ATWT Update Friday 8/29/03


As the World Turns Friday 8/29/03

By Hilary

Katie and Mike continue to search for something they can use to escape. Alison tells Aaron that she doesn't like Chris being in Rose and Lily's bachelor auction. Walker arrives at the salon, and Bonnie tells him that Isaac is not going to be in the auction. Paul overhears Jen telling Connie to leave "the man" to her, not knowing she is referring to Dusty. Rosanna becomes anxious when Craig is late for the adoption agency interview. Dusty worries that Craig will be late. After Craig has anonymously blown the whistle on Dusty's bookmaking, Jack and some other officers arrive at Java Underground to investigate a charge of illegal gambling.

Rosanna convinces the agency representative, Ms. Bryce, to wait a few more minutes. Jack won't let Craig answer his cell phone when Rosanna calls. Dusty realizes that someone gave them up. Jack finds Dusty's money bag, and arrests Craig and Dusty. Dusty thinks Jen was the one who turned him in. Connie throws herself at Paul. Jen tells Paul she was talking about him, but he doesn't buy it. Mitzi tries one more time to get Paul to participate in the auction, but he says no. Jen says she will stay away from Dusty if Paul agrees to be in the auction.

Katie finds an old Fraser photo album, and laments that she knows nothing about Simon's life before their marriage. Katie thinks Simon has forgotten about her, but Mike says that is impossible. Walker tells Bonnie that he has been offered a job, but wants to be sure that no one find out about him running the tests on Sarah. She promises her silence, and Walker reassures her that she did the right thing. Molly arrives at the salon, and starts to cry. Aaron tells Alison to bid on Chris herself if she is worried. Rosanna finally reaches Craig, and is floored to hear that he has been arrested. After making her excuses to the agency representative, she races to the police station.

Mike insists that no one that has ever loved Katie could ever forget her. Mike manages to tap into Mordecai's phone lines. Jen says she is worried because Paul has no life. He agrees to be in the auction. Marshall says Dusty and Craig will do no jail time, but they will have a hard time getting a liquor license. Rosanna is furious with Craig.

Alison says she can't bid on Chris because she doesn't have the money. Aaron offers to lend her the money, but he says there's a catch. Molly can't seem to stop crying. She hates that she had a wonderful family, and it was all taken away with one bullet. Lily tries to comfort her. She says Molly should call Carly, and have some fun. Walker admits that it may be impossible for Bonnie to stay away from Sarah. Rosanna is heartbroken when the adoption agency representative arrives, and says Craig's arrest rules out the chance for a future interview. Craig apologizes, but Rosanna doesn't believe he is sincere.

Aaron wants Alison to help make sure he is picked by a "safe" woman. Jen convinces Connie to keep Paul out late so she can have the penthouse to herself. Dusty tells Marshall that Jen set him up. Rosanna can see that Craig is relieved. She walks out in tears. Mike and Katie hear Simon's voice on the phone.

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