ATWT Update Wednesday 9/3/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 9/3/03

By Loretta

Molly comes to Java looking for Dusty, but she finds a depressed Craig instead. Molly tells Craig that she went to see Carly and found her chatting with Rosanna. Molly says she feels Carly is ignoring her. Craig explains how he and Rosanna planned to adopt a baby, but now he was arrested again, which dampened their adoption plans. When Craig tells Molly why he was arrested, Molly says that he probably did it on purpose so he could get out of the adoption. Craig denies this but Molly can see right through him. Molly suggests a plan for him. Molly says that Craig suggest to Rosanna that they find a surrogate mother to be artificially inseminated by him. Molly says this process can take years to accomplish, so if something goes wrong, Rosanna won’t blame him. Craig considers this. Rose arrives looking for Dusty. After exchanging insults, Rose tells Craig that his wife just won Paul Ryan for $5000. Dusty arrives and is told by Rose that she can smell Jennifer’s perfume all over him. Dusty denies this. Rose tells Dusty that he must make a choice between her and Jennifer.

Aaron (waiting to be auctioned off) phones Lucy to see what she is doing. Lucy explains she is out dining with her tutor. After Connie wins Aaron in the auction, they head to the Lakeview for dinner. Aaron arrives with Connie on his arm and they run into Lucy and her tutor. After the introductions are made, Lucy’s tutor makes rude remarks to Aaron about him being a mechanic. Aaron walks away. Lucy gets angry with her tutor for insulting Aaron. Lucy gets up and grabs Aaron, pulling him into a corner. Lucy kisses Aaron and he smiles. Back at the dinner table with Paul, Connie warns him that with his girlfriend Lucy going off to college, he will probably lose her (Lucy). On her way out, Lucy and her tutor leave but first say goodbye to Aaron and Connie. Lucy kisses Aaron goodbye. Connie advises Aaron that he can’t hold onto Lucy by working in a garage.

Pretending to be drunk, Jennifer coaxes Dusty to drive her home. Inside her apartment, Jennifer kisses Dusty. When holding Jennifer back to kiss her, Dusty tells her he knows she is pretending to be drunk. Jennifer says she is not pretending and wants him. Paul walks in and finds Dusty and Jennifer about to kiss. Before Dusty leaves, Jennifer insists that she did not call the police on him. Paul asks Jennifer what she is up to with Dusty. Jennifer explains that she has Dusty just where she wants him. Jennifer tells Paul she wants to make Dusty pay for what he did to him. After Paul goes off to his room, Jennifer recalls Dusty’s kisses. Jennifer seems to have mixed feelings about Dusty.

At the Roller Palace’s breast cancer charity bachelor auction, Mitzi prepares the merchandise (Chris, Aaron, Walker, Henry and Paul) for the auction. Alison counts her money to be sure she has enough to bid on Chris. Rose worries that Dusty still has not shown up. Lucinda gets the event going by introducing bachelor number one: Paul Ryan. During the bidding Paul tells Rose that he could have made her happy. Rose says that Dusty makes her happy. Paul says Dusty will disappoint her. A woman bids $1000; Connie bids $3000; but Rosanna wins Paul for $5000. Lucinda next calls Walker to the stage. The women howl and scream at him. Nancy Hughes wins Walker for $3000. As a nervous Henry is called out, he bunks his head on an overhead lighting fixture. When Lucinda announces that she bid and won Henry herself for $10,000, Henry runs away. Later Henry calls Alison over and asks her not to tell anyone where he is (he is trying to avoid Lucinda). Chris Hughes is then announced. Alison bids $450; Connie bids more; a mysterious woman wearing a black hat bids $1000 and wins Chris. This mystery woman turns out to be Emily who smiles at a shocked Alison. Emily tells Alison that Chris is a present for her. A smiling Alison tells Chris they can go out to Katie’s cottage and spend the evening there. Lucinda announces Aaron to the stage, who she describes as a gifted auto mechanic. Connie bids first with $1000 and wins Aaron. Connie introduces herself to Aaron. Aaron takes Connie by the arm and they leave for dinner.

Alison and Chris arrive at Katie’s cottage and immediately begin kissing passionately. Alison says she is ready for it to happen. Chris agrees and asks if they should go upstairs. Alison says she doesn’t want to go into Katie and Simon’s bed. Chris says he has a plan to make her night special. Chris puts on some music and lights some candles. Chris begins kissing Alison on the neck. Chris undoes Alison’s dress. Alison takes Chris’ shirt off. After smooching, they get comfy and make love on the floor.

After winning Paul in the auction, Rosanna steps outside with him and tells him she really does not want to go out with him. Paul suggests they go out for coffee. Rosanna agrees and goes off with Paul to Al’s Diner. Rosanna explains how her adoption plans did not go as planned since Craig got arrested. Paul gets a call from the Lakeview doorman informing him that Jennifer was seen drunk and arriving with a strange man. Before Paul leaves he tells Rosanna that he had a great time. Rosanna arrives home and finds Craig sitting on the couch. Craig asks Rosanna what kind of fun she had this evening (referring to her bid on Paul Ryan). Rosanna says she doesn’t want to discuss her evening.

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