ATWT Update Wednesday 8/6/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 8/6/03

By Loretta

Rose arrives at Sage’s christening with Dusty. Sensing that trouble will brew, Carly tells Dusty he can stay but Holden says he must leave. Rose and Lily leave to discuss Dusty’s presence here in private. Rose gets upset when Lily tells her that if she keeps Dusty in her life, she cannot continue to see Luke, Faith and Natalie. Rose says that Dusty has made up for his mistakes, so she (Lily) must let the past go. Lily says her children are still upset over the kidnapping, so she cannot forget that Dusty was behind the kidnapping. After Lily tells Rose that she is giving up her family just to keep a guy in bed with her (Dusty), Rose gets furious. Rose says where she goes, Dusty goes. Rose walks away. Rose returns inside the church but goes to the bathroom to cry. Dusty tells Lily that Rose is crying in the bathroom. Dusty and Holden exchange heated words about Rose. Emma breaks them up. After all this commotion, Sage starts to cry so Rosanna takes the baby into another room. Carly tells Jack that she wants Rose and Dusty to stay. Surprisingly Jack agrees with Carly. Rosanna walks over to Dusty and tells him to leave. Craig arrives (after visiting Paul) and apologizes for his lateness. Margo arrives and chats with Craig. Craig tells Margo that Paul Ryan is now a pushy young man who takes after his mother (Barbara). Lucy is upset at Aaron for telling her she should go to a college other than Oakdale University. Lucy feels that Aaron is trying to get rid of her. Aaron insists that he is not trying to get rid of her (Lucy) but she can’t choose him over school. Lucy asks Aaron to move with her to college and he can get a job in a garage. Aaron says she needs to get her own life. This makes Lucy get angry and she runs off. Aaron finds Lucy and tells her that he wants to get his own life so he can deserve her. Lucy and Aaron kiss and agree to take one more vacation before the summer ends. Molly arrives and runs into Mike. They briefly discuss there past relationship. Molly tells Mike she just wants him to be happy. Mike says he wishes the same for her. Katie arrives and Molly takes pictures of her (Katie) with Mike holding Sage. After crying in the bathroom, Rose comes out and tells Dusty that they are staying. Mike catches Katie walking out the front door, but Katie quick follows Mike back inside the church. Alison waits outside for Katie. The christening ceremony begins with Rosanna (carrying Sage) and Mike walking up to the alter. Katie leaves the pictures she took of him and Sage and a goodbye note. Katie leaves for the airport.

In the morning, Mike arrives at Katie’s to remind her the christening will start shortly. Katie tells Mike to go on a head of her. Mike jokingly tells Katie that she will probably ditch him and the christening and go off to the airport herself. Alison arrives and learns that Katie intends to go to Australia by herself. Katie asks Alison to drive her to the airport. Alison says she needs protection, plus she can’t believe that Katie is going to ditch a hot guy like Mike. Katie (who thinks of the kisses she shared with Mike) tells Alison that Mike is just a friend and that she doesn’t know the whole story. Alison says that Simon made her (Katie) miserable for months by making her think he didn’t love her. Katie says he only did this to protect her. Alison agrees to take Katie to the airport.

Andre arrives with Jennifer at the Lakeview restaurant. Barbara arrives shortly and watches the couple from afar. After watching Andre romancing Jennifer (who seems to believe his every word), Barbara joins them. Andre tells Barbara he always wanted to know more about Jennifer’s family. Barbara smiles and tells Andre she always wanted to learn more about him. While Jennifer leaves for a moment, Barbara tells Andre that she knows he is a gigolo. Barbara tells Andre she will pay him lots of money to stay away from Oakdale and Jennifer forever. Andre agrees. When Barbara leaves Paul arrives. Alone with Andre, Paul asks him if Jennifer is responding to him. Andre tells Paul that his plan is working like a charm.

Craig goes to Paul’s new apartment and asks Paul to leave. Paul says he signed a lease. Craig offers to find Paul a new apartment. Paul is firm and says he will not leave and tells Craig to go to Hell. Craig asks Paul why he is treating him so rudely. Paul reminds Craig how he seduced his (Barbara) mother into marriage, embezzled money from her company and was responsible for the fire that she was physically and mentally hurt in. Craig tells Paul not to mess with him and reminds him that now Rose is with Dusty. Paul tells Craig to shut up. Craig notices that Paul has changed. Craig tells Paul that if he acted like a different man before, Rose would never be in Dusty’s arms now. Craig leaves.

At the country club, Sara agrees (with a little pushing from Bonnie) to apologize to the manager who fired her. Walker phones Bonnie to inform her that if Marshall turns out to be Sara’s father, Marshall must know. Marshall arrives. After apologizing to the manager, Sara says that he rehired her. Seeing Marshall seated, Sara tells Bonnie that she must apologize to Marshall for dropping water on him. Bonnie tells Sara she doesn’t have to do this, but Isaac urges Sara to do so. Sara heads to Marshall’s table and apologizes to him. Bonnie doesn’t take her eyes off of Sara and Marshall.

Hal sits with Walker Daniels at the Lakeview to ask his opinion on the serial killings. Hal wants to know if Walker feels that Rick Decker is the serial killer. Walker says in his opinion, Rick Decker is. Hal asks Walker to help him find proof of this. Hal gives Walker the file on Rick, which states that in college, Rick used to flat line for kicks. After looking through Rick’s file, Walker says this makes sense. Walker feels that once Rick became a physician, he got bored, so for thrills he killed patients. Hal also tells Walker about Jeffrey Starr and that he may be dead. Hal asks Walker to come work for him at the Oakdale Police Department. Walker agrees. Hal asks Walker to stay in the room while he questions Rick. Before Hal leaves, Walker says he is going to enjoy this case. Walker phones Bonnie and tells her that he just accepted a position with the Oakdale Police Department, so the DNA results will take a little longer.

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