Rosanna took this news terribly. Paul is concerned. Later Barbara pays Jennifer a visit. Barbara tells Jennifer that her brother is not the man she thinks he is.

Rosanna overhears Jennifer telling Dusty that Craig called the police on them. Rosanna approaches Craig with this fact. Craig confesses that he did call the police. Jennifer asks Dusty for an apology for falsely accusing her and Paul. Dusty says that even though she did not, she would have. Jennifer tells Dusty that she likes being with him. Dusty tells Jennifer to stop acting. Dusty tells Jennifer that he is aware of her intentions to break him and Rose up. When Jennifer asks Dusty where Rose is, Dusty says it is none of her business. After slightly apologizing, Jennifer shakes Dusty’s hand and smiles. Jennifer leaves. Later Craig comes storming in looking for Dusty.

After finding out that Craig called the police to avoid any adoption, Rosanna heads to Fairwinds. Craig arrives and apologizes. Rosanna tells Craig that he should have been honest with her that he did not want any children. Craig says he did not have the heart to tell her. Rosanna says that he should have trusted her. Craig says that the years he spent raising Lucy and Bryant were so wonderful but terrifying, therefore he is not up to it again Craig says he is so happy being married that he is afraid a child would come between them. Crying, Rosanna asks Craig to leave. Craig asks Rosanna if there isn’t something he can do to make her feel better. Rosanna asks Craig to drop out of the business with Dusty. Rosanna says that if he does not, he will lose any chance to repair their marriage. Craig insists he will never do anything like this again. Rosanna says it is either the club or she. Craig insists they can work out their problems. Rosanna warns Craig that she will take out all her money out of Java Underground. Craig tries to change her mind but Rosanna refuses. Rosanna heads to the bar at the Lakeview. Paul arrives, says he heard what happened and is sorry. Rosanna is glad to see Paul. Paul and Rosanna hug.

After finding out that Sara has vanished, Bonnie finds her sitting outside her apartment. Sara says that she does not want to live with her father. Bonnie tries comforting Sara. Bonnie tells Sara that she may have to live with her father (Marshall) but she won’t lose her in the process. After Bonnie leaves to inform Marshall on Sara’s whereabouts, Sara looks around the apartment. Jessica walks in and realizes someone is in the house and it’s probably Sara. Jessica pretends to walk back inside the door to catch Sara and she does. As Sara walks downstairs she meets Jessica. Immediately Sara says she is not going back with Marshall. Jessica asks Sara to tell her why. Sara says her father is like a stranger to her. Jessica says she understands. Jessica tells Sara that up until recently, her father was told by a bad man (James Stenbeck) that she was dead, that is why he gave up searching for her. Jessica says that although Bonnie loves her, she should give her father a chance. Sara wants to know what bad thing her father did to her. At first Jessica hesitates, but tells Sara that a few months ago she was “involved” with her father and Bonnie has not forgiven him for this.

At the station Jessica tries to help Marshall locate Sara. Marshall says he wants to be a good father to Sara and wants to start over. Marshall thanks Jessica for her help. Jessica says she is doing this for Sara and Bonnie. Marshall promises that once he gets Sara back, they will stay out of Jessica’s life forever. Bonnie walks in and tells Marshall she knows where Sara is and will tell him - under one condition. Bonnie tells Marshall that unless he shares custody of Sara with her, she will not tell him where Sara is. Marshall tells Bonnie that he will not be blackmailed by her. Bonnie says that Sara will just run away from him and currently Sara needs her. Bonnie says she promised Sara that she would stay by her. Marshall orders Hal to arrest Bonnie. Bonnie tells Hal to arrest her. Hal tells Bonnie that if she knows where Sara is, she must state so. Jessica walks in with Sara. Marshall asks Sara why she ran off. Sara says that she was scared but is now ready to go home.

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