ATWT Update Monday 8/18/03

As the World Turns Monday 8/18/03

By Hilary

Alison and Chris flirt as they prepare to search Susan and Rick's house. Susan tells Rick she doesn't believe that he was home the night of Jeffrey Starr's disappearance. Rick admits he has been lying to Susan since they met; he says he is sick. Craig is surprised by Rosanna's request to adopt a child. He says he doesn't think she has thought things through, but Rosanna thinks he should at least think about it. Bonnie tries to convince Isaac to leave the country with her and Sarah. Meanwhile, Marshall discovers that there is nothing in Zara's casket but a bag of dirt.

In Australia, Mike arrives at a home where he thinks Katie has been. He finds Simon's farewell letter to Katie, half-burned in the fireplace, and is then surprised by a man with a shotgun. Alison and Chris begin their search, and Alison begins to fantasize about marrying Chris. Craig tells Rosanna that parenthood is exhausting. He wants to know why she is in such a hurry, and wonders if Paul has influenced her. Craig is unhappy that he feels that Rosanna is holding back her feelings with him, and sharing them with others, like Paul. Isaac tries to convince Bonnie that her idea is foolish. Bonnie takes off without him. Marshall bursts into Jessica's apartment, demanding answers. Jessica feigns ignorance, at first. Marshall first believes that Bonnie set him up to think that Sarah is Zara, but soon sees by the look on Jessica's face that she really is his daughter.

Mike tries to explain that he is a friend of the Frasiers. The stranger tells Mike that Katie had been there, but she left a few days before. Mike is suspicious that the man is hiding Katie's whereabouts. Chris finds a puzzle box, and Alison goes to work trying to open it. Rick tells Susan he has a "psychiatric condition." He says he has anxiety attacks, and had recovered until the suspicions started. He tells her that he was having an anxiety attack in the bathroom when Alison had arrived at the house. Jessica continues to deny knowledge of Sarah's parentage. Marshall says he came to her because he trusts that she won't lie to him. She tells him to get his own tests done, but says that if he does, he will go after Bonnie. Jessica finally admits the truth, on the promise that he will leave Bonnie alone.

Alison opens the box and finds a small key inside. They think it must be to a safe deposit box in a bank. Despite Chris's objections, Alison insists that they will find a way to get into the box. Rick tries to convince Susan to go to a Florida clinic with him, where he can get treatment. Craig doesn't want to replace Bryant with another child. Isaac realizes that Bonnie has left without him. Bonnie visits Sarah at the shelter, and tells her of her plans to take her out of the country.

Craig is afraid he will fail another child, as he feels he failed Bryant. Rosanna says she wants to share a child with the man she loves. The man at the Frasier farm offers to let Mike spend the night there to see if Katie returns. Mike starts to call Margo, but soon falls unconscious, having been drugged with beer. Sarah insists on getting a few personal items before leaving with Bonnie. Isaac spills Bonnie's plans to Jessica, not realizing that Marshall is in the next room. Isaac and Jessica race in an attempt to beat Marshall to the shelter.

Rosanna says she doesn't want to pressure Craig, but doesn't know what to do with her maternal urges. Craig says that they can look into adoption. Mike hears the stranger on the phone telling someone that they need to find Simon and tell him that he has Katie. Alison and Chris hear Susan and Rick returning home. Bonnie tries to hurry away with Sarah, but Jessica and Isaac arrive, informing her that Marshall knows the truth. Just then, he arrives and announces that he won't allow Bonnie to go anywhere with his daughter.

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