ATWT Update Monday 8/25/03

As the World Turns Monday 8/25/03

By Hilary

The social worker tells Rosanna and Craig that Craig's past will keep him from adopting. Margo calls, and Craig says he may not have to tell Rosanna about his reservations, after all. Katie tries to seduce Mordecai so Mike can sneak up on him, but it backfires, and he knocks out Mike. He tries to finish what she started and tears open her shirt. Alison is terrified when the bank employee allows Rick to be alone with her. He holds a gun on her, saying she has gotten in the way of the happy life he could have had with Susan.

Mordecai pretends to try to rape Katie, but steals her necklace instead. Katie is horrified when Mike won't wake up. Rick insists that Alison leave the bank with him, or he will hurt Susan. Emily brings Daniel to Susan's, reminding her that she had offered to babysit. Susan says she can't, because she is going away with Rick. Emily says Susan must promise not to go anywhere with Rick. Chris realizes that Alison has been in Rick's safety deposit box, and he and Margo leave to find her.

The social worker insists that Craig has an immoral pattern of behavior. She says that Rosanna would be approved as a single parent, but not as long as she is married to Craig. Rosanna wants to know why Craig was willing to break the law for Carly's dream, but not for hers. Mike awoke, and is furious when he thinks Katie has been raped, though she says Mordecai only took her necklace. Susan insists that she needs time alone with her husband. Margo has an A.P.B. on Rick and Alison when she realizes they have left the bank, but Chris worries that it is already too late. Rick takes Alison to a remote location, saying that Susan is waiting for him. Alison wonders if Rick intends to kill her.

Rosanna knows that Craig is actually relieved that they were turned down. Craig admits seeing Rosanna embracing Paul, and she insists it was a brotherly hug. Craig worries that Rosanna will resent him if his police record keeps them from adopting, but she insists that she needs him. Katie knows that Mordecai will use her necklace to bait Simon. Hal tells Margo and Chris that there are police in three counties looking for Rick and Alison. Margo says that Rick needs to think beyond his crimes now that he is a suspect, so Alison has a chance of survival. Alison manages to dial Chris, and he and Margo listen as Rick argues with her. She gives their location away before he finds the phone, and Margo and Chris head out to rescue her. Rick rips away the phone, then knocks Alison unconscious.

Mike thinks he may be able to splice in and listen to Mordecai's phone line. Craig has a nightmare that he takes his new son fishing, only to lose him. Emily can't convince Susan to stay. Alison starts to awaken, but Rick knocks her out again. He lectures her unconscious body about getting into his business, then injects her with a syringe.

Rosanna repeats that Dusty had better stay out of trouble; Craig decides that Dusty may be useful. Susan arrived for her rendezvous with Rick, and he insisted that she call no one. Hal tells Emily about her missing sister. Chris and Margo find an unconscious Alison.

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