ATWT Update Friday 8/15/03


As the World Turns Friday 8/15/03

By Hilary

Dusty tells Craig there is no way that Paul is interested in Rosanna. Rosanna doesn't think that Craig will let her have a child. Hal says that Susan could be an accessory to murder if she is covering for Rick. Susan tells Rick that Bob's increased brain activity has leveled off. Rick tells her that she must choose between him and her daughters. Marshall tells John that Bonnie is the one who stole her toothbrush. Jessica tells Bonnie that she will tell Marshall that Sarah is his daughter if Bonnie doesn't.

Hal says that if Alison gives an official statement, they may be able to get a search warrant for Rick and Susan's home. Susan says it is unfair for Rick to ask her to choose between her husband and her children, but that he shouldn't worry, because she will stand by him. Emily calls Susan and tells her she needs to see her. Marshall insists that he must know everything about Sarah. Jessica says Bonnie can't ignore the laws just because she doesn't like them. Bonnie says Sarah's safety is more important. Bonnie says Jessica will lose her own daughter if she gives up Sarah to Marshall.

Jessica insists that Marshall is likely to find out the truth, anyway. John tells Marshall about Sarah's disorder, and Marshall starts to put the pieces together. Rosanna gushes about Craig, but says she still wants a family. Rosanna doesn't think that Craig wants any more children. Carly insists that Rosanna needs to talk to Craig about her needs. Dusty still insists to Craig that Paul is no threat to him. Carly calls Craig, and orders Rosanna to tell him immediately that she wants a baby.

Carly prepares Craig for Rosanna's revelation, telling him he just needs to listen and keep his mouth closed. She wishes Rosanna luck, then leaves. Rosanna tries to broach the subject of children, but Craig interrupts with questions about why she loves him. When Marshall find out that Sarah is the age that Zara would have been, he bolts out of the hospital. Rick finds out that Susan has left the hospital after receiving a call from her daughter. Emily tries to get Susan to admit that she might have doubts about Rick. Tom says that Alison's statement is not enough to get a search warrant. Hal tells Tom that something has to be done before Rick hurts someone they love.

Bonnie insists she is not afraid of Marshall, but Jessica doesn't believe her. Jessica says she's sorry, but she won't promise not to tell Marshall. Bonnie leaves, visibly shaken. Marshall has Zara's body exhumed. Emily tries to make Susan see that Rick could be guilty, but Susan insists he would never hurt her. She leaves, despite Emily's pleas to stay. Craig thinks Rosanna is talking about Paul, and she tries to defend him. She then continues to explain that she wants to have a baby.

Craig is taken aback by Rosanna's news. She explains that she wants to adopt. Bonnie tells Isaac that everything is falling apart. She tells him that she needs to get Sarah out of the country immediately. Marshall opens Zara's casket. Tom is unable to get a search warrant. Alison tells Chris that she can still legally get into Susan and Rick's home, so they can search the place themselves.

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