ATWT Update Friday 8/8/03


As the World Turns Friday 8/8/03

By Mary

Susan gives Rick the "good" news that Ben's reported some increased neurological activity in Bob. She then insists that Ben run a CT on Rick to confirm he's in good health. Alison advises Chris that she needs space from him since he refused to go to bat for her when she needed a place to stay. After exchanging apologies for their bitter words, Alison stuns Susan with the revelation that she stopped by the house the other day and found Susan asleep by herself on the couch. Susan insists Rick was sleeping with her but Alison denies that he was there. Rick tries to get some time alone with Bob but the bulky private nurse Kim hired won't leave his patient alone with Rick. Commiserating over drinks, Craig and Dusty complain about Aaron and Holden. Hearing about his purchase of the Java Underground, Craig offers to bankroll him and be his partner. Meanwhile, Rosanna stops by the condo to apologize to Paul on behalf of Craig but finds an amused Paul pointing out how she'll spend the rest of her married life offering apologizes for her husband. Realizing he hurt her, Paul backs off. Rosanna is outraged to hear of Craig's latest business deal and won't allow it. Paul's trick works as Jennifer catches Andre accepting money from Barbara to leave town. Jennifer is outraged and slaps Andre, telling him she never wants to see him. Jennifer then blasts her mother for what she did and runs to her brother. Barbara pleads with her daughter for another chance but ends up alienating her further by chastising Paul. Jennifer decides to move in with Paul.

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