ATWT Update Wednesday 8/13/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 8/13/03

By Loretta

Bonnie goes to visit Jennifer who informs her that her mother (Barbara) paid her ex-fiance Andre off. Bonnie then shocks Jennifer with the news that she intends to become a foster mom to a child that is the daughter of Marshall Travers (the man who raped her mother). Bonnie tells Jennifer about Sara, explaining how Sara does not know that Marshall is her biological father yet. Jennifer insists that Marshall and Sara must know the truth. Bonnie says that if she has to, she will go to jail to protect Sara from know this. Jennifer says that Sara would never forgive Bonnie for keeping this from her. Bonnie says she is just protecting Sara. Jennifer says the best protection for a child is the truth. Paul arrives and hugs Bonnie. As Bonnie leaves, Paul receives a package from Rosanna. Rosanna sent over some drapes sewn by Emma for his penthouse. This touches Paul. Paul reaches for the phone to call Rosanna but he seems a little nervous about doing so and reminds himself that Rosanna is a married woman.

At the Lakeview, Sara (along with the shelter worker) goes to Marshall to apologize. Marshall begins giving Sara a speech on what is right and what is wrong. Sara tells Marshall that he should not be so angry with her, since she only took one dollar from his friend. Frustrated, Sara tells Marshall that if she doesn’t apologize, she will lose her privileges. Marshall tells Sara that her apology is not accepted if she doesn’t really mean it. Sara tells Marshall to go to Hell.

Rosanna arranges for her and Craig to meet at the Lakeview restaurant with Carly and Sage. Rosanna tells Craig about this engagement but he says he will be late since he will be signing the legal papers for Java Underground. Rosanna is not too thrilled with Craig’s response so she reminds him that she helped him finance Java Underground. Craig agrees to meet Rosanna afterwards. Rosanna arrives at the restaurant. Carly tells Rosanna that whenever Sage wakes up at night, Jack awakens and tends to her. Rosanna tells Carly that she is lucky to have a husband like Jack. Carly tells Rosanna that Sage is lucky to have her as her godmother. Rosanna informs Carly that Craig has bought Java Underground along with Dusty Donovan. Carly warns Rosanna that it is dangerous to do anything that involves Dusty. Paul arrives at their table and fusses over Sage. Paul picks up Sage and holds her in his arms. Carly and Rosanna are surprised at how good Paul is with baby Sage. Paul says he used to hold Will when he was a baby. Carly tells Paul that he will make a good father some day. Paul says he wants lots of children, but since he has two screwed up parents (Barbara and James), he wishes to adopt. Rosanna tells Paul he hopes he is enjoying the penthouse. Paul thanks her for the drapes and invites Rosanna to a future dinner at the penthouse. When Paul talks about how much he is in favor of adoption, Rosanna gets emotional and leaves. Paul thinks he said something to upset Rosanna, so Carly mentions to him that Rosanna cannot have her own children due to medical problems. Paul goes over to Rosanna and apologizes for upsetting her. Rosanna who has been crying is touched by Paul’s sincerity. Rosanna thanks Paul for his concern and promises to keep his niceness a secret. Paul laughs. As Paul is hugging Rosanna, Craig walks in and sees them. Paul and Rosanna walk back to Carly’s table. Craig arrives as they begin to order lunch.

After signing their legal documents, Dusty and Craig toast to their new business (Java Underground). Isaac tells Craig that he hopes their check for Java does not bounce. Dusty wants to make plans now to renovate the place, but Craig leaves to meet Rosanna at the Lakeview instead. Jennifer arrives. Dusty informs Jennifer that while she is very beautiful, he has a beautiful woman at home (Rose) so he is not interested in her (Jennifer came on to Dusty the night before). Jennifer sits at a table with Dusty and suggests that he hire super models to be present at the grand opening of Java Underground. Bonnie arrives and Isaac proudly shows her the check he got from Craig and Dusty for selling them Java. Bonnie informs Isaac that Sara’s father is Marshall. Isaac tells Bonnie that Marshall must know and if she doesn’t tell him, he (Isaac) will. As Isaac is telling Bonnie this, Marshall walks up to them. Marshall asks them what the truth is. When Bonnie changes the subject Marshall asks Isaac to tell him Bonnie‘s secret.

Barbara goes to John and explains how Paul turned Jennifer against her and now he is trying the same with Will. Barbara explains that Paul is being vindictive. John advises Barbara to do whatever is necessary.

Hal and Will dine out for breakfast and enjoy a chili omelet and greasy french fries. Hal explains to Will how he wishes he could spend more time with him. Will says to Hal that he wishes they could go fishing like they used to. Paul enters and tells Will that he and Jennifer will take him fishing. Paul quickly arranges the trip for the next day. Hal says that will be fine. Alone with Paul, Hal warns him not to try anything that will make Barbara go on the warpath again. After Paul has gone, Barbara arrives and tells Hal that Paul has been harassing her and turned Jennifer against her. Barbara warns Hal that if he allows Will to visit with Paul, she will seek sole custody of Will. Hal promises but reminds Barbara that Paul has every right to be angry with her. Barbara ignores Hal’s comments and walks out. Will asks Hal what his mom wanted. Hal tells Will that he can see Paul, but he can’t go on trips with him right now. Will wonders what he will tell Paul.

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