ATWT Update Tuesday 8/12/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 8/12/03

By Hilary

Marshall accuses Bonnie of putting Sarah up to the theft of his date's wallet. Jessica tries to break up their argument. Susan almost tells Emily about Alison's revelation about Rick. Rick threatens Alison, warning her to be careful about the way she speaks to him. Chris tells Rick to keep his hands off of Alison. Dusty tells Rose he has found a partner in the Java Underground deal. Rosanna tells Craig she doesn't want him to work with Dusty. Jen catches Paul having a conversation with the "James" inside his head.

Rick apologizes, then tells Chris he wants to be present if Bob shows more signs of brain activity. After he leaves, Chris says he is glad he showed up when he did, because Rick looked crazy. Alison says Chris doesn't have to play hero, but Chris pulls her into his arms. Susan continues to remember her argument with Rick, but tells Emily everything is fine. Emily calls Hal, saying she needs to see him. Paul tells Jen that he got into the habit of talking to himself while he was "dead." He insists that none of the situation with Andre was her fault. Rosanna thinks a mutual dislike of Paul Ryan is no reason to go into business with Dusty, but says Craig can do whatever he wants—just not with her money. Rose doesn't like the Craig/Dusty partnership, either, and tells Dusty that if he doesn't do legitimate business, they have no future.

Marshall threatens that if Sarah doesn't stay away from him, he may "remember" the day that Bonnie shot him. Craig agrees to use his own money for his partnership, then casually remarks that Sierra may want to help. Dusty insists he is buying the bar to make Rose proud. Dusty makes a toast to Rose, calling her the woman he loves. Paul walks in and hears the toast.

Paul and Dusty both insist on staying at the bar. Dusty suggests that they bury the hatchet, at least in public. Paul says no way, then he and Jen leave. Jessica tells Bonnie that things look good for becoming Sarah's foster mother, but warns that if she doesn't stay away from Marshall, he can keep that from happening. Emily is worried that Susan may protect Rick, even if she has doubts. Rick admits to having an argument with Alison at work. Rick gets defensive when Susan suggests he see a psychiatrist to deal with his stress.

Alison still insists that she doesn't want to be with someone who can't show their affection. Chris says he's not giving up on her. Rick tells Susan he once had a bad experience with a psychiatrist. He tries to seduce away her worries. Rosanna finally agrees to partner with Dusty and Craig. Dusty and Rose continue to celebrate. Paul knows it's time to move on without Rose. He tells Jen that now they need to get Will away from Barbara, and then says that romantic love is underrated. Jen tells Paul that she left a bracelet at Java Underground, and leaves to retrieve it. In the hallway, she says aloud that it is now time to help Paul.

Susan promises Rick she will never leave him. Bonnie promises to keep Sarah and herself out of trouble. Marshall asks someone to check out Sarah. Paul has another conversation with imaginary "James," saying he has to move forward with his life. Jen flirts with Dusty, saying Paul will destroy himself with his anger. She is proud of herself for getting Dusty's attention.

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