ATWT Update Thursday 8/7/03


As the World Turns Thursday 8/7/03

By Loretta

Part of the last five minutes of today’s show was pre-empted for a local news bulletin.

After Sage is christened, Mike looks over and finds Katie is gone. Mike finds Katie’s goodbye note. Mike presents Margo with Katie’s note. Margo says Katie must not go to Australia alone, as it is too dangerous. Mike refuses to “chase“ Katie, but changes his mind after Carly convinces him. Mike and Margo head for the airport. Rosanna approaches Craig about Paul vacating her apartment. Craig says that Paul refuses to leave. Rosanna is annoyed at Craig for this. Carly tells Jack that she cannot believe that the christening went to smooth. Jack tells Carly that he feels their problems are behind them. Intending not to attend the after christening party, Rose asks Lucy to drop Sage’s present off for her. Lucy later leaves with Aaron. Lily asks Dusty to convince Rose to attend the christening party without him. Rose walks up and asks Dusty if Lily gave him a hard time. Dusty tells Rose to go to the party by herself. Rose agrees. Craig finds Dusty sitting alone outside the church. Dusty asks Craig to join him for a drink. Craig agrees. During drinks Craig and Dusty discuss their mutual dislike of Paul Ryan.

Alison rushes Katie to the airport. Katie finds out that her flight has been delayed indefinitely. Katie is afraid that Mike will come down and accompany her. Alison says this flight delay must be a sign that Mike should accompany her. Alison tells Katie that it would be romantic if Mike showed up and took her (Katie) in his arms. Katie’s flight number is called to board. Katie promises to get in touch with Alison during her Australian stay. Alison promises Katie not to tell Mike her flight number (if he shows up). Margo and Mike see Alison hiding behind a newspaper and ask her what she is doing there. Alison says her hobby is watching people come off flights. Mike and Margo ask Alison if Katie was on current flight bound for Australia. Alison finally gives them the scoop on Katie. Mike says he will take the next flight out.

Emily arrives at the police station, since Rick will be soon questioned. Back home Rick tells Susan that he asked an attorney to be present during his questioning. Rick tells Susan he hired attorney Marshall Travers. Susan is not thrilled with his choice. Susan and Rick arrive at the station. Emily, Hal, Walker and Marshall are present. Hal asks Rick about Jeffrey Starr. Rick says he knows nothing about him. Hal informs Rick that they accessed files from Jeffrey’s computer. Rick says that this would be impossible to do. Hal tells Rick that Jeffrey had lots of files on him. Marshall says that nothing Jeffrey has on his files would indicate that Rick is a serial killer. Hal next informs Rick that they know all about his flat lining“ days in college. Rick says he did that a long time ago and he would never do this now. Hal asks Emily and Susan to leave. Emily tries speaking to Susan, but she is furious at her. Emily tells Susan to be careful. Susan tells Emily that she probably won’t ever forgive her for this nonsense about Rick. Marshall asks Hal if they have proof indicating that Rick is a killer. Hal says no. Marshall orders Hal and Walker to stop this questioning now. Hal and Walker stop there questioning. Marshall tells Hal that the next time Rick is asked in for questioning, he will file a multi-million dollar lawsuit for harassment against the police department. Alone with Hal, Walker says the look on Rick’s face indicates he is guilty.

At the Lakeview Andre tells Paul that his mother (Barbara) offered to pay him big bucks to get out of Oakdale and Jennifer’s life. Paul tells Andre to be sure that he doesn’t accept Barbara’s money until Jennifer walks in the door to see them. Andre agrees to this, as long as Paul pays him $50,000. Jennifer walks in and asks them why they are discussing money. Paul quickly says that Andre told him about an investment opportunity. When Paul leaves, Jennifer asks Andre if he was asking Paul for a loan. Andre says no but Jennifer appears confused. After more sweet-talking, Andre asks Jennifer to get them a room at the Lakeview. Jennifer is happy and agrees. Jennifer books a room. Paul meets with Andre to discuss their plan. Andre asks Paul if he feels guilty for paying him to pretend to love Jennifer. Paul says he is doing this to protect Jennifer. Later, Paul sits with Jennifer to tell her that he just saw Andre talking on the phone to Barbara. Paul says maybe Barbara wants to pay Andre to break them up or she wants to know him better. All of Paul’s talk gets Jennifer frustrated, so she leaves. Over at another room, Andre meets with Barbara. Andre tells Barbara he cannot take money from her to abandon Jennifer. Barbara writes Andre a big check. Andre says he cannot be bought. Andre tells Barbara that while Jennifer is beautiful, she (Barbara) is perfection. Andre takes Barbara in his arms and kisses her. Barbara breaks loose (Jennifer is standing in the background).

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