ATWT Update Wednesday 7/30/03

As the World Turns Wednesday 7/30/03

By Loretta

Henry chats with Katie at the Lakeview lounge and tells her not to trust Mike. Henry tells Katie that there has to be a good reason Mike why intends to follow her all the way to Australia. Henry feels that Mike may want to collect the huge reward money for turning Simon Frasier in or either so Mike can keep Katie for himself. Katie says that Mike is just helping her. Henry tells Katie that since she is such a perfect woman, that Mike is probably in love with her. Henry asks Katie what Mike has to gain by doing this. Katie says Mike is just her friend and has no interest in romance. Henry says that Mike may not be the friend she feels he is. Katie begins to wonder if Mike is right. Henry then feels that Mike may also try to hurt Simon for hurting Katie. Mike walks in and sits with Katie. Before Henry leaves he reminds Katie to rethink her plans. Mike senses that something is bothering Katie. Katie (giving Mike the cold shoulder) tells Mike that she will not take him to Australia with her.

Mike runs into Lily at the country club pool area. Mike tells Lily how he intends to accompany Katie to Australia to search for Simon. Lily says she hopes that Katie appreciates Mike. Mike says that Katie must do this so she can move forward with her life. Lily asks Mike if he is doing this just so Katie can move on with her life or if he is doing this for himself. Mike says he has no interest in Katie other than friendship. Lily doesn’t believe this and asks Mike again if he is interested in Katie. Mike says he just wants to help Katie out like she helped him deal with finding out that little Sage was not his. Mike asks Lily to tell him about Simon. Lily says there is no doubt that Simon loves Katie, but she also says Simon cannot be trusted.

Jessica arrives at Marshall’s room and asks him what Bonnie was doing in his room. Marshall says that Bonnie came their uninvited and asked him to take it easy on her (Jessica). Jessica doesn’t understand why Bonnie did this. Marshall tells Jessica that his toothbrush is also missing and that Bonnie’s behavior was quite strange. Jessica sarcastically offers to buy Marshall a new toothbrush and says she will be sure that Bonnie doesn’t bother him anymore.

At Java Underground Bonnie tells Walker to give her the DNA results when they come in. Isaac asks Bonnie whom she was speaking to on the phone. Bonnie lies and says she was discussing Sara’s health with Dr. Daniels. Isaac says he will be glad to help her out with Sara. Bonnie tells Isaac that she wants all of them (including Sara) to go on a picnic the next day. Isaac says he cannot because he has business meetings. Bonnie urges Isaac to break them but Isaac says he cannot, since he is a responsible man. Bonnie understands. Jessica arrives and angrily tells Bonnie that she found out that she went to Marshall’s to collect something on which a DNA test can be used on. Bonnie admits she did and states she can handle whatever happens. Jessica tells Bonnie that she just dragged Marshall back into her life just when she was starting to get him out of her life. Jessica reminds Bonnie what legal problems she can run into if Marshall finds out the truth. Jessica also tells Bonnie that if Marshall turns out to be Sara’s father, he and Sara must both be told. Bonnie doesn’t answer this statement but she agrees to back off Marshall.

At the hospital Alison tells Chris that she will not live under the same roof with Rick Decker. Alison says she wants to move in with Chris for her safety. Chris doesn’t think this is a good idea and tells Alison so. A nurse reminds Alison that her supervisor was looking for her. Alison heads for work. Chris goes into his dad’s room (Bob) and finds his mom there. Kim tells Chris that Dr. Daniels told her not to trust Dr. Decker with Bob’s care. Chris apparently is not too shocked and tells Kim this. Chris says that Dr. Walker Daniels feels that Rick is the killer. Chris feels there may be some truth to it. Chris leaves. Kim says she is not leaving Bob’s side. Chris runs into a smiling Alison again. Alison asks Chris to ask his mom (Kim) if she can stay at the Hughes house. Alison mentions she can do laundry, make beds, clean and cook for Kim, especially since Bob is ill. Chris agrees to ask his mom about this. Alison hugs Chris. Just as Alison is telling Chris that she cannot live in the same house as the demented Dr. Decker, Susan arrives and hears her.

After their wedding ceremony, Susan tells Rick that he should go for a physical and a MRI. Rick insists his behavior at their wedding was caused by the stress he was under. Susan is persistent and keeps insisting. Rick verbally blows up and tells Susan that they have only been married for a few hours and he wonders if they made a mistake. Susan is hurt and cannot believe that Rick mentioned “calling their marriage quits.” Rick apologizes for his angry behavior. Rick says he cannot bear the thought of something being wrong with him. Susan says she was insistent because she loves him. Rick agrees to go for a checkup soon. They kiss and promise never to fight like this again. Susan leaves for a morning appointment. Digging into his coat pocket, Rick retrieves Jeffrey’s wallet and finds out that he was staying the Wagon Wheel motel. Rick heads over to this motel to find Jeffrey’s computer.

Emily finds out that Jeffrey Starr is not a medical writer but a murder writer. Emily runs to the police station and informs Hal about this. Emily feels that maybe Jeffrey wanted to write about Rick and this may be the information to prove that Rick may be the serial killer. Emily tells Hal she must find out about this man who writes about twisted murders like “The Hit Man Priest“ and “The Sniper Next Door.” Hal tells Emily not to jump to conclusions. Emily feels that possibly Jeffrey found out the truth about Rick and blackmailed him. Hal finds out that Jeffrey checked into the Wagon Wheel motel, so he heads there along with Emily. Rick, who is already inside Jeffrey’s room, finds the article, which he wrote about him. Rick gets angry after he reads this so he picks up the computer and prepares to throw it. Rick stops when he hears a knock on the door (this is Hal and Emily).

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