ATWT Update Thursday 9/4/03


As the World Turns Thursday 9/4/03

By Loretta

After making love, Alison asks Chris if their night of passion went the way it is supposed to go. Chris says it was wonderful and comfortable for both of them. Chris gets up to make coffee. Alison says to herself that she is glad she waited for the right person. Chris brings Alison her coffee, with lots of milk and sugar. Alison tells Chris that she plans to move back with her mother, since she needs her now. Alison says if they want to be together again, they can come to Katie’s house, a car or a cemetery. Joking, Chris tells Alison the next time she wants to be with him, she’ll have to pay $1000. Alison laughs.

Margo is on the phone to Australian authorities to get news on Katie. Margo informs Jack that she hasn’t heard from Katie and is worried. Jack tells Margo to go to Australia to search for Katie. Margo decides to make another call to Australia. This call is picked up by Katie and Mike (still held hostage) on the phone that Mike managed to put together. Margo is trying to phone the Frasier residence and asks for Simon. Mortaki picks up the phone and speaks to Margo. Mortaki says he has not seen Katie. To get Margo’s attention, Katie plays “Mockingbird” by Carly Simon into the receiver (the song Katie and Margo sang together in the hospital). Margo realizes this may be a message from Katie. Margo thinks about this song for clues.

In Australia, Katie and Mike frantically try and escape. Katie suggests they use the furniture as weapons to defend themselves. Mike looks at Katie like she is crazy. While searching for weapons, Katie comes across a box of old albums. Mike looks for a record player and finds one. Katie wonders what Mike is up to. Mike says he intends to blast the record player to alert Simon of their location. Katie apologizes to Mike for nagging and snapping at him earlier. After playing “Mockingbird” on the record player for Margo as a message, Mortaki angrily storms in. He finds them dancing. Mike said he and Katie were bored so decided to dance to some records. Mortaki punches Mike in the abdomen and he falls down. Katie gives Mike a back massage to ease his pain. Katie says she prays that Margo heard “Mockingbird.”

Connie meets Jennifer at Al’s Diner. Jennifer tells her that her plan with Dusty went wrong. Jennifer explains she wanted to come between Dusty and Rose, so Rose will go back to her brother Paul. Connie asks Jennifer if she is falling for Dusty. Jennifer says no. Connie tells Jennifer that Paul seems to be over Rose, since at the charity benefit, he left with a blonde (Rosanna). Jennifer says she must convince Dusty she didn’t call the cops on him. Connie gets tired of Jennifer’s down mood so she says she is going back to New York.

Cleaning up at her salon, Rose asks Dusty if he was with Jennifer the previous night. Rose asks Dusty if he is two-timing her. Dusty denies this. After Rose asks him to be honest, Dusty admits he did spend time with Jennifer. Rose blows up. Dusty tells Rose that someone called the cops on him because he and Craig were planning to run a booking operation in their nightclub. Dusty says that Jennifer; Paul or their mother called the cops on him. Rose blows up again and can‘t understand why Dusty got involved in a booking operation. Dusty gets angry and warns Rose if she still wants him, she had better back him up. Dusty says he was not going after Jennifer, but that that Jennifer came to the club drunk and came on to him. Dusty says he knows Jennifer called the cops so he intends to give Jennifer anything she wants until she confesses. Rose tells Dusty it is over between them. Rose tells Dusty to get out and she shoves him away. While begging her to reconsider, Rose shoves Dusty out the door.

Craig visits Paul saying that he wants to resume their friendship. Paul tells Craig he knows he only paid him a visit to see if Rosanna was with him. Craig asks Paul why he called the cops on him. Paul says he did not call the police. Craig tells Paul that Jennifer has developed an obsession for Dusty. Craig offers to help him keep Jennifer away from Dusty by spying on them. Paul sarcastically says in exchange he will find out who called the cops on him. Connie walks in on part of their discussion. Alone, Connie phones Jennifer telling him that Craig called the cops on himself.

Lucy makes an upset Rosanna some coffee. Lucy says she can’t understand why her father got arrested again, even before Java Underground opened. When Lucy says she can’t figure out who called the police on him, Rosanna starts thinking. Rosanna tells Lucy that only Paul knew about her plans to adopt and she is wondering if he called the cops on Craig to ruin his chances for adoption. Lucy suggests that Rosanna phone Paul and ask him if he called the cops. Rosanna says she can’t do that. Smiling, Rosanna tells Lucy that she is the reason she wants to adopt. Lucy smiles. Lucy says not to be too angry with her dad, since it is not like he called the cops himself. This makes Rosanna start thinking again.

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