ATWT Update Friday 7/25/03


As the World Turns Friday 7/25/03

By Loretta 

Craig, who is still down with poison ivy, continues to annoy Rosanna. Unable to get any work done due to Craig‘s constant whining, Rosanna heads to her old penthouse in order to get some peace and quiet so she can work. Rosanna tells Lucy that while she loves her father (Craig) he can be demanding and irritating. Lucy asks Rosanna if she feels that she did the wrong thing by making love to Aaron on their camping trip. Rosanna asks Lucy if she loves Aaron. Lucy says yes. Rosanna tells Lucy that she and Aaron will probably be together for a long time. Rosanna tells Lucy that she is going to her old penthouse to get some work done and she asks Lucy to keep this quiet. Lucy agrees.

Paul rents out Rosanna Cabot’s unoccupied penthouse. Jennifer tells Paul this place is nice, but wonders what he will do with all this space. Paul says that she can come live with him and get away from their mom (Barbara). Paul tells Jennifer that he doesn’t want to see her wind up like him. Jennifer insists that he (Paul) hasn’t changed. Paul says he has and urges Jennifer to come live with him. Jennifer leaves to go pick up Paul’s computer. Paul intends to have Jennifer and Will live with him. While Paul slips away to another room, Rosanna Cabot arrives. Seeing men’s clothing hanging around the house, Rosanna feels that Craig allowed some of his friends to stay there. Rosanna then runs into Paul. Rosanna asks Paul what he is doing in her apartment. Paul explains he just put a deposit down to lease this apartment and asks her if Craig has power of attorney. Rosanna says yes and realizes that Craig put her apartment up for lease without her knowing. Rosanna tells Paul he needs to leave. Paul says he is not going anyplace.

At the country club, Bonnie tells her mom (Jessica) that Sara just started work here waiting on tables in the pool area. Jessica tells Bonnie that Sara didn’t look too happy busing tables. Bonnie insists that this will give her the opportunity to get work experience. Jessica is shocked when Bonnie tells her that she plans to become Sara’s foster parent. Bonnie asks Jessica to get Marshall to submit a DNA sample to see if he is Sara’s dad. Jessica tries to get Bonnie from discussing this topic any further, but Bonnie is persistent. Bonnie says there is too many things regarding Sara which indicate that Marshall is her father (the college ring, the fact that Sara is from Brazil and the name similarities). Jessica says she cannot confront Marshall with this and suggests that Bonnie herself ask Marshall to agree to a DNA test. Bonnie agrees. Jessica heads to the police station. Meanwhile, Sara isn’t too thrilled about her job busing tables. Bonnie reminds Sara that she buses tables at Java Underground and suggests that Sara accept this job opportunity more graciously. Marshall arrives and is seated. Sara serves him a glass of water and accidentally spills it on him. Marshall gets angry since this spill ruined his legal paperwork. Sara yells back at Marshall for getting angry with her. Marshall tells Sara that she needs to learn some respect and says he will call her manager. Bonnie walks in on this and warns Marshall not to touch Sara.

At the police station Jack informs Katie that they managed to track down Simon’s location after he disappeared. After Jack names off some cities, Katie realizes that she knows where Simon may be. Katie feels that Simon is living in Australia on the sheep farm that he inherited. Katie hugs Margo and says that she is so happy to hear that Simon does really love her and that he was only pretending not to in order to protect her. Katie thanks Mike for all his help and tells him that he is a true friend. Later Margo is visited by Jessica. Margo sees that Jessica has other things on her mind, so she asks Jessica what is wrong. Jessica tries to avoid telling Margo the truth, but she gives in and tells her how there is a problem involving Sara and Marshall Travers. Katie heads with Mike to the Lakeview lounge. Katie sits with Mike and tells him about the sheep farm she and Simon had planned to live on. Mike insists that Katie will see Simon again soon. Mike tells Katie that he will accompany her to Australia to look for Simon. Katie tries to convince Mike that he cannot, but Mike insists he will.

Emily arrives at her mom’s (Susan) wedding. Emily tells Susan how beautiful she looks. Rick still has not shown up. Alone with Alison, Emily tells her that she is getting a bad feeling about this wedding. Emily feels that perhaps Rick had a flat tire or something. Alison feels that Rick has stood Susan up and left town. Alison feels bad and tells Emily that she has never seen their mother looking so beautiful and happy. Hal comes along and reminds Emily that he is starving so he hopes the ceremony starts soon. Emily suggests that Susan call Rick to see what is keeping him. Susan phones Rick but he doesn’t pick up his cell phone. Emily tells Hal and Alison how a reporter came to her house looking for Rick. Emily wonders if this has something to do with Rick not showing up. Alison asks Hal to put up roadblocks to prevent Rick from skipping town. Hal says he cannot do this. Suddenly Rick walks in the door looking like a shambles but still smiling and tells Susan that he is ready to get married!

Rick meets the reporter at the Old Mill. Rick hands him over the $50,000. This writer then says that $50,000. is not enough money and he wants more. Rick says he has no more money. This writer reminds Rick how he has been killing patients for years and has been getting away with it, so asking for more money should not be a problem for him. Rick says that when he saw how much his patients have suffered due to various terminal illnesses, he put them out of their misery by killing them. Rick said he could not stand to see them waste away in agony. The writer tells Rick that he is not God and calls him a demented psychopath. This angers Rick and he grabs the writer and chokes him to death. Next we see Rick digging up dirt in which to bury this journalist. Rick then heads to take his vows with Susan.

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