ATWT Update Monday 8/11/03

As the World Turns Monday 8/11/03

By Hilary

Walker tells Bonnie that Marshall and Sarah deserve their privacy. Bonnie says she doesn't care about Marshall's rights. She just has to know if Marshall is Sarah's father. Sarah sees Marshall bring a date to Mabel's Red Hots. Emily fills in Hal on her conversation with her mother, and Hal tells her he thinks Starr is dead. Emily wants to get her mother away from Rick immediately. Rick tries to explain away his absence the day before, and convinces Susan to go home with him so they can discuss the matter in private. Barbara tells Jen she is a pawn in Paul's games.

Jen tells Barbara that she is done with BRO and with her. Barbara says she can walk away from the company, but not from her mother. Paul pulls Barbara aside and gloats that he has won their bet. Walker tells Bonnie that Marshall is definitely Sarah's father. Sarah makes excuses so she can stay and watch Marshall. His date realizes her wallet is missing, and Marshall accuses Sarah of taking it. Hal convinces Emily to calm down and be patient. Rick makes excuses for why he was missing when Alison came to the house. He says he was upstairs taking an aspirin for a migraine, and he says he parked his car on another street because their neighborhood is being paved. Susan doesn't remember seeing paving trucks, and wonders if others will believe Rick's excuses. Rick says that doesn't matter, but angers Susan when he says their greatest enemies are her daughters.

Susan says she loves that her daughters want to protect her. Rick says he won't account for every minute of his life for anyone. Emily walks in on their argument. When Marshall threatens to call the police, Sarah finally admits taking the wallet. Marshall accuses her of tailing him for Bonnie, but she pushes him and tells him to leave Bonnie alone. Bonnie explains to Walker that she despises Marshall because he raped her mother. Walker is sympathetic, but reminds her that Sarah is also part of the equation; she may not want Bonnie to protect her. Barbara writes Paul a check for the bet money, but he rips it up. Paul says she has no right to play God with her children's lives. Barbara says that Paul is truly his father's son.

Marshall tells Sarah to tell Bonnie to stay away from him, but then decides to tell her himself. Bonnie insists that Sarah can never know that Marshall is her father, but Walker insists that this is not Bonnie's secret to keep. Emily again apologizes to Rick, and he leaves for the hospital. Emily asks Susan if she is alright, and insists she wants to help. Alison is happy at Katie's, but tells Hal that she may want to move in with Emily and him when Katie returns if Rick is still at Susan's. Hal says that may not be necessary, and Alison wants to know what he means.

Hal admits to Alison that Rick is still a suspect in the killings. Rick tries to explain his whereabouts to Alison, but she doesn't buy it. Rick asks if she is calling him a liar. Susan stops short of saying she has doubts about Rick. Jen tells Paul she was stupid for falling for Andre and Barbara's games. She says she doesn't know how Hal ever put up with Barbara. Paul gives Jen a key to the penthouse. Paul imagines James is there with him.

"James" congratulates Paul on his victory over Barbara. He tells Paul he is a chip off the old block, and Paul tells "James" to go to hell. Marshall tells Bonnie to keep Sarah away from him. Susan tells Emily that Rick has no one, but Emily says he has Susan. Susan is afraid that Rick will leave. Alison tries to get away from Rick, but Rick grabs her arm and tells her not to walk away while he is talking.

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