ATWT Update Thursday 8/14/03


As the World Turns Thursday 8/14/03

By Loretta

The last five minutes of today’s show was interrupted due to news bulletins covering the East Coast power outage.

Hal returns home to find Emily setting a lovely dinner table to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Emily says that Hal looks like he just saw a wicked witch. Hal immediately brings up that Barbara threatened to take Will away from him if he allows Will to visit with Paul. Emily tells Hal that he should go inform Paul of this. Hal leaves for Paul‘s penthouse. Hal tells Paul that Barbara threatened to take Will away from him if he allows him (Paul) to visit with Will frequently. Paul tells Hal to give Will the fishing rod he bought for Will. Hal smiles and leaves. Jennifer arrives and Paul tells her that their fishing trip with Will is off due to Barbara. Paul tells Jennifer that soon Will shall live with them.

Chris and Alison arrive at Emily‘s house. Alison tells Emily that the other night, she arrived at their mom’s house but Rick and his car were gone, but Rick insists he was home. Emily explains to Chris and Alison that on that particular night, she and Hal searched Jeffrey Star’s motel room and found clues indicating that someone had searched his room earlier that day. Susan arrives with an anniversary gift for Emily and Hal (an anniversary clock). Susan says she can’t stay long, and tells Emily she loves her no matter what. Alison hugs Susan also. Emily tells Alison that she feels guilty for possibly breaking up their mother’s marriage to Rick.

At Memorial, Chris tells Alison that he has to find a way to stop lying awake thinking about her. Alison tells him to count sheep. Chris says he is worried about her since he found Rick angrily grabbing her by the arm. Alison mentions that Rick was upset at her because she told him she was at her mom’s house while Rick and his car were gone, but Rick insists he was home. Chris suggests that Alison tell the police this. They leave for Hal and Emily’s.

At Java Underground, Marshall demands that Isaac tell him why him and Bonnie were discussing him. Bonnie tells Marshall that she is using Sara to get to him because she hates him for what he did to her mother. Marshall tells Bonnie that she is lying. Jennifer comes along and interrupts Marshall from asking further questions. Alone with Isaac, Bonnie tells him she was thinking they should get married and adopt Sara. Isaac is surprised at Bonnie’s marriage proposal. Bonnie says they love each other so they might as well marry ASAP. Isaac smiles and agrees. Bonnie goes to tell her mother. Now questioning his decision, Isaac phones Jessica to warn her of this news.

Bonnie arrives at Jessica’s and informs her that in order to adopt Sara, she will marry Isaac. Jessica is angry and tells Bonnie that she wants the truth about this entire Marshall and Sara incident. Bonnie finally tells Jessica that she stole Marshall’s toothbrush for a DNA sample. Later Marshall learns some information on Sara’s background, including that she is being treated at Memorial for some kind of rare illness. Marshall heads to Oakdale Memorial and asks John Dixon to give him information on Sara. Marshall asks John to find out if Sara has any family. John agrees to help Marshall.

Jennifer gives Dusty suggestions on how to make Java Underground the hottest spot in Oakdale. Dusty wants to know why Jennifer wants to help him out, when her brother Paul wants him dead. Jennifer says she simply likes a good party. Dusty tells Jennifer to get a life. Jennifer says she has no life or job since she no longer works for BRO. Dusty says he cannot see this model thing happening. Jennifer insists she will get Java the hottest New York models for opening night. Dusty agrees.

After seeing Paul hug a tearful Rosanna , Craig gets extremely jealous. Craig goes to the Lakeview dining area to join Carly, Sage, Paul and Rosanna. After fussing over little Sage, Craig sits down. Paul now thinks it is a good time for him to leave, but Craig insists he stay. After Craig makes loud insults towards Paul and Rosanna, he insists that they give Sage their gift (a hairbrush enclosed in a heart box). Paul tells Craig how Rosanna generously allowed him to rent her penthouse. Craig continues throwing out insults. Obviously uncomfortable, Carly, Paul and Rosanna try to make small talk. Craig tells Paul that Rosanna did a beautiful job redecorating Fairwinds and got rid of his mom’s (Barbara) gothic look. After this rude comment, Carly yells over at Craig to keep his mouth shut. Craig announces that Paul suffered greatly due to Barbara. Fed up, Paul tells Craig that he refuses to sit and listen to his insults. Paul gets up and leaves. Rosanna asks Carly if she still wants her to stay with her while Jack is away. Carly says of course. While Rosanna leaves, Craig sarcastically asks Carly why Paul is so important to Rosanna. After Craig leaves, Rosanna tells Carly that she is married to an idiot (Craig). Carly tells Rosanna that it seems that she wants to tell Craig something but she is afraid to do so. Rosanna says nothing.

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