ATWT Update Thursday 7/31/03


As the World Turns Thursday 7/31/03

By Loretta

Parts of today’s episode were locally interrupted for severe weather reports.

At Memorial, Susan catches Alison calling Rick “demented.” Alison tells Susan that she must be so desperate for a man in her life that she would marry a “freak” like Rick. Susan tells Alison she won’t allow her to talk about Rick while she is living under her roof. Susan tells Alison that she won’t allow her to ruin her relationship with Rick. Susan tells Alison to leave her home. Alison tells Susan that Rick is just making up his own diagnosis and that he is nuts. Alison says that Rick is psycho and everyone thinks so. Susan gets angry and walks away. Alison now feels bad for hurting her mom. Chris tells Alison everything will be ok and that he will ask his mom (Kim) about having her move in. Momentarily leaving Bob’s room, Kim tells Chris that Ben will be Bob’s primary physical from now on. Kim says that she hopes Susan didn’t make a mistake by marrying Rick. Chris tells his mom that Alison and Susan just got into an argument over Rick and Susan told Alison to move out. Kim says Alison is too young to be on her own. Chris says that Alison was hoping she could move in with her (Kim). Kim rolls her eyes. Chris says he is only helping a friend out. Kim asks Chris if Alison is more than a friend. Chris laughs. Kim reminds Chris that she learned a long time ago that Stewart women can be a handful. Later Alison runs into Rick. Alison appears frightened and Rick asks her what is wrong. Alison says she must go back to work and hurries off. Alison sees Chris and asks him if his mom agreed to let her move in. Chris says her mom didn’t think it was a wise idea. Alison says she will find her own place. Rick shakes his head and feels Emily is up to something.

Emily and Hal are outside the Wagon Wheel motel room door that was occupied by Jeffrey Starr. Inside this room Rick is attempting to hide the evidence. Rick quickly escapes through another door. Hal who holds a gun enters this room and finds it empty, but a door is still open. Now that it seems safe, Emily enters this room. Hal and Emily wonder why Jeffrey is not here. Emily asks Hal to put out a missing report on Jeffrey. Hal says it is too early for this. Emily tells Hal that she feels that Jeffrey may have been writing a story on Rick and when they met, Rick got angry and murdered him. Just then they get a phone message from Rick. On this message Rick tells Jeffrey that he is sorry he missed his call, but says he can call him on his cell phone or at the hospital. Emily finds Jeffrey’s memory card on the floor, which may have access to his computer hard drive. Emily takes this card with her. Hal warns Emily that he is a police officer and that they broke into this room without a warrant. Emily says that he can look the other way, because she will not allow any harm to come to her mom or sister. Back at the police station, Emily and Hal puts this card into a computer to look for clues. Susan arrives demanding to know what Emily said to Alison about Rick. Emily says that Rick acted like a loose cannon during their wedding so she is worried. Rick arrives and stands outside this door. Rick obviously hears Emily and Susan loudly arguing. Rick enters smiling and says that he hopes he didn’t interrupt anything.

Isaac tells Molly that he has decided to sell his shares in Java Underground. Isaac says this will help his relationship with Bonnie, since he spends too much time here. Molly advises Isaac against doing this. Isaac says he has some savings to tide him over until he figures out what he wants to do with his life. Molly hugs Isaac and wishes him good luck. Molly sits with Dusty who tells her the problems he is having with Rose. Dusty says he intends to fight for Rose. Molly tells Dusty that Rose is too good for him. Dusty says he is tired of people telling him this.

Bonnie discusses Sara and the DNA sample with Walker Daniels at the Lakeview lounge. Marshall walks up and hears his name mentioned and asks Bonnie why she is discussing him with Dr. Daniels. Marshall warns Bonnie to stay out of his life. When Marshall leaves, Bonnie fills Walker in on Marshall’s background. Bonnie tells Walker also that Marshall may be Sara’s father and she would be better off not knowing this. Bonnie thanks Walker for his help and leaves. Bonnie arrives at Java Underground and learns from Isaac that he plans to sell his share of this lounge in order to spend more time with her. Bonnie asks Isaac if he thought this over carefully. Isaac says he wants nothing to come between them. Bonnie says nothing.

At the Lakeview lounge, Mike wants answers from Katie as to why she suddenly decided that she doesn’t want him to accompany her to Australia. Katie hesitates at first, then says that if they do find Simon, she intends to stay with him. Mike says that he can protect her until when and if they find Simon. Katie asks Mike why this is so important to her.

At the country club pool area Lily thanks Rose for agreeing to hold her charity event at her salon. Rose says this event will give her salon much needed publicity and that she will hand out coupons for free haircuts. Paul and Jennifer walk in but Rose says nothing to them. Lily gets angry for Rose ignoring Paul. Lily tells Rose that Paul obviously wanted to talk to her but she (Rose) snubbed him. Rose says she can’t go through this anymore with Paul and Dusty. Rose says that Paul is just trying to confuse her. Rose also mentions that Paul kissed her the other day at the Lakeview lounge. Rose says she will not give him a chance to confuse her more. Rose is angry and leaves. Paul and Jennifer sit at their own table. Paul brings up Jennifer’s fiance from Paris (Andre) who she caught in bed with another woman. Jennifer admits she still thinks about Andre, but she quickly changes the subject to him and Rose. Paul says he still cares for Rose, but she cannot be trusted. Jennifer advises Paul to go after Rose and fight for her.

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