ATWT Update Tuesday 8/26/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 8/26/03

By Hilary

Marshall visits Jessica, looking for Bonnie. He tells her he has filed to be legally named Sarah's father. He then threatens to have Bonnie prosecuted if she doesn't stay out of his life. Isaac wants Bonnie to admit that she no longer wants to marry him. Bob is given a surprise party at the hospital. Emily is bombarded at the police station with questions about Rick. Rick won't allow Susan to call Alison, as he remembers injecting her with a syringe. He then makes light of the situation, asking if they can just have today to themselves. While he takes a shower, Susan sees a newspaper headline that Alison has been murdered.

Kim and Tom begin to tell everyone about Alison's death. Susan sinks to the floor in despair when she reads that Alison was last seen alive with Rick. She calls Emily, and manages to communicate that she is at a motel with the word "pine" in it, before Rick comes out of the shower. Rick wants an explanation about the phone call.

Jessica says it is in Marshall's best interest to keep the police out of Bonnie's life. She says that if he prosecutes, Sarah will find out why Bonnie was afraid of him, and Sarah will hate him for hurting Bonnie. Marshall leaves without telling Jessica whether he intends to prosecute. Isaac says that if he and Bonnie were meant to be together, things wouldn't keep getting in the way. Bonnie says that right now, Sarah is more important. Susan tries to make an excuse to leave, but Rick doesn't buy it. He sees the newspaper that she was trying to hide, and she admits that she knows about Alison. She begins flailing at him, blasting him for killing her daughter. Hal and Margo find Susan's location, while Emily goes into the interrogation room, and fills in Chris and Alison, who is alive, after all.

Tom tells Kim and Bob that Alison is really alive. Bob says he could hear his family while he was in his coma. Alison explained that she filled the potassium chloride vial that she found in the safety deposit box with pure water to trick Rick, so, when he injected her, she was unharmed. She worries that their plan won't work, and Emily and Chris try to comfort her. At first, Rick denies hurting Alison, but eventually admits to killing her and all the others; he says that Susan is next.

Bonnie tells Isaac that she's not being allowed to see or talk to Sarah. Marshall thanks Bonnie for speeding the process of his being declared Sarah's guardian. He says that he won't prosecute Bonnie, and he is getting custody of Sarah today. Bonnie says that Sarah will never love him. Marshall says that he won't allow Sarah to see Bonnie any more. Bob thanks Kim for staying by him while he was sick. Rick says that Susan will have to go, since she can't understand why he did what he did. He is distracted when he hears sirens, and Susan knocks him down with a lamp, then runs out. Chris drops of Alison at home, and they kiss and talk about how scared they were.


Sarah is shocked to hear that she will be living with Marshall. Bonnie says she will make sure that Sarah knows who her father really is. Hal and Margo discover that Susan and Rick have already left the home. Susan arrives at the police station, and Emily tells her that Alison is alive. Rick and Alison are shocked to see each other when Rick sneaks in the back door of their home.

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