ATWT Update Thursday 8/21/03


As the World Turns Thursday 8/21/03

By Loretta

Eager to talk to someone, Craig goes to the station to talk with Margo about Rosanna’s eagerness to adopt. Craig says he does not want anymore children. Margo insists that Craig must tell Rosanna today. Craig is hesitant to do this since Rosanna is so happy. Margo reminds Craig that if he tells Rosanna what is in his heart, she will understand. Craig gets a call from Rosanna who asks him to come home ASAP. Craig arrives home and finds Rosanna tidying up the living room. Rosanna tells him that she is expecting the director from the adoption agency soon, who plans to proceed with their adoption. Craig says he needs to talk to her.

After chatting with Jennifer and Dusty at Java Underground, Rosanna heads to Paul’s. Rosanna tells Paul that she warned Dusty to keep his business dealings with her husband (Craig) clean, especially now that they plan to adopt. Paul asks Rosanna what she plans to do about this. Rosanna says just keep her fingers crossed. Paul tells Rosanna that her child will be very lucky to have her as their mother. Rosanna also mentions that Jennifer looked to be getting pretty chummy with Dusty. Paul is surprised by this comment. Rosanna thanks Paul for giving her the courage to talk about her need to have a child. Rosanna says she will always be grateful to Paul for this. Jennifer arrives home and says hello to Rosanna. After Rosanna leaves, Paul asks Jennifer what she is doing with Dusty. Jennifer explains she found a way to break Dusty and Rose up. Jennifer explains that she hired top New York models for Java’s grand re-opening, so Dusty is sure to fall for one of them and dump Rose. Paul gets angry and says he wants her no where near Dusty. Jennifer explains that she doesn’t want him to control her life as their mom (Barbara) has. This statement calms Paul down somewhat. Paul apologizes to Jennifer but says he only wants to protect her and Will.

After catching Dusty and Jennifer in an embrace, Rose asks them what they are doing. Jennifer asks Rose if she feels Dusty is cheating on her. Rose gets angry and tells Jennifer that she is no longer invited to her charity event. After Jennifer leaves, Dusty tells Rose that she is sexy when she gets angry. Rose tells Dusty that she knows that Jennifer was hitting on him. Dusty says Jennifer was just flirting. Dusty tells Rose how Jennifer is going to help him with Java’s renovations and that she intends to hire big time models to work here. Rose is surprised and reminds him that she gave up her family for him. Dusty says if he had to do it all over again (hurting Paul) he would in order to be with her. Rose hugs Dusty and says she doesn’t wish to argue any longer. Rose tells Dusty she went to Paul’s to try and make peace with him, then says that now she no longer desires to be friends with Paul. Dusty tells Rose she needs to get over Paul. Rose reminds Dusty that she still does not want him working with Jennifer. As Rose asks Dusty what he plans to do with Jennifer, Paul walks in.

While Alison and Chris use a notary seal to produce a fake death certificate on Rick, Tom walks in and catches them. After Tom asks them what they are doing, Alison and Chris explain that they strongly feel Rick is the serial killer and was responsible for Bob’s condition. They further say that they need to look inside Rick’s safe deposit box for evidence to prove he is the killer. Tom reminds Chris that all his life he (Chris) has been reckless and unresponsible. Chris says he had to do this for their dad (Bob). Tom says he cannot let this go and reminds them that he can lose his job just for discussing this. Tom receives a call from Kim with news that his dad (Bob) took a turn for the worse. Chris, Tom and Alison (who puts the notary document inside her purse) leave. At the hospital, Chris hesitates to see his dad. Chris explains to Alison that so far, he has been a disappointment to his dad. Alison reminds Chris that his dad loves him and is proud of his accomplishments. Chris heads to his dad’s room and tells Bob how much he loves him and has influenced his life. Alison heads to Rick’s bank. At the bank with the teller standing at her side, Alison pretends to mourn and cry over the loss of her daddy.

At the hospital Bob has seizures, which place him in critical condition. Ben advises Susan, Rick, Walker and Hal to leave the room so Kim can have some privacy. Outside Bob’s room, Rick tells Susan he wishes he could help Bob. Susan says to Rick that Bob’s situation is a nightmare. Rick says that it also is for him, since Bob is the only one who read Nurse Krebs's diary, which proves his innocence. John explains to Kim that Bob’s condition is worsening and suggests that she notify the family. Kim phones Tom with this news. Later on, Bob wakes up from his coma. Rick walks in and finds Bob sitting up with Kim, Nancy, Chris and Tom around him. Rick is puzzled.

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