ATWT Update Tuesday 8/19/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 8/19/03

By Hilary

Mike awakens in the basement of the sheep station to find Katie tied up in the room with him. He unties her, as she apologizes for ditching him. Paul crashes Barbara's night with Will. Jen brings her modeling book to Java Underground for Dusty to peruse. She says Dusty needs her help. Alison sets it up to look like she and Chris were fooling around. Marshall tells Sarah that she is his daughter. Sarah says he is lying, and that she hates Marshall. She soon realizes that he is telling the truth.

Bonnie admits that Marshall is Sarah's father. Sarah is shocked, and says that she wants Bonnie to take her away. Bonnie says that's not possible now, but that she plans to try to adopt Sarah. Susan is shocked at Alison's behavior, but says she still wants to go to Florida with Rick. Alison still plans to break into Rick's safe deposit box. Jen convinces Dusty that his concept for turning Java Underground into a pub is a bad idea, and offers to help him revamp the place. Will wants Paul to stay, and Paul chooses a horror movie to watch that Barbara had already vetoed.

Paul refuses to leave, despite Paul's protests. Barbara says Paul will never take Will from her. Jen says the new bar needs a dance floor, and tries to seduce Dusty by dancing for him. Dusty says he doesn't have time to play games, and she dares him to dance with her. He pulls her into his arms. Bonnie insists that she won't let Marshall take Sarah away from her. Sarah is upset when she hears that Bonnie knew Marshall was her father, but Bonnie insists she was trying to protect her. Sarah wants to know why she needs protection. Katie told Mike that the man that knocked him out and kidnapped them is Barnaby Shears's brother, Mordecai.

Mike tells Katie that Simon is alive, and she realizes she is being used as bait. She breaks down when she realizes that she has put them all in danger. Sarah is furious that Marshall waited until that year to find her, and is shocked to hear that she was presumed dead. Bonnie warns Marshall not to hurt Sarah. Alison is terrified when Susan says she is going away with Rick. She makes up an excuse that she will be unprepared if Chris wants "more." Rick knows that Alison and Rick were searching for evidence.

Mike manages to convince Katie that Simon is smart enough to recognize a trap. They snuggle together to keep warm. Jen and Dusty continue to flirt, and she says she will be at the bar opening. Barbara says she knows she has made mistakes. Will gets angry when he hears Paul yelling at Barbara. He demands that Paul apologize.

Alison tells Chris about Rick and Susan's trip, and says they need to do something immediately. Rick decides to postpone their Florida trip. Jessica tries to convince Marshall that it would be a terrible mistake to keep Sarah from Bonnie. Dusty says he will change the plans for the club, per Jen's ideas. Will tells Paul that if he won't apologize, he needs to leave.

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