ATWT Update Friday 8/1/03


As the World Turns Friday 8/1/03

By Loretta 

Lily goes to Paul’s apartment and tells him that now is the time to make his move on Rose. Paul says that Rose dumping Dusty is the best thing she can do. Paul says that he and Rose can only be friends however. Lily is surprised by Paul’s new attitude. Before she leaves, Lily tells Paul that Rose really loves him and that Rose is trying to stay away from Dusty. Lily suggests that Paul drop by the salon to see Rose.

Dusty informs Rose at her salon that he just purchased Java Underground. Rose congratulates him but asks him what he is going to do with a bar. Dusty says he needs stability in his life and mentions that they (he and Rose) belong together. Dusty takes Rose in his arms and asks her why she keeps pushing him away. Rose says she is afraid because she feels that once they make a commitment, he will disappear. Dusty tells Rose that she is why he is staying in Oakdale. While Rose and Dusty passionately kiss, Paul walks in. Paul calls Dusty a parasite. Rose asks Paul what he wants. Paul says that he came here to remind himself why he left Oakdale. Rose tells Paul to leave. Paul leaves. Rose gets angry over Paul’s remarks. Dusty tells Rose to relax. Dusty tells Rose that Paul does not want her, but wants to make her suffer as he did. Dusty asks Rose to stay with him. Rose tells Dusty that she must first tell Paul to leave her alone for good. Rose goes over to Paul’s and tells him to leave her alone. Rose tells Paul that she intends to stay with Dusty and that she knows he (Paul) wants to punish her. Paul says he would never punish her since he saved her life. Rose tells Paul that if he saved her life, he should want what is best for her. Rose asks Paul why he saved her life. Paul says that he thought she was Lily. Paul says he thought of Lily’s children being without a mother and how Lily has a heart, something which she (Rose) lacks. Rose gets angry and tells Paul she wants him out of her life. Outside Paul’s door, a teary eyed Rose phones Dusty to tell him that Paul is out of her life for good. Rose agrees to meet Dusty at the Lakeview.

At the country club pool area, Aunties Rosanna and Molly make a fuss over Sage in her stroller (Carly brought her over). Now seated, Rosanna asks Carly who will be Sage’s godfather. Rosanna suggests Mike Kasnoff since he came running to Montana to make sure she (Carly) and Sage were all right. Carly doesn’t know what to do. Rosanna says that Mike needs some role in Sage’s life and that he just can’t be tossed away. Carly agrees that Mike would be a perfect godfather, but says that she is not sure how Jack will react to this. Later Jack arrives and sits with Carly (Rosanna and Molly took off with Sage). Carly brings up Sage’s christening. Carly tells Jack that she wants Mike to be Sage’s godfather.

At Java Underground Mike tells Jack how Katie does not want him to accompany her to Australia to find Simon. Jack advises Mike that Katie is in danger of going to Australia because of the kind of men that Simon was dealing with (who are quick to shoot). Jack tells Mike that those men may hurt Katie.

Alison comes over to Katie’s. Katie tells Alison that she is going to Australia to find Simon since she found out the truth. Katie says she has been dreaming about finding Simon for a long time. Alison tells Katie that her mom threw her out of the house. Alison asks Katie if she can stay at her cottage. Katie tells Alison sure. Alison offers to house sit for Katie and feed Snickers. Katie warns Alison that she will first have to okay this with Henry (her roommate). Henry jumps in happily saying that he won big in Las Vegas. Henry asks Katie (he calls her Bubbles) to introduce Alison to him. Henry figures out that Hal Munson is Alison’s brother-in-law and his mood changes. Katie tells Henry that Alison would like to move in. Henry says if Alison stays here, he is gone. Katie leaves Henry and Alison to decide. Henry tells Alison that her family has gotten him in more trouble then he cares to remember. Alison tells Henry that if she can stay at the cottage, she will make sure that Hal gives him a break the next time he is in trouble with law. Alison also mentions that she is good with cars. Henry agrees and tells Alison that if she needs help moving in, not to ask him.

Rick arrives at the police station and hears Susan and Emily loudly arguing. Rick enters smiling and tells Emily that the reporter Jeffrey Star did try to contact him on his cell phone. Susan tells Emily and Hal that they were wrong. Susan tells Rick that Emily and Alison feel that he (Rick) is crazy. Rick apologizes for causing problems during the wedding. Rick tells Susan that Alison can sit in on his interview with Jeffrey, to prove his innocence. Emily tells Rick that Jeffrey Star is a tabloid writer specializing in violent crimes. Rick says that he can prove that Jeffrey has nothing evil on him. Susan takes Rick’s side and announces that Rick does not need to prove anything. Susan tells Emily that like Alison, unless she accepts Rick, she is not welcomed in her house. Emily apologizes to Rick for jumping to conclusions. Rick tells Emily he has no hard feelings towards her. Rick hugs Emily. Rick leaves with Susan. Emily tells Hal that Rick is still a crazy psycho man. After inserting Jeffrey’s memory card into the computer, Emily and Hal discover that Rick was caught in college for “flat lining” (injecting himself and others with a drug to stop one’s heart). Emily is jumpy and says to Hal that her mom is married to a serial killer. Rick and Susan arrive home. Susan is still blowing up over Emily’s attitude and how she threw Alison out. Rick takes Susan’s hands and reminds her that this is their honeymoon. Rick suggests that Susan put on something “less” and he will put on some music and bring out the champagne. While Susan goes upstairs, Rick puts something in Susan’s glass. Susan walks back in the room as Rick suggests they make a toast. Susan and Rick both drink their “champagne.” Rick tells Susan that he wishes he met her 20 years ago. Susan tells Rick that he has a beautiful heart. Susan now starts to feel strange. Susan becomes unconscious and falls in Rick’s arms. Rick places Susan on the couch and tells her that he will see her when she wakes up, since now he must make Emily believe that he is a good soul.

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