ATWT Update Wednesday 8/20/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 8/20/03

By Loretta

Rosanna shows up at Java Underground to set some rules with Dusty regarding his business with Craig. Rosanna reminds Dusty of his past shady business dealings and asks him to be 100% honest in his dealings with Craig. Rosanna says that since she and Craig plan to adopt a child, she does not want anything to get in the way (since Craig’s background will be investigated). Dusty says she has nothing to worry about. Rosanna tells Dusty that if he goes back on his word, she will ruin him. Dusty asks Rosanna if Paul asked her to threaten him. Rosanna insists no one urged her to come here this day, but she asks Dusty to stop bothering Paul Ryan. Dusty tells Rosanna that Craig got very jealous when he caught her hugging Paul at the Lakeview the other day. Rosanna is surprised. Jennifer arrives and is introduced to Rosanna. Before Rosanna leaves she asks Dusty if they understand each other. Dusty says yes. Watching Rosanna walk away, Dusty tells Jennifer that her brother has Rosanna Cabot in his corner. Jennifer tells Dusty how Rose came over to Paul’s and invited him to her charity event. As Jennifer is hugging Dusty, Rose walks in.

Paul tells Jennifer how he went to Barbara’s penthouse and argued with her, then Will demanded that Paul apologize to Barbara. Paul says he had no idea Will was so protective of his mother. Jennifer tells Paul that she will remind Will of how much Paul loves him. Rose arrives and gives Jennifer and Paul invitations to her charity event at the salon. Jennifer agrees to attend. Paul asks Rose if she wants him to be one of the bachelors auctioned off. Rose laughs and says that would be fun. Jennifer leaves and Rose thanks her for accepting the invitation. Paul asks Rose why she would think that he would attend the charity event. Rose tells Paul that she wants to start over as friends with him. Paul tells Rose she has a new friend now (Dusty). Rose asks Paul if the old guy she knew (pre-crash Paul) is dead? Paul says that his ex fiancé (Rose) and best friend murdered the old Paul. Rose mentions that Dusty is changing his ways and now owns Java Underground. Paul tells Rose that once again, she is allowing Dusty to make a fool out of her. Rose admits she made mistakes. Paul tells Rose that he is waiting for her to come to him and admit that he was right about Dusty. Rose gets disgusted and tells Paul that he is the saddest person she ever met. Rose leaves. Paul sits down and cries. Paul then sees James who tells him that he knows what he is going through since once, he was obsessed with his mother (Barbara). James tells Paul to stop punishing himself and start punishing others. Rosanna arrives and tells Paul that she and Craig plan to adopt. Rosanna tells Paul she must warn him about something.

Still in a coma, John examines Bob. Kim begs John to help Bob. John insists to Kim that she will get through this. Kim talks to Bob and begs him to continue fighting for his life. Hal and Walker advise Ben that they believe Gordy was murdered and did not commit suicide. They also tell Ben that they feel Dr. Rick Decker is the serial killer. Ben is informed that Bob is having seizures. Susan and Rick enter Bob’s room and comfort Kim. Rick tells Susan that Bob’s condition does not look good.

Susan wakes up in the morning and finds Rick searching the house for a missing item. Rick tells Susan that the key to his safety deposit box is missing. Rick tells Susan that Alison and Chris stole his key when they were caught last night at the house. Rick says Alison was searching for evidence against him and turned the house upside down in doing so. Susan doesn’t believe Rick. Rick tells Susan that Alison has already broken the law before so this should not surprise her. Susan tells Rick he must not insult her daughter. After Rick and Susan finish arguing about Alison, Rick heads to the hospital to question Alison himself.

At the hospital Alison tells Chris that no matter how dangerous things get, she intends to prove that Rick is the serial killer. Alison suggests to Chris that they kill Rick. Rick asks Alison what she means. Alison says they must convince the bank that Rick is dead, which will allow them to look inside his safety deposit box. Chris agrees to help Alison by producing phony death papers on Rick. Alison hugs Chris. Rick walks up to Alison and asks her for his key back. Alison refuses. Rick demands this key back. Alison asks Rick what he would pay to get it back. Susan arrives and catches Rick calling Alison a thief. Susan tells Alison that Rick is having some problems. Alison gets angry and tells Susan that she never takes her side. Alison runs off and finds Chris and they head to Tom Hughes office. Chris and Alison search for the notary stamp. Tom walks in on them.

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