ATWT Update Wednesday 9/10/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 9/10/03

By Loretta

Mortakai advises Katie that she is coming with him to Sydney, but Mike is staying. Mike asks to go instead of Katie but Mortakai refuses. After handcuffing Katie to a couch, Mortakai momentarily leaves the room. Katie asks Mike to run, but he refuses to leave her. Katie apologizes to Mike for getting him into this mess. Mike says he is glad he came with her. Frightened, Katie hugs Mike. Mortakai returns and prepares to lock Mike up in the cellar. Before locking the door, Mortakai tells Mike that soon he and Katie will be dead. Mortakai returns upstairs for Katie. Mortakai tells Katie that he killed Mike. Katie yells out Mike’s name, which Mike hears. As Mike tears up the cellar looking for tools to open the door, a large ladder falls on him. Mike lays unconscious.

Susan arrives at the sanitarium with Emily and Alison. Alison and Emily offer to go with Susan, but she wants to speak to Rick alone. Rick’s psychiatrist warns Susan that Rick has had a psychotic breakdown. Rick (who is wearing a straight jacket) is silent when Susan arrives. Seeing Rick in this state, Susan feels that perhaps he is faking, but the doctor assures her that Rick is not. Frustrated, Susan decides it is useless to try and question Rick in this condition. Suddenly Rick calls out Susan’s name. Rick says he knew she would come back to him. Susan tells Rick she has come to question him and she wants the truth. Susan asks Rick why he picked her to use and marry. Rick says that aside from being an attractive physician, she was lonely and desperate for a relationship. Rick says he knew she would stand by him no matter what. Susan tells Rick that he is wrong. Susan explains that she trusted him, since that what love is about. Rick says that she was so desperate that she fell in love with a serial killer. Rick tells Susan that the reason they fell in love with each other is because neither of them are pleased with themselves. This angers Susan. Now Rick appears dazed again. After Susan leaves, we see a tear fall from Rick’s eyes. Rick goes back into a daze. Susan leaves for the Lakeview with Alison and Emily. Susan explains about her visit with Rick to her daughters. Later, Susan watches the patrons drink their alcoholic drinks, which makes Susan desperately crave one.

Jennifer visits Hal at the station to find out who made the 911 call from Java Underground. Hal asks Jennifer why she wants to know. Jennifer says she is personally involved. Alarmed, Hal warns Jennifer to keep away from Dusty. Jennifer explains that Craig and Dusty blame her and Paul for calling the cops on them. Jennifer says she does not want another war with Craig, which she fears may drive Paul away from Oakdale again. Hal agrees to obtain Craig’s cell phone record statement, which will show his 911 call. Soon Hal presents Jennifer this proof she needs. Barbara walks in, but is coldly received by Jennifer. Immediately Jennifer and Barbara start bickering. Jennifer leaves. Barbara mutters to herself that Jennifer’s hatred towards her is due to Paul. Hal sees Barbara and warns her to stay out of Jennifer and Paul’s life. Barbara tries to tell Hal that she thinks that Paul paid Andre to come to Oakdale to come between her and Jennifer. Confident that Paul is to blame, Barbara says to herself that he will not get away with this.

Dusty informs Craig that Rose threw him out. Dusty and Craig now share a beer and agree that Oakdale is full of controlling women. Dusty says that whoever crossed him, he will get back at. Dusty reminds Craig that they must get these charges dismissed so they can make Java Underground a success. Dusty asks Craig why he seems more happy and calm since their bust. Craig says that due to the police charges, his and Rosanna’s plans to adopt were ruined. Craig says he feels relieved since he does not want a baby in his life. Craig also tells Dusty that Rosanna asked him to stop his business relationship with him, but he refused. As Dusty goes to bring in more beer, Jennifer arrives and tells Craig that she has proof that he called the police. As Jennifer is telling Dusty this news, Rosanna walks in and hears this.

Rosanna visits Paul at his apartment. Obviously uncomfortable, Rosanna tells Paul that she came to ask him something serious. Paul tells Rosanna that since she seems upset, it must be about Craig. Paul informs Rosanna that Craig just visited him, so he assumes that is why she is here. Rosanna is surprised. Rosanna says that Craig must have thought that he (Paul) tipped off the police about his gambling plans. Paul bluntly says to Rosanna that he did not call the cops, since that would have ruined their chances to adopt. Paul tells Rosanna he would never hurt her like that. Rosanna apologizes to Paul for accusing him. Paul thanks Rosanna for being a true friend to him. Rosanna kisses Paul on the cheek and leaves. James now appears in Paul’s dream. James suggests to Paul that he could have used Rosanna to come between Dusty and Craig, but he (Paul) had to fall for her instead. James suggests that Paul ruin Craig Montgomery.

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