ATWT Update Tuesday 9/2/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 9/2/03

By Hilary

Katie and Mike listen as Simon walks into Mordecai's trap. Alison runs into Chris at the diner. Emily arrives and says that she and Alison have to help Susan. Marshall warns Dusty not to go after Jen's family; Rose agrees. Jen admits to Connie that she has plans for Dusty. Paul says he has changed his mind, and doesn't want to attend the auction. Carly interviews a prospective nanny at the Lakeview. Molly calls and offers to come help, but Carly turns her down. As the nanny interview ends, Rosanna arrives and announces that Craig may have prevented her from becoming a mother. Lily wonders what Rose is up to when a worker, mistaking her for Rose, tells her that her special plans will go through alright.

Lucy's tutor, Ned, wonders if Aaron is in college, but Lucy tells him he is a mechanic. Alison agrees to move back home to watch over Susan. Carly offers to cancel the rest of her appointments to spend the day with a distraught Rosanna. Rose wants to know what Dusty is plotting. Rose tries to talk him into going to the auction, but he declines. Paul finally agrees to attend the auction.

Katie is horrified that she can't warn Simon. Katie wants to find a way to get a message to Simon. Mordecai comes to take a picture of Katie holding today's paper so Simon will know he really has her. Lucy doesn't like that Alison will be at the auction. Ned asks Lucy to dinner, and admits he might be hitting on her. Emily tries to reassure Alison that she doesn't have to worry about losing Chris, even if she can't outbid for him at the auction. Lily is irritated when Rose arrives late at the auction. Rose is shocked when Paul walks in. Jen arrives at Java Underground, saying her car broke down.

Jen pretends to be drunk, and hits on Dusty. Paul makes small talk with Lucinda and Emma. Rose asks him to leave. Carly asks Rosanna if she is thinking of leaving Craig. She says no, so Carly convinces her she needs to have a night of fun. She talks her into attending the auction. When Molly sees Carly and Rosanna together, she accuses Carly of lying to keep from seeing her.

Mike positions Katie underneath some hanging traps, hoping Simon will see that as a hint that he is being trapped. Molly says that obviously she and Carly can't be friends, since Carly ditched her for Rosanna. Carly tries to defend herself, but Molly won't hear it. Paul refuses to leave the auction, and is surprised when Connie says that Jen isn't coming. Jen denies calling the police on Dusty, then convinces him to drive her home.

Katie wonders why Mike is being so quiet. He worries that if Simon stays away, they won't get out. Carly can't convince Molly to stay. Ned admits he was flirting with Lucy, but says it doesn't mean anything since he has a girlfriend. Aaron lends $300 to Alison, and wonders why Connie is staring at him. Rosanna hesitates before entering the salon, and Emma comforts her. Lily admits to Rose that she is the one who asked Paul to attend. Rosanna and Paul joke around, and she decides to stay. Dusty takes Jen back to the penthouse, and she kisses him; he returns the kiss.

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