ATWT Update Wednesday 8/27/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 8/27/03

By Loretta

Marshall informs Sara that he has custody of her. Sara tells Marshall she hates him and refuses to live with him. Troy tries to persuade Sara to go with her dad (Marshall). Alone with Sara, Marshall asks her why she hates him. Sara says because he left her and her mother and never bothered to look for her until now. Marshall says he never looked for her because some people tried to make sure that he did not find her. Marshall says that Bonnie was one of these people. Sara asks Marshall why Bonnie hates him so. Marshall says that he once he was involved with Jessica and Bonnie was against it. After this discussion Sara still does not want to live with Marshall. Marshall tells Sara that he loves her and wants a chance to get to know her. Sara considers this after Marshall tells Sara about her mother. Marshall shows Sara a picture of her mother (Neia). Marshall explains to Sara how he met Neia in college. Sara says she wishes her mother were here. Marshall hugs Sara. Bonnie walks in and tells Sara she must tell her something. Sara says she already knows. Bonnie asks Sara what she means. Smiling, Sara says that Marshall told her all about her mother and his involvement with Jessica. Seeing the smile on Sara’s face, Bonnie cannot bring herself to say the truth about Marshall. Sensing that something is not right, Sara says that as usual, something bad is about to happen. Bonnie keeps her mouth shut and tells Sara that she wants her to be happy. Bonnie leaves. Marshall tells Sara they can go home now but Sara is reluctant. Troy tells Sara they are having a surprise pizza party for her. Marshall tells Sara that she can stay for the party and they can work on becoming a family the next day. Alone with Troy, Sara expresses her concern as to why Bonnie hates Marshall so.

Bonnie insists she will not allow Sara to get hurt by Marshall. Isaac and Jessica try to change Bonnie’s mind regarding telling Sara the truth about Marshall. Bonnie gets angry and tells Jessica that she is trying to protect Marshall. Jessica says she is not. Bonnie says she will tell Sara that her dad is a rapist. Jessica tells Bonnie not to ruin Sara’s relationship with her father and let Sara choose her own opinion of Marshall. Jessica says that sooner or later, Marshall’s background will come out since Oakdale is a small town. Bonnie refuses to change her mind. Jessica tells Bonnie not to ruin Sara’s chance to love her father, but Bonnie heads to Marshall’s. As Jessica starts to go stop Bonnie, Isaac tells Jessica to stop helping Bonnie. Ben arrives and asks Jessica what is wrong. Jessica explains what happened with Bonnie. Ben advises Jessica to leave things alone and stop trying to protect Bonnie. Bonnie returns crying and says that she couldn’t tell Sara the truth. Jessica comforts Bonnie.

A frantically worried Emily is at the police station when Susan arrives, having escaped from Rick. Emily informs Susan that Alison is alive and was only pretending to be murdered. Susan is worried that Rick will come looking for her. Emily suggests they call Alison to let her know that she (Susan) is ok.

Hal and Margo arrive at the hotel where Susan and Rick stayed. After an eyewitness alerts Hal and Margo that she just saw Susan running away from Rick, Margo phones Emily with this news. Emily tells Margo that Susan just arrived at the police station. Hal learns that Rick got away. When Hal learns that Susan suddenly left the police station, he and Emily head to Susan’s house.

Ben finds Chris in the hospital picking up a sedative for Alison. Walker informs Chris that Susan escaped from Rick and is at the police station. Walker says that Rick ran off. Chris now worries and runs to Susan’s house.

Back at Susan’s house, Rick arrives and startles Alison. Alison runs and screams. Rick asks Alison how she managed to stay alive. Rick grabs Alison and tells her she ruined everything between him and Susan. Rick tells Alison that she will help him or else he will kill Emily or Chris. Alison gets a call from Susan (while Rick stands next to her) who explains that she escaped from Rick and is at the police station. Rick gets on the phone and tells Susan to come home alone or else he will kill Alison. While waiting for Susan to arrive, Chris knocks on the door. Rick prevents Alison from answering the door. With no one answering, Chris leaves. Still covering her mouth with his hands, Alison bites Rick’s hand and frees herself from Rick‘s grasp. Susan arrives and hugs Alison. Rick tells Susan he still loves her. Susan tells Rick they can talk this out. Angry Rick tells Alison she is all to blame for this. Sensing Rick’s mental unstableness, Susan nudges Alison to apologize to Rick. Alison does. Rick gets a gun out and points it at Susan and Alison. Susan stands in front of Alison to shield her. Hal knocks on the door. Rick (still holding his gun) yells out that he and his little family and heading to parts unknown. While Rick looks away, Chris jumps Rick and they struggle. A shot is heard but Chris is unharmed. Alison hugs Chris. Hal checks on an unconscious Rick, who is still alive. Emily arrives. Susan tells Emily that even in the end, Rick kept telling her that he loves her. Rick awakens and is taken away by the police, but before he leaves he tells Susan he still loves her. Susan cries.

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