ATWT Update Tuesday 8/5/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 8/5/03

By Hilary

Jack and Carly prepare for Sage's christening, and discuss how glad they are that Mike agreed to be her godfather. Rose and Dusty discuss their mutual feelings after making love. Holden doesn't think that Lily should have butted into Rose and Dusty's relationship. Lily says that if Rose doesn't give up Dusty, she will have to cut her out of their life. Aaron asks Holden's advice on his relationship with Lucy. Craig throws out Lucy's brochure for Oakdale University, against her protests, saying it is not for her. Andre arrives at Paul's suite, and Paul asks if he intends to try to get more money from Jen.

Lucy retrieves the Oakdale University brochure from the trash. Craig says he wants her to go to a great school. Craig is convinced that she wants to stay because of Aaron, which Lucy denies. Aaron tells Holden he wants to have a future so Lucy can be proud of him. Barbara grills Jen about her "date." Paul lists all of Andre's cons in Europe, then offers him $50,000 if he helps him win a bet. Rose says that she is happy with Dusty, and hopefully her family will see that. Just then, Lily walks in on the half-dressed couple.

Carly and Jack discuss parenthood, and Carly declares that they've waited a long time for their happy ending, and they deserve it. Holden tells Aaron that he needs to remember his own dreams, and not give them up for Lucy. Craig insists that Lucy forget about Oakdale University, and Rosanna agrees. Lily tells Rose she must decide between her family and Dusty.

Lily still insists that Dusty is dangerous, and that Paul saved her from him. Rose says Paul is the dangerous one. She says that she will be with Dusty no matter what. Aaron continues to debate what he should do with his life. Rosanna says Lucy should not compromise her future. Andre admits to Paul that he never loved Jen. Paul tells Andre to take Jen to dinner, then to make Barbara believe that he intends to take Jen back to Europe.

Lily tells Rose she must stay away from the children. Rose can't believe that Lily is really cutting her out of the family. Dusty tries to comfort a distraught Rose. Rosanna tells Lucy that she needs to do what is best for her. Rosanna tells Craig about Paul's refusal to leave her penthouse. Craig promises to take care of the situation. Andre lavishes compliments on Jen. He tells her he is in love with her, but she doesn't believe him. She finally gives in and tells him she has missed him. She thanks Paul for bringing Andre to town. After she leaves, Paul calls Barbara.

At the christening, Carly tells Rosanna that she wants her to be a continuing part of Sage's life. Lily tells Holden about her conversation with Rose. Just then, Rose arrives, with Dusty in tow. Craig tells Paul he has 24 hours to vacate the penthouse.

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