ATWT Update Thursday 7/24/03


As the World Turns Thursday 7/24/03

By Loretta

Parts of today’s show were locally pre-empted due to severe weather reports.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna is busy dictating business notes on her tape recorder but keeps getting interrupted by Craig who is cranky and uncomfortable from his poison ivy. Craig’s face, neck and arms are all white and pasty because he is covered in calamine lotion. Craig walks in the living room and tells Rosanna that he thinks that he is going to die (due to the itching) but Rosanna laughs and guarantees him that he'll live. Craig is once again worrying about Lucy and Aaron. Before long Lucy and Aaron arrive home holding hands and glowing from their Wisconsin camping trip. Craig - irritated at seeing Aaron with Lucy - tells Rosanna that he should have found a way to poison Aaron’s drinks. Craig is upset because he “knows” that Lucy and Aaron had sex on their camping trip. While Craig and Rosanna discuss what would have been a proper age for Lucy to have sex, Craig says that he doesn’t want Lucy to be Aaron’s (whom he calls Little Fabio) love toy. Craig wants Lucy to have a career, not Aaron Snyder. Before Lucy and Aaron leave for the kitchen for some cold chicken, Craig asks Lucy if she has begun thinking about what college she plans to attend. Lucy says she actually has been giving this some thought.

At the police station, we see Henry being questioned by Margo and Jack. It seems Henry presented Margo with Simon’s letter to Katie. Margo reads the letter. Margo calls Katie to come down to the station to read it. Katie arrives with Mike and cannot believe that Henry actually has a letter from Simon for her. Henry tells Katie that Simon made him promise not to give Katie this letter until he felt the time was right. Katie (in tears) reads the letter in which Simon explained that he had to pretend to no longer love her, in order to protect her. Simon also stated that by the time she (Katie) reads this letter, he will be dead. Katie does not believe that Simon is dead and intends to find him. Margo finally tells Katie that Simon’s old business associate Bartleby was found dead and they believe Simon killed him in self-defense. Happier than she has been in months, Katie now insists that she will go find Simon. Margo and Jack remind Katie that if she tries to find Simon in Australia she will put him in more danger.

Only minutes from his wedding to Susan, Rick gets a call from the tabloid writer who intends to blackmail him unless Rick pays him $50,000 in 45 minutes. From this phone call, we learn that in college Rick's nickname was "the mummy,“ and that Rick liked to inject himself with potassium chloride (like in the movie “Flatline"). Rick agrees to give this reporter $50,000 and meet him at the Old Mill. Rick becomes a nervous wreck while he heads to Susan's house. Finding Susan’s home beautifully decorated for their wedding; Rick tells her that the ceremony must be delayed for a few minutes since he has to run an errand first. Rick promises Susan “this errand” is something wonderful and has to due with their wedding. Susan, who wears a beautiful white wedding suite, kisses Rick goodbye. Later we see Rick (holding the suitcase full of money) meeting this reporter at the Old Mill.

At the hospital, Chris tells Rick that he decided that he would be his best man at the wedding later. Rick seems in a daze and barely recalls what Chris is talking about (Rick just got off the phone with that blackmailing reporter). Chris and Alison look at each other and wonder what is wrong with Rick. Rick comes back to the present and tells Chris and Alison that he must run an errand but he will see them back at the house. Rick quickly heads for the elevator. At Susan’s house, Hal, Chris and Alison (wearing a lovely blue dress) are there, except for groom Rick. Susan’s house is decorated with lots of beautiful white flowers. After putting on the wedding CD’s to accompany the ceremony (movie love themes chosen by Alison), Alison and Chris share a quiet dance to “A Kiss to Build a Dream On.“ At first Alison said that she didn't like her mom’s “old school” music but when Chris showed up, she seemed to enjoy it enough to slow dance with him. While Chris holds her in his arms, Alison suggests to him that after the wedding, they go skinny dipping in the pond. Chris who is smiling, considers this. Alison overhears Susan mention to Hal that she and Rick never had a fight. Alison then asks Chris what you call two people that never fight. Chris says they are strangers.

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