ATWT Update Friday 8/22/03


As the World Turns Friday 8/22/03

By Hilary

Paul demands to know what Dusty is doing with Jen. Rosanna is thrilled that a social worker is visiting so soon. Alison tells a story that there is a very old Bible in Rick's safety deposit box. Bob is conscious, but can't move or speak yet. Hal wants to ask him questions about the murders.

John and Ben insist that Bob is in no condition to answer questions yet. Rick drops hints to Nancy that Bob may be confused, but Nancy says she will listen to Ben and John's advice. John agrees to let Hal talk to Bob, saying Bob can use eye signals to communicate. Susan prays that Bob will recover so he can clear Rick. Alison convinces the bank employee to let her open Rick's box. Paul taunts Dusty and Rose, until Dusty snaps and gets physical. Rosanna gushes her thanks to Craig for giving her a child.

Rose calls the police, which angers Dusty, who fears that will keep him from getting a liquor license. Craig still has reservations about adopting, but can't bring himself to break her heart. Alison finds a gun and Nurse Krebs's journal in Rick's safety deposit box. Bob communicates that Nurse Krebs implicated Rick in the killings, and that Rick attacked him, also. Rick hears this, and quickly leaves the hospital.

Margo arrives at the bar, and wants to know what the fuss is about. Dusty says that Paul deliberately provoked him, but Rose is hesitant to agree. John puts the hospital on lock-down while they search for Rick. Chris is worried about Alison. Susan dreams about a perfect family life. Rick calls Susan, telling her he is having a panic attack, and wants her to meet him at a remote motel. Alison is still perusing the contents of the safety deposit box, and find souvenirs from each killing. She also removes a false bottom, and reveals a vial and syringe. Rick arrives at the bank, wanting to open his box, and is shocked when the bank employee tells him his daughter was just there with his death certificate.

Craig is fidgety when while they wait for the social worker. Rose finally admits that Paul provoked the fight, but says that Dusty continued it. Dusty says he doesn't want trouble, and Margo warns that this is the last time he will get away with anything. The bank employee tells Rick that the girl claiming to be his daughter is still there, and he asks to be taken to her. Alison leaves a message on Chris's machine, telling him that they were right about Rick, and that she is at the bank.

The social worker tells Rosanna that, while she would be a wonderful mother, Craig will never be allowed to adopt. Dusty finally agrees to keep Jen away from the bar, but is obviously angry after Rose leaves. The "James" in Paul's head insisted there was still a way to get revenge on Dusty. Hal admits that Rick had given them the slip. Susan is stalled by a call about a patient. Chris realizes that Alison has left the hospital, and tries to call her. Alison opens the door to see Rick.

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