ATWT Update Monday 8/4/03

As the World Turns Monday 8/4/03

By Hilary

Emily and Hal discuss Rick's reputation for "flatlining." Emily is convinced that Rick injected himself with potassium chloride to steer away suspicion. Alison prepares to move into the cottage, while Henry begs Katie not to leave for Australia. She tells him she is going, but Mike is not going with her. Jack still doesn't like Carly's idea that Mike be Sage's godfather. Paul and Jen want Dusty to leave Java Underground, but he won't budge.

Paul wants Dusty to stay away from Jen, and Dusty taunts him. Rose calls, wanting Dusty to come to her shop. Dusty tells Isaac he needs a bit more time to gather the money to buy Java Underground. Paul warns Jen to stay away from Dusty, but she doesn't appreciate being ordered around. Henry offers to accompany Katie to Australia, but she refuses. Jack finally agrees to let Mike be Sage's godfather, but Carly thinks Jack should be the one to ask. Alison sees Susan passed out on the couch, but thinks she is just sleeping. Rick continues to search Starr's room.

Jack agrees to ask Mike to be Sage's godfather. Paul tells Jen he saw Rose kissing Dusty. He also tells her that her fiancÚ, Andre, is coming to Oakdale. Hal finds the hotel manager in Starr's room. He says he hasn't seen Starr. Alison tries to wake Susan, but instead apologizes to her sleeping form, still not realizing she is actually unconscious. After Alison leaves, Susan begins to awaken, and calls out for Rick. Rick arrives, and Alison returns to retrieve her forgotten keys.

Rick hides as Alison rings the doorbell. Alison realizes her keys are in her pocket, and leaves. Susan groggily asks who was at the door, but Rick says it is no one. Henry tells Mike that Katie is trying to ditch him, but Mike says that won't happen. Jack arrives and asks Mike to be Sage's godfather, and Katie jumps in, saying he will do it. Jen says he is not happy that Paul set up Andre's arrival without asking her. Paul says she can send him packing if she doesn't want him there. Emily and Hal arrive to find Rick and Susan on the couch, looking like they've been napping. Rick says they fell asleep, and Susan agrees, saying he has been there with her for the past hour.

Hal tells Rick and Susan about Starr's disappearance. Susan throws out Emily and Hal for their accusations against Rick. Rick promises Susan they will be together, "for the rest of her life." Mike wants to be Sage's godfather, but says he can't make the christening because of the Australia trip. Katie says she will go to Australia alone, but Mike says he needs her there for moral support. Jen says she could distract Dusty, but Paul warns her that Dusty is dangerous. Jen says she can take care of herself. Dusty arrives at Rose's shop, and is surprised when she locks the door and tries to seduce him.

Susan finds Rick's suitcase in the closet, but Rick convinces her it contains clothes he intends to donate to the Salvation Army. Katie agrees to go to Sage's christening, but secretly plans to sneak out of the christening and fly to Australia alone. Paul tells Jen he wants Dusty to fall for Rose, so then she can leave him and show him what that feels like. Rose and Dusty make love at the salon. Rose tells him he is the only man for her. She promises it will be just them from now on.

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