ATWT Update Thursday 8/28/03


As the World Turns Thursday 8/28/03

By Loretta

In the hospital, Alison shows Chris the Chicago newspaper whose headline mentions Chris Hughes being a hero. The staff gathers around Chris and applauds him. Chris then hands Alison some flowers and mentions her act of heroism. Bob is wheeled in and tells Chris that he is proud of him. Alison listens and smiles at them. After Bob leaves, Alison and Chris try to kiss, but they are stopped by Walker, who reminds Alison to get to work. Mitzi arrives and asks Walker and Chris to take part in an auction which will take place at the cancer research charity event to be held at Rose’s Roller Palace. Walker agrees to participate (after he finds out that he will be auctioned off). Mitzi talks Chris into taking part in this also. Chris’ decision hurts Alison, but he explains this is for charity. Alison says that she is picturing a big beefy biker chick bidding against a grandma for Chris.

Tom and Hal question Rick at the police station. Tom advises Rick that he will first be put under psychiatric observation, before being transferred to a detention facility in San Francisco. Rick explains that when he first met Bob Hughes, he knew that Bob would help him obtain a job at Memorial. Rick says that once he learned that Susan was a trusted member of the hospital staff, he would get close to her. Rick felt Susan would protect him (Susan hears this) but that he did not expect to fall in love with her. Rick says that when everyone, including Susan’s family, was conspiring against him, Susan took his side and made him feel special. Hal asks Rick why he took Susan to the motel the other night. Rick says he wanted to take Susan to another place to start a new life with him. Rick announces that if he lost Susan, he wants to die. Susan wants to see Rick, who smiles when he sees her. Rick tells Susan that no matter what he did, they will always be close. Instead of kissing Rick, as she appears to be planning, Susan slaps Rick in the face.

An old model pal named Connie visits Jennifer. Connie is in town for the Java opening and is to be one of the models attending. Jennifer takes Connie over to Java Underground. Jennifer arrives with Connie who is impressed with Dusty. Connie takes out various dresses she plans to wear to the grand opening and asks Dusty for his opinion. Dusty tells Connie to surprise him. As Jennifer and Connie leave, Craig arrives (Connie gives him the eye on her way out). In a back room, Dusty shows Craig a large sum of money. Dusty says he has a bookie friend and they will hold gambling here at Java. Craig reminds Dusty that this is illegal. Dusty reminds Craig that there is lots of tax-free money to be made in this. Craig agrees with Dusty. When Dusty leaves, Craig (disguising his voice as a female) phones the police department to report illegal gambling going on at Java Underground.

At the salon, Rose apologizes to Dusty for having called the police when Dusty got into a fight with Paul. Mitzi and Lily walk in on Rose and Dusty kissing. Rose explains how Jennifer flirted with Dusty and Paul caught them, got angry and got into a fight with Dusty. Mitzi senses that Rose and Lily are ready to bicker so she leaves. Rose tells Lily that Paul is making her miserable. Lily tells Rose that while she was falling in love with Dusty, he was making love to Molly. Rose doesn’t believe this and tells Lily to stop talking about something she knows nothing about. Lily says if she stayed with Paul, Rose wouldn’t have to worry like this about a con man cheating on her (Dusty).

Lucy convinces Aaron to participate in the bachelor auction at the cancer research charity event. Aaron is afraid that no one will bid on him and he will be placed in the “reject” pile. Lucy tells Aaron not to worry; he will get plenty of bids. Aaron agrees to participate. Lucy’s college entrance exam tutor arrives (a young man wearing a suit who speaks French to her). Aaron seems jealous. Rosanna informs Craig that they may be able to adopt sooner, if the situation is right. Craig says they will probably find them a 17-year-old child whose parents are ax-murderers. Rosanna laughs. Craig leaves for work. Rosanna tells Lucy that the adoption agency decided that Craig’s kidnapping charges were so long ago that they will over look them. Rosanna goes to tell Craig the good news. Rosanna says that the adoption director will interview them in 1/2 hour at the Lakeview. Craig isn’t thrilled with someone digging into there past, but he agrees. Rosanna sits down with the interviewer from the adoption agency. Rosanna assures her that from now on Craig’s background will be clean.

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